BRI is the largest bank in the country with an extensive branch network that extends to remote villages, so many products and services are provided by this BRI bank. Likewise, in terms of credit card products, BRI has many credit card products, but not all credit card products are suitable for us because each credit card has different features and fees and one of the credit card products that might be right for us is the BRI Easy Card , This BRI Easy Card is a substitute for the BRI Silver and BRI Premium credit cards.

BRI Easy Card Terms and Conditions

To be able to have a BRI Easy Card credit card , you must meet the following requirements:
The primary card holder must be at least 21 years old or married
. Supplementary card holder must be at least 17 years old or married
Attach the required documents, in which there is a slight difference between the types of employment of employees, entrepreneurs, and professionals

There are a number of fees charged to the owner of this BRI Easy Card , so we have to consider this cost issue, as for the fees of this BRI Easy Card credit card are:
Annual fee of 250 thousand rupiah
Additional card fees of 125 thousand per year
Late payment penalty of 3% of the previous month's transaction balance with a maximum provision of 150 thousand rupiah
Cash withdrawal fees are charged with a minimum value of 50 thousand rupiah, a maximum of 4 percent of the total cash withdrawals made
If an Over Limit occurs, a fee of 50 thousand rupiah will be charged

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Change cards will cost you 75 thousand rupiah
Reprinting of the statement will be charged a fee of 10 thousand rupiah
Change PIN will cost 25 thousand rupiah
Card upgrades are subject to a fee of 75 thousand rupiah
Copy of International Sales Draft is charged IDR 150,000
Copy of Sales Draft Local is charged IDR 25,000
Print out a summary of the Annual Transaction with a fee of IDR 100,000

The advantages of BRI Easy Card
The BRI Easy Card credit card has a number of advantages that we can use, including:
Can make cash withdrawals of 40 percent of the credit card limit, this is very useful when we are in need of cash
It is accepted worldwide because this BRI Easy Card has a visa logo and a mastercard logo
There is a Light Shopping Program (BRIng), which is a low installment interest facility ranging from 0% to 0.79 percent
Ease of ordering tickets, hotels, and tour packages through the BRI Travel Service
Has SMS Banking and Internet Banking facilities that facilitate financial and non-financial transactions

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Interesting promos are regularly held

Disadvantages of the BRI Easy Card
Hefty annual fee
There is no annual fee-free promo for the first year that many other credit cards apply

Another experience after several months of using this credit card is that the transaction is easy. There has never been a failure either because of the system or tool. Usually, payment failures occur because of bad signals between the EDC machine and the server so that they cannot make payment transactions properly. Payments at other merchants also have no problems that occur so that it is arguably quite satisfying the services provided by this credit card.

However, there are also shortcomings that until now there has been no improvement, namely the issue of printing bills. Even though it can be checked through the application, official invoicing e-mails are only sent 1 day or more after the due date the bill is printed. Even though sometimes I want to see the details of other existing bills such as interest fees and other fees that may arise without the knowledge of the card owner.

Another drawback is that the recording of transactions is not real time, where sometimes new transactions are recorded 1 day or several days later. Even if you check the transaction is successful in the application, you will only see the remaining balance and the transaction has not entered the book's transaction report.

In general, there are no significant obstacles and satisfactory service and transaction security provided by BRI through this BRI Easy Card credit card . Hopefully in the future BRI can further improve this credit card service.

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My friend happened to apply for a BRI Easy Card credit card for fun and felt sorry for the marketing. Actually he wasn't interested, but because one of his acquaintances worked at BRI and kept offering this card, he finally submitted an application too.

My friend's condition is an employee with a salary of less than 5 million and already has another bank credit card with a limit of 9 million rupiah. BI Checking is also clean because it has never had credit problems. Oh yeah, my friend also doesn't have a savings account at a BRI bank.

The length of time for the application process, from the time the application was submitted, it only took about 5 working days. According to his acquaintance, there should have been a call from BRI to verify the data and application, but it turned out that until the application was approved there was no telephone. Suddenly the application was approved and 3 days after the application was approved, the credit card was sent home. However, it turns out that the limit given is only 5 million, only a third of the proposed limit, which is 15 million.

For cashback promos, my friend actually doesn't really feel the benefits because he uses credit cards a lot to shop in the online marketplace. Meanwhile, the BRI Easy Card offers cashback in cash withdrawals, supermarket shopping, and gas stations. So in principle, this is one of the advantages of the BRI Easy Card not used by my friends.

For about 5 months of use there has never been any problem, at least the date of posting the transaction is often late. According to him, on the previous credit card after the transaction, the transaction must have been posted the next day. But for the BRI Easy Card, sometimes there are new transactions posted 4-5 days after the transaction.