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Honda Vario is an automatic motorbike that is in demand in the market, even able to outperform their competitors, every year Honda always updates this Honda Vario model so that this Honda Vario product continues to undergo renewal, but unfortunately the updates on the Honda Vario 150 matic actually boost the price of this motorcycle.The All New Honda Vario 150 is equipped with Smart Key System technology or Keyless locking system, this system eliminates mechanical locks and simplifies and speeds up the process of starting the engine of this vehicle, the fuel tank capacity can contain 5.5 liters of fuel, this is not the largest capacity but it is enough for daily use, moreover this motorbike is economical in consuming fuel, 1 liter of fuel can cover a distance of 46 kilometers, some of the other excellent features of the All New Honda Vario 150 are the ACG Starter,

Welcome to my thread which will discuss the review of the All New Honda Vario 150 motorbike .. This Vario motorbike is one of the best facelifts in my opinion .. Where Astra Honda has completely overhauled the appearance of this Honda Vario so that it looks more sporty, fierce , macho, and stylish for the 150CC scooter class .. The change that I like the most is the headlamp part, which has adopted a sporty design worthy of a big bike .. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of this All New Honda Vario 150 motorbike?

Who knows this Honda product whose name is Honda Vario, many people are interested in this scooter because it is known for being fuel efficient but also has a very good, modern and luxurious design. This Honda vario is one of the best-selling motorbikes in our country and the sales figures are fantastic. In fact, it is not uncommon for parents and young people to be attracted to this motorbike with the additional performance of the 150cc engine, which is quite capable if you use a daily motorbike. There are also many features such as for cellphone channels while on the road. And also the front lights are accompanied by bright LEDs.

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the lighting system are all LEDs, both the headlamps and the taillights, even the turn signal itself uses LEDs. So it looks more modern and also saves power ..

The appearance is up to date where the headlamp has a Dual Keen LED Headlight design ... Where this design makes the All New Honda Vario even more futuristic .. The exhaust design has also adopted the design of the CBR250RR, thus making the appearance of the All New Honda Vario become the more fierce and sporty .. Moreover, the added plain Matte color makes this bike look sporty and elegant ..

In my opinion, fuel consumption is relatively more economical .. Because for daily use at children's schools, this motorbike is able to penetrate a month before refilling gasoline .. According to the specification data, it is written that the fuel consumption reaches 46.9 KM per liter .. Daily use, of course, includes economical gasoline .. Even so, in terms of performance in my opinion it's not too bad because I tested 0-100 km it took about 20 seconds or less ..

The current security feature is the Keyless System with Smart Key from Honda. This feature is what I like the most so far apart from the design which I think is cool .. Because this safety feature makes the All New Honda Vario 150 motorbike safer. There are no more cases of motorbikes being burglarized with the letter T key ... As far as I am looking for cases of theft of this motorbike, all of them always end up at the knob where there is no key hole. making it more difficult for thieves to steal this motorbike ...

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For the All New Honda Vario 150, the body dimensions are suitable for use in the city because in my opinion it is still relatively compact, in the sense that it is not a big body like the Honda PCX ... So in terms of maneuvering it will be a little easier .. From my experience, weight and the dimensions are suitable for traffic jams .. Moreover, the suspension is not as hard as his brother's ..

There is no ivory that is not cracked .. The same thing as the ivory, the All New Honda Vario 150 motorbike still has several shortcomings where it is wrong the only thing is the driver's leg room which is quite narrow, even for me who has a height of only 155 cm .. So if for people who are taller than 165 cm it might feel tight in the legs ..

The size of the default tire is still too small in my opinion for a motorbike with a 150cc engine ... It's already a little bigger than a normal motorcycle tire or a Honda Beat-class scooter ... But it still feels that it should be added ... So it's a pity, right? It's not as rare as the appearance of the body .. It's lucky to have used tubeless tires and the wheels are sporty ..

For the engine, even though it's agile and powerful enough, it's a shame it's still inferior to Yamaha Aerox ... Maybe it's a different designation, but 150cc feels redundant here .. For use in the city, the performance is enough.

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There is no power outlet yet .. It's not really important, but if it's for example like ojol or you really need an impromptu charger, then having a power outlet will be very helpful .. But unfortunately the All New Honda Vario 150 is not provided. power outlet, even though this feature can be a special attraction ..

The rear brake is still drum .. This is a drawback which is quite annoying in my opinion .. With the engine performance of 150cc, I think it's best to use the disc on the rear brake. Moreover, the throttle does not immediately drop after releasing the gas .. So that the disc brakes will certainly be very helpful in terms of safety, aka driving safety .. Maybe this could be a consideration for Astra Honda in the future ..