A review on Hyundai Tucson

Hyundai Toussaint's assessment and detailed review, the car is a Korean car assembled in Czech and comes to the Egyptian markets affiliated with The Power of Gbor, the car classifies crossover compact size and comes to the Egyptian market in seven categories at a price starting from 405 thousand pounds to 555 thousand pounds, and there are three categories of car equipped with turbo charger.

Toussaint is considered the best-selling crossover in the Egyptian market and the most popular in the Egyptian streets, and this shows the customer's love for this car and certainly these huge sales did not come from a vacuum, so hyundai Tucson's valuation today will recognize the secret of the public's love of the car.

Hyundai began to manufacture Hyundai Tucson in 2000 and began to evolve generation after generation until we reached the current generation which is the third generation of the car, the car does not have a long history but has achieved huge sales made it very popular especially in the Egyptian markets, and the spread of the car makes it easy to use and practical and comfortable as its parts are available everywhere and cheaper than its competitors, and resale very fast.

But the spread of the car also makes it not distinctive in this price category, if you want to own a unique car not owned by many customers Hyundai Toussaint is not your best choice, but the main disadvantage in the car Toussaint is because of the power of attorney that comes the car to Egypt through which it is gbor cars, the car comes in very many categories, and the luxuries vary greatly from class to category, which makes the customer confused when buying this car.

Hyundai Tucson 2020 Rating
Hyundai Tucson competes in a very strong category, Hyundai Toussaint and Kia Sportage were acquiring this price category, but with the French attack on the Egyptian market in 2020 Toussaint's sales declined significantly due to the strength of its competitors and the attractiveness of customers to them, but Toussaint still retains Its power in this price category, the car competes with Peugeot 3008, Citroen C5, Renault Kadjar, Opel Grandland and Seat Attica, as well as skoda carok, Nissan Qashqai and Mitsubishi Eclipse, and we recommend you to get to know the Chevrolet Captiva that has been introduced Recently in the Egyptian market.

In this article we will present a review of Hyundai Toussaint and the most important thing that distinguishes it in its very strong price category which is the strongest price category in the Egyptian market, especially in the crossover category, where the crossover cars generally have the highest sales due to the conditions of the roads in Egypt.

Toussaint's interior and exterior design
We start with the exterior design of the car, the design comes very traditional and does not have any special things but it is beautiful and attractive, and the only thing that makes you tire of the design of this car is its wide spread in the Egyptian streets, it is considered the most car you see daily in its price class, so we feel that its competitors are better than in the design but in fact its design is very beautiful, but it is also not the best among competitors.

The car comes with a strong attack front network with the same current design language as the Hyundai Accent and The AD, and this language has changed in the new Hyundai Elntra 2021 and will also change in the next form of Hyundai Tucson.

The interior design of the car does not rise to its French competitors, but this is a well-known thing as French cars have the best interior designs, but the interior materials of the car are excellent, and also the car salon is very beautiful especially with red color, but in general the car from the inside lags behind the competitors.

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Motor performance and specifications
Hyundai Toussaint comes with distinctive specifications among competitors, but as we mentioned in the previous paragraphs comes in multiple categories, and this is a big defect in the car because the luxuries and equipment that make it competitor exist only in the higher categories, and there are categories of the car can not compete with its competitors and is not allowed to buy it in the first place.

We move to the performance of the car and in this part our talk will be divided into two parts because the car comes with two types of transmissions (Vitesse) as some categories come with a turbo motor, and we will start with the four categories that come without turbo.

Normal categories:-

The first four categories of the car comes with a 1600CC motor that gives 130 hp at 6,300 rpm and a torque of 161 Nm at 4,850 rpm and has an acceleration from 0 to 100 km in about 10.9 seconds.

This motor is related to the usual six-speed vitesse, in general the performance of the car average with this motor and vitesse, and is considered less than competitors, if you are looking for a good family car but do not prefer sports use, the categories that do not own turbo engine are suitable for you to a large extent and there are no problems in daily use, as it is more reliability and away from the categories that own turbo.

