of the best electronic banking deal online British bank was founded the bank in 1999 , the
bank registered and licensed under the Authority Financial Services Authority / FSA
bank transfer services and receive money to and from individuals or companies the
advantages of the bank: Easy to use and register its oldest electronic banking commission 1.45% when sending money The
banks negatives: There are no negatives, but recently a fee of 30 dollars was added, the value of opening the account for the first time.

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From my point of view, it is not a defect in the bank and we consider it in return for the services provided because the commission is low compared to other banks. The
currencies used in the bank are more than 12 currencies, including the US dollar, the euro, the sterling pound, and dealing For more than 200 countries
A free master card bank card upon issuance, and 20 dollars are deducted with the first use and the commission is approximately 3%, and withdrawals from any ATM machine
that the bank faces from the inside