Notes about Nha Trang

Nha Trang is a coastal city and is the political, economic, cultural, scientific, technical and tourist center of Khanh Hoa province, Vietnam. Before becoming a part of Vietnam, Nha Trang belonged to Chiem Thanh.

It can be said that Nha Trang is surrounded by sea and mountains. Like a large bird landing on the east coast, Nha Trang will continue to fly its wings to the blue sky, freely waving with four five continents.

The beautiful beaches of this city have turned it into a scenic spot. It is also known as an ideal place to hold major events such as the Sea Festival (Nha Trang), or major beauty contests such as Miss Vietnam, Miss Universe 2008, Miss World. 2010 ...

Nha Trang Beach is a scenic spot, a luxury resort that brings positive economic benefits. Every year, Nha Trang brings great benefits from marine tourists, ecotourism both at home and abroad.

Nha Trang coastline is long, immense and endless, the blue sea is in harmony with the rows of green trees listening to the waves on Tran Phu street. From the sandy beach, you can see the small islands like green dots, rising above the sea, that is Hon En, Hon Tre, Hon Noc, Dao Yen ... There are days of golden and colored sunlight. The green of the undulating mountains on the shore, of the islands blending with the blue sea, seems to add to the charm of the yellow sand strips, rich in white waves.

Which means should I move when coming to Nha Trang?


Is the favorite means of tourists. Traveling by motorbike, visitors need to have a careful preparation before each trip. In addition to carefully checking motorbikes and luggage, riders need to have a good health and morale, because traveling by motorbike is quite difficult.

The interesting thing about traveling by motorbike is that visitors are free to enjoy the scenery, relax and take pictures in their favorite places. Visitors will enjoy a beautiful view throughout the journey. You can ride your own motorbike or rent a motorbike in Nha Trang city here with the cost from only $ 3 / day.

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Tourist locations in Nha Trang

Ponagar tower

Po Nagar Thap Ba is often referred to as Thap Ba by local people. The tower built by the Cham people is located on the top of the hill next to the mouth of Cai River - the largest river in Nha Trang and overlooks the Xom Bong Bridge. The reason why this bridge is so named is because it was named after the Cham dance of the Cham people. If you visit the Tower and are lucky, you will have the opportunity to enjoy this dance staged by Cham actors.

This is not a single tower but a complex of towers, each tower worshiping a different god, in which the 23m high main tower is dedicated to Po Nagar and people are still used to using the name of the main tower to call them all. this architectural work. Every year, the Thap Ba festival is solemnly held from March 21 to 23 of the lunar calendar, if you go to dia diem du lich Nha Trang on this occasion, don't miss it.

Long Son Pagoda

Long Son Pagoda is the largest and most famous temple in Nha Trang, often called with the rustic name of the White Buddha pagoda because there is a 24m-high statue of Kim Than Buddha on the top of Trai Thuy hill. In addition, the temple also has a statue of Buddha Enter Nirvana (also known as the Reclining Buddha) 17m long lying in the middle of the hill; and the 1.2m high bronze statue of the Buddha Sitting Doctrine in the main hall.

To get to the top of the hill to visit the White Buddha statue and panoramic views of Nha Trang city and a part of the Cai river, you must pass 193 steps, the Reclining Buddha statue is at the 43rd level. hill.

Stone church

When it comes to the largest and most beautiful church in the city, locals and tourists alike, located on Bong mountain (some other documents call Hoang Lan hill), 12m high looking straight down the busy six-way intersection Called by some names "countryside" such as Stone Church, Nga Sau church, or Nha Trang church. But the most popular is still the Mountain Church. It was started construction in 1928 by the French in Gothic architecture and completed five years later, ie in 1933.

In addition to being a tourist attraction, the church is also a famous place for wedding photography for couples in Nha Trang and also a place for photography lovers. Every year on Christmas, this is also the place with many exciting activities attracting the participation of many parishioners in the city.

Hon Tam Island

Hon Tam is known as a 5-star resort and resort, only 7km southeast of Nha Trang. It takes about 20 minutes by train and only 10 minutes by canoe. With the appearance of a green silkworm, the head is directed east, so the fishermen have compared it to name this place Hon Tam.

Reaching the 5-star standard, you can certainly imagine how splendid and beautiful Hon Tam is like. As for Hon Tam beach, I think this is the most beautiful beach of all the islands in Nha Trang.

Favored by nature and endowed with pristine and pure beauty along with the terrain located in the middle of the clear blue waters of four sunny and windy seasons, the tour 3 dao hon tam becomes the ideal place for those who love ecotourism. and relaxation.

Ba Ho Stream

Ba Ho is known as the gem of the mountains and forests, not only attracted by the beauty of the majestic nature but also by the romantic and romantic check-in spaces that are loved by many young people. Is a complex of 3 adjacent lakes, so called Ba Ho, the stream originating from the top of Hon Son is 660m high and 10km long.

You can participate in sports games such as kayaking or experience with steam balls in the water or you can play the game of waterfalls, water bicycles, here will be interesting activities to bring. the player laughs and unforgettable memories in the journey.

Yang Bay Waterfall

About 50km southwest of the city center, with an area of ​​600ha located at an altitude of 100m above sea level. This place is also one of the attractive ecotourism areas by white sand beaches, yellow sunshine, blue sea, but also attracted by mountains, forests, trees, flowers and flowing waterfalls creating a space in cool, cool.

Coming here, there are many attractions for tourists such as Ho Cho 1 waterfall, Yang Khang stream, Yang Bay 1 waterfall ... visiting peach garden, fairy garden, visiting wild bear, crocodile ostrich and pig racing. Next is to watch performances of ethnic musical instruments typical of the Raglai ethnic group and enjoy the culinary dishes of the Central Highlands people.