The Terbo categories:-

We move to the three categories that own the Turbo engine, they come with the same capacity as 1600 CC with turbo, and the vitesse is completely different where the car comes with dual clutch of 7 speeds, with these specifications the car turns into a sports car, where you give 1 75 hp for 5500 rpm and 265 Nm at 1500~4500 rpm, and the acceleration of the car from 0 to 100 km in 9.1 seconds is an excellent acceleration that surpasses most competitors.

The performance of this vitus is very sharp and makes the car very sporty, as the launch of the car is strong because the torque appears on a very low number of laps in addition to the presence of turbo, but with these specifications the car becomes less reliable than other categories because the Dual Clutch is considered non-reliable unlike the usual vitez that does not show problems as most of his problems are known and simple, so you must determine your priorities before buying.

Despite Hyundai Tucson's strong performance, especially in the Tierbo categories, it doesn't have the pleasure of driving like its competitors, cars like Citroën C5, Seat Attica and Peugeot 3008 make you feel like you're riding a hatchback and not a crossover, and this makes the driving experience a hugely different, so if you're looking for driving pleasure in this price category, Toussaint is not your best choice.

The car deals with the Egyptian streets
We move to the suspension system in Hyundai Toussaint, the car is heavily geared to comfort, where the chastity is heavily soft and absorbs clicking and bumps even with the biggest wing in which it is very comfortable and does not have any problems in terms of comfort, but does this comfort on stability, in the first categories of the car with the small-sized rims the ability of the car to enter turns at low speeds and tilt the car significantly makes you lose confidence in the car.
In general, the first categories of the car tend more to comfort and very simple daily use without the need for a car with strong performance or equipment or safety means you need for highways, i also see that these requirements can be obtained from cars in a lower price category with a very large difference.

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In the higher-equipped and most logical categories and with the presence of 19-inch jeans the car is also comfortable because of the presence of good chairs as it features excellent stability and high ability to maneuver at high speeds, completely different from the less equipped categories, so you must specify before buying the car what is your use and what is the nature of your driving on the roads knowing that you can get a better choice at a lower price to meet your needs instead of the first poor categories of Tousan !

Acoustic insulation
The car possesses good isolation in general, inside the country at low speeds the sound of external noise is largely inaudible inside the car, as the sound of the car's chastity and noises is not visible inside the cabin, and the sound of the motor appears only when the sports use of the car and this is normal, but for the sound of air it appears at high speeds because of the height of the car and its large size that resists the air significantly.

Hyundai Toussaint Features
The spread of the car is one of its strongest features
Easy maintenance of the car due to its terrible spread in the Egyptian streets
The exterior design of the car is offensive, youthful and powerful.
The interior is very acceptable.
The car saloon is very spacious and the otis tunnel is small and the chairs are very comfortable
The stability of the car in the upper categories is excellent
The side glass areas are wide.
The car is above ground suitable for Egypt.
The interior storage spaces in the car are excellent.
The performance of the car is outstanding in the terbo categories (but as a pricing is not the best)
The car's air conditioning comes in two-zones
The car is economical in its fuel consumption.
The car keeps a very big resale price.

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Disadvantages of Hyundai Tucson
The height of the car and its lack of proximity to the ground affects the stability of the car in the first categories
The mid-screen connection is via USB and cannot be connected via Bluetooth
The first categories of the car are not considered value for a good price
The car comes with a lot of categories which causes confusion when buying
There are no safety in the first categories of the car.
Motor car in the normal version (not the tyrbo) his performance is very modest
The bottom line at Hyundai Toussaint
After completing the evaluation Hyundai Toussaint I will offer you the summary in short, the car is very successful and it is undeniable that the sales of the car is very strong and its spread is terrible, but when you update about the value for price and the pleasure of driving you will lose Toussaint and you will come out of the talk directly.