A brief overview of UPS

James Casey, who retired from school at the age of 11 to support his family after his mother died, where he worked as a messenger on the streets of Seattle, which had a large number of residents, and that's because this city is on the road to gold mining, but before all this and before the mother of advice died some advice he said to him, "My son, when you don't work with your hand, you have to be a businessman, and these are the last words that father told James Casey and then he died." He's going to dig for gold in Alaska, where he's a quick profit.

UPS Start:
James and Claude's girlfriend started this company when James was 19 years old, and a friend was only a year younger than him, but the beginning was a good idea. On August 28, 1907, James and a friend decided to set up a letter and parcel delivery company, and that was after getting a $100 loan from Claude's partner, who owned a hotel. James" to rent a room in the hotel with a phone and he agreed, but the size of the room was too small and could only one office, and they named the company after the American Messenger Company, the American Messenger Company.

Early experience:
Despite James's relative age, he was a businessman as he worked in the profession of telegraph conductor, and he and Claude's girlfriend had experience in this field, so he used the brothers of young George and some young boys to work with them in delivering messages to people and there was no way to connect only on foot or with two motorcycles they owned. The two friends were following a specific plan, which is to provide excellent services at a cost of less 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, and the boys and James and Claude were at the end of the commitment where they were sleeping in the small office next to each other until the phone rang someone replied and delivered the message to the owner or the requested party.

Marketing method for the company:
The marketing method was by hanging some paintings on the walls and there is the company logo on it which is to provide the best service at the lowest price and this was a reality really. James was keen to deal with the employees with customers with friendship, friendliness and honesty as well, and when one of them replied and said a certain period to reach the message to the desired destination was really honest and is actually completed in the specified period, and this led to the company getting a good reputation and in a time as it adheres to its promises and quality, and other than that only gave the company good reputation also they were wearing uniforms which indicates that this company is committed to everything.

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What was it like then:
In 1907 the city of Seattle where James used to work few home phones where he served only two telecommunications companies and was inhabited by a large number of people and there was another problem facing even people who own home phones because the members of the first company can not communicate by phone with the members of the other company and vice versa, then the person resorts to send paper messages and this also for people who do not own home phones so they were sending paper messages through the delivery boys.

Also at that time the American Postal Company had not deployed its services throughout the city and continued the situation nearly 6 years since the establishment of James company, and other than that american mail was dealing with all the delivery companies then to work on the coverage of the city services, including these companies "James", and also the thing that helped James relatively that when people went to the stores to buy some things some were not able to carry it was left in the store to the delivery company that delivers them to the company and was from companies This is also James' company.

Expansion, integration and increased proliferation:
The company decided to do some expansions in its work as it is not limited to parcels and letters only but they integrated in the delivery of goods, hats and bags to homes and transported food trays from hotels, and in 1911 the company was able to buy the first motorcycle to deliver to the houses, and in 1912 by Christmas the company hired 100 employees and opened another branch of the company near the commercial center in the city After all this success, expansion and spread obtained by the company, the American Post dealt with this company only to cover the entire city of Style, which made him the biggest customer of the company, and over time the two companies began to realize that the delivery of goods not only for messages but also for packages, stamps and other requests.

The company merged with another company in 1913 and became the new name of the company is Merchants' Parcel Delivery or delivery services for merchants, james was the president of this company, but the choice of name was successful as this name reflects the work of the company clearly which is that they deliver all the products and not only messages, and this merger reaped a lot of money and then a lot of success and they got a very big fame in the city and they were able to buy the first car for the company and was ford black model T and behind it A trailer to carry the goods to be delivered to wanted persons and after the merger the demands increased very much as they merged the customers of the two companies together.

Machines increase profitability:
For delivery machines very important as they work to deliver the product of high quality and without any damage in it in 1915 the company had a good number of cars, scooters and runners where the number of motorcycles then reached 4 cars in addition to 5 motorcycles and 20 runners, which led to the assembly of shipments in steam cars and delivery once to customers and this works to reduce the cost and increase profit.

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Charlie Soderstrom joined as a new partner for James in 1916 and this man was an expert in the field of steam cars, and when the partnership was done Charlie wanted to have the company an official color which is a light brown color that does not remain with the company yet, and after this partner was persuaded many shops to rely on this company only in terms of delivery they are the best delivery company now exists and not deal with other companies However, a lot of steam cars were bought from other companies to help people get his idea, and he's actually the one who's been.

Start using ups name:
In 1919 the company opened its first joy outside the city of Style and James and Charlie named the United Parcel Service or United Shipping Services, where the name of the services in The City of Style only to all neighboring cities and this headquarters was opened in The city of Oakland, California, but this name also reflects that the shipment is not shipped one by one but several shipments are shipped together in the same car for speed of arrival.

I spoke of services here that do not mean bragging, but that UBS without these services could not continue and therefore this is the key to success for this company, but this name came to indicate that this company deals with the public and with companies such as the American postal company that was competing with it at the time, and was then accepted shipments and delivered and paid is when the person receives the shipment he ordered and was the accounting week system not a single shipment to the companies In 1924, the company used assembly lines and this idea was inspired by Ford Motor Company to regulate the transportation of shipments and parcels from receipt to cargo cars.

A temporary keboa does not spoil the development issue:
The company's headquarters were moved to New York City and this was in 1929 and the company in this year opened a new area for delivery of cargo which is delivery by aircraft where the company agreed with some local airlines in the delivery of goods and imports but this service was suspended where this was in the same year world war followed by the collapse of the U.S. stock exchange and a recession in the American economy But the company did not stop the expansions but made expansions in the east when the center was moved to New York City, and then the company continued to buy and combine all shipping companies, and they delivered customers their goods in retail stores and this is because The Second World War tried buyers to reduce purchases and return them alone to the house to reduce costs.

After the end of the Second World War, many car companies appeared and these cars were bought by the public and no longer have to deliver their parcels and messages through the same company, James and Charlie thought about how to convince people to use the services of the company again, he decided to open the transportation through the airspace again and promised to be delivered in just two days and they stayed long until they got approval to transfer any parcel or commodity air within the borders of America in just two days.

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UBS began international expansion in 1975 where branches were established outside America, the first branch was established in Toronto in Canada and the following year a branch was opened in Germany and then in all the countries of Europe and South America, and not only the expansion was this where in 1989 a British company was purchased by them and reached West Asia and the Middle East countries in Africa In the 1980s, the demand for cargo increased very significantly and the company committed to fulfilling its promises and making the most effort to reach the package in just two days and this was in 6 European countries and also with american countries, and all this success was thanks to the legend of the company for air freight and this after obtaining the license in 1988 to establish and manage the purpose of air freight.

At present UPS is one of the largest shipping companies in the world as it ranks eighth in the world in shipping companies, this company owns 237 jet pilots and this at the end of 2013 this helps to deliver packages to more than 220 countries around the world and exceed the number of beggars delivered daily to customers more than 15 million shipments per day.