Review of the Japanese Subaru Subaru is particularly popular among young drivers, due to the many sports options offered by Subaru cars, at a reasonable price, in addition to its uniqueness in providing the option of four-wheel drive even in sedans, which gives it the power of performance and confidence of the driver while driving even in difficult weather conditions, which has made its cars enjoy more than one award on the level of road safety in several countries around the world, including the United States of America. It has an audience among the youth categories for the reasons mentioned earlier, in addition to it is famous for retaining its market value even when reselling, because of the durability of the car and the presence of lovers everywhere. Here are 8 of the most important information about Subaru Japan:
Subaru is a Japanese giant that manufactures cars for the global market, and was founded in 1953 by Kenji Keita, headquartered in Tokyo, capital of Japan.
. Subaru relies on a Boxer engine and uses it in all its cars with a 1.5-liter engine or more, and this engine makes the vehicle's movement smoother and stronger compared to engines like the same capacity.
. Subaru is known to offer two-way engine cars from its regular cars, and one of the most famous examples is the Impreza WRX.
. Subaru is affiliated with Um, Fuji Heavy Industries, now known as the Subaru Group, a company in limited partnership with Toyota, where the latter holds a 16.5% stake in the group.
Subaru's name is derived from the Japanese word "Seven Sisters", a group of chandelier stars that appear in the company's logo, although you can only see 6 stars in the logo.
. The first Subaru car produced was the Subaru 1500, and only 20 of them were produced.
. Subaru manufactures all its cars with the all-wheel drive option, which has been effectively adopted in the company's cars since 1996.

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. Subaru was the beginning, as in Mitsubishi, in the aircraft industryThe Subaru XV is distinguished in the SUV category because it is distinct from the rest of the models of that category, and attracts those looking for a car that enjoys the capabilities of those class vehicles without having explicit features of those vehicles where the Model Station Wagon looks high from the ground and the capabilities of the SUV.
The vehicle is 4,465 mm long, 1,800 mm wide, 161 mm high, and the wheelbase is 2,665 millimeters long. The rear luggage compartment is 380 litres in size. The XV also has sporty features and a smaller size than other SUV models, so the car looks more attractive than most traditional competitors, including the Nissan Qashqai. The look of the car gives the model an unmistakable sporty look.
To perform
The new Subaru XV is based on a 114-horsepower, 114-horsepower boxer engine at 6,200 rpm, with a maximum torque of 150 Nm at 3,600 rpm. The model can accelerate from sleep to 100 km/h in 13.1 seconds while the top speed is approximately 180 km/h. Power is transferred to the wheels through a seven-speed automatic transmission.
The car is available in three categories, the first of which is the basic category, the most prominent of which are front and rear fog lamps and LED rear lamps, as well as uv protective glass, opaque glass in the rear of the car, advanced windshield and rear scanners, 17-inch jeans and side supports of the chassis. Exterior, spoehler roof, antenna, steering wheel and leather-coated transmission handle, as well as the ability to manually adjust the driver's seat to six positions and fold the rear shell by 60-40% and head rests that can be adjusted in five stages and pockets for storage seats Electric windows and the ability to control the opening and closing of the car remotely through the key, lights of the luggage compartment, a central console box, cup holders in the foreground, pockets of doors with a holder, bottles, 12-volt power output, automatic air conditioning with air purifiers and Rear-seat heating vents, a side-glass and side-glass froster, a 6.5-inch audio system, plus 4 speakers with the power of Apple Car Play, Android Auto and Bluetooth, and control of the audio system through wheel-mounted buttons. Tunable driving and USB connection. The first-class equipment also includes highland landing control, front and side airbags for front and rear seat passengers, as well as front and rear seat curtain airbags, knee airbags, rear seat seat headrests, 3 positions, a driver's seat belt, a driver's seat belt, 3 rear seat seat seat belts, a lockout, brake assist, electronic brake power, a theft protection system, a car protection system with children's door locks and special seat stabilization equipment. For the baby.

The second category enjoys all of the above, in addition to the possibility of folding the side mirrors electrically, smart glass scanners that sense the rain, an electric solar roof, roof bars, access without keys, rear seat seat armrest seating with cup holders, automatic air conditioning for two areas, an air conditioning system, an 8"s audio system, six speakers, two air conditioning, air conditioning filters and air conditioning through the usb-camera identification system and For rear view, luxury multi-function display and speed installer

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The third category increases the equipment to include areas for headlights and the possibility of adjusting the level of led headlights and headlamps respond to the steering of the car and a leather cover for seats and aluminum pedals with a compatibility speed fixer as well as the system Eyesight to assist the driver, which blends all safety technologies at Subaru where the system controls traffic control, improves the performance of the speed control and warn the driver to deviate from the traffic lane on which he walks and work on braking maximum force in emergencies to avoid or minimize front collisions At the very least, the system also calculates the distance between it and the car in front of it and automatically reduces the engine power to mitigate the effects of any potential shocks. This system is based on two colored cameras installed near the side mirrors and the aim is to clear the road to detect dangers that the driver does not expect
Subaru XV Specifications
Support the 2019 Subaru XV model with many basic specifications and luxuries, the most prominent of which are:
They are "airbags, ABS brake operating systems", with electronic distribution of EBD systems.
It also has 17-inch sports frame suits.
Subaru XV Premium
The second class of "XV" was equipped with basic specifications, most notably airbags, ABS brake systems, electronic distribution of EBD systems.
It also supported some additional luxuries, including a rear camera, engine power button, speed installer, and an 8-inch screen.
In addition to LED headlamps, LED headlights and an electric sunroof

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The third category was provided with basic accessories, in addition to some additional equipment, the most prominent of which are:
They are "speed stabilization systems, electrically adjustable driver seat at 8 positions, rear camera, engine start button".
Supported by a speed ing, 8-inch screen, LED headlights, LED headlights and an electric sunroof.