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Thread: A review on ASRock B550 Steel Legend Motherboard

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    Thumbs up A review on ASRock B550 Steel Legend Motherboard

    Although many of us at the moment may be waiting for the warmest of the next generation of central and graphic normal processors from AMD, the launch is imminent. This makes many users prefer to wait until the emergence of the new generation of processors and graphic cards and do not intend to update at the moment. Personally, however, I see that there is always some hardware and gear that does not require you much to wait. This is exactly what I mentioned in this article. So right now, until the release of the next generation of processors, some may update the rest of the basic pieces, such as random memory, storage devices or motherboard?

    This ASRock motherboard comes to provide many of the features that players generally need, starting with the industrial durability to withstand the installation of large graphic cards, for example, which would be very suitable if you installed cards from the last generation Ampere graphics. It also provides good chip cooling and dedicated refrigeration for M.2 storage units if your unit doesn't come with a cooling disperser, and its ability to install two PCIe 4.0 storage units and the oldest PCIe 3.0 to provide all the speeds you may need on your platform.

    Name: 1.png Views: 32 Size: 865.7 KB
    Look at the B550 chip.
    The B550 supports all 3G Ryzen 3000 processors, including the new XT processors. It will support Ryzen 4000G APU desktop processors known as speeding processing units alongside the ryzen 5000 4G processors codenamed Vermeer and the upcoming Zen 3 architecture almost a week from now.

    The good thing about this chip is also that it offers us features close to those offered by the X570 but about half price, but at the same time, it lacks several things, including the loss of full support for PCIe 4.0 interface to support it in part to keep the General Purpose PCIe 3.0 path and the CPU Chipset Uplink PCIe 3.0. However, this did not make it worse because many still have the best segment of the middle class so far; supporting the PCIe 4.0 interface and many USB ports of the second generation will enable it to take out the potential of the new processor lineup from AMD.

    The B550 chip supports the PCIe 4.0 x16 graphics card path and enables motherboard manufacturers to exploit that path to make it run with two x8 tracks to support the installation of two graphic cards. PCIe 3.0 x4 also supports M.2 SSD NVMe storage discs with 6 10Gbps SuperSpeed USB ports, four of which are from the central processor and two from the slide, and 8 SATA ports support... Many options for manufacturers to make the number of card ports more or make more storage ports by installing additional controllers... Etc.

    B550 panels can support WiFi-6 connections that come in many panels in advance without having to purchase an expansion card in the first place. There is no doubt that wiFi-6 connections are far from the actual application at the moment due to the high price of units capable of supporting these waves. But support in itself makes it a believer for the future.

    For wired connections, the B550 panels can provide 2.5 Gigabit connections in their Ethernet portal, unlike b450 panels that only come with 1Gpbs connections. After all, I don't think there is a user in the Arab world who can enjoy all these speeds in the first place, to my knowledge, at least, right?

    Don't forget that b550 panels use more stable power systems than older B450s. This makes it more stable than the economic class plates in terms of breaking speed or connecting the processor to its maximum speed for not long, making it a better choice for those who want to break speed more cheaply.

    Name: 2.png Views: 32 Size: 948.0 KB
    Motherboard Look
    Well, we can now turn our gaze to the look of the B550 Steel Legend motherboard from ASRock. At first, as we see in the pictures, the B550 Steel Legend has a durable and beautiful look with a grey and black combination that makes you feel like you're in front of a collection of sea rocks example. Of course, these components are highly efficient and reliable, allowing the user to install large, heavy-weight graphic cards without worry.

    Looking at the bottom of the motherboard or even the part just below the central processor room, the company provides a protection shield for M.2 volumes with durable aluminum alloys that help dissipate heat characteristically for M.2 storage units, whatever the standard is based on. So you don't have to worry about it if, for example, you have an economical storage unit without its distraction, such as the Kingston KC 2500 that we talked about in an earlier review.

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    Not only that, but the motherboard also provides the ability to install two PCIe 4.0 storage units in the top M.2 Ultra socket and the older PCIe 3.0 in, the lower port next to the slide cooler itself, to provide all the speeds you may need in your platform.

    In terms of the audio experience, whether you're using external or internal headphones or speakers via USB, Wi-Fi, analog exits or even HDMI exits, the Nahimic Audio engine on the panel will provide you with a more attractive, dynamic and detailed listening experience. The panel also provides the Realtek ALC1200 audio chip with surround sound support 7.1.

    If you are a fan of breaking speed and increasing operating frequencies, the panel will provide you with more features in this aspect, for example, the panel with power chokes 60A power chokes, with a 14-stage power design. The same panel design also uses copper 2Oz oxide that provides better durability and transportation for signalling along with lower temperatures for the plate itself. This allows for the installation of more capable decals, which we see where the panel can install dual Channel DDR4 repeats up to 4733Mhz frequencies after breaking the type ECC's speed or without it size up to 128GB.

    The aesthetic form has not received less attention; in case you are a fan of RGB lighting, the company has provided you with this panel with many options, as the panel provides two RGB LED ports and two ARGB LED ports to provide greater ability to install distinctive RGB lighting and easily controlled with the lighting system and application Polychrome RGB Sync.

    From the top side next to the processor and towards the back of the board, we will find in front of us a large dispersal of the voltage control unit next to the presence of the rear panel or the pre-installed I/O shield. We'll find PCIe 4.0 reinforced and supported metal-backed expansion incisions to provide capacity for large and heavy-weight graphic cards on the lower end. We'll find two PCIe x16 ports for carding cards to install the cards you need in either part, or you can install two cards as we indicated at x8 each.

    Name: 3.png Views: 34 Size: 1,007.8 KB
    Processor performance
    As usual, the AMD Ryzen 9 3900X processor meets the RTX 2080 Ti card when we do our own testing. Running games and heavy programs was not a scary thing for this painting as it cares about the quality of construction and temperatures as well as besides aesthetics and features. Reaching the 4.3 GHz frequency at the top of the settings was not difficult for them, knowing that the processor temperature did not exceed 50C with the motherboard itself remaining at 29 degrees as pictured.

    Of course, the paintings don't change anything in your gaming experience. The games work as they should work on the processor and card without paying attention to the specifications of the motherboard itself. What we care about in the selection is the advantages this painting offers and its ability to break the processor speed to reach good numbers that can extract the power of the current graphics cards. Since we're with the B550 chip, let's see what we can get through the PCIe 4.0 interface here!

    PCIe interface
    With two ports, one for PCIe 4.0 and the other for PCIe 3.0, we must test each of them. We start testing with the PCIe 4.0 interface that we tested with the XPG Gammix S50, which operates with the same interface.

    Apart from the speeds of PCIe 4.0 that were already fully exploited, when we installed this unit without the heat disperser attached to the panel, we found that its average temperature was 72C and reached 82C when pressed heavily. And when we used the thermal disperseur of the plate, we were able to reach the average of 44C with a maximum of 51C.

    So we can say that if you don't have a storage unit with an attached dispersor, the cooling units attached to the motherboard itself will be necessary to reach safe temperatures during operation, a point that counts for the motherboard.

    For pcIe 3.0, the XPG XS8200 unit is positioned without a heat dispersal to record 66C in the highest conditions with an average temperature of no more than 56C. At the same time, when using the attached heat disperser, the temperature reached 45C at the maximum with an average of 41C.

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    Software and support for the panel
    At the beginning we will find in front of us the program ASRock Live update & App shop which allows the user to update the bios of the motherboard, as users can also get and update their definitions such as the definition of the chip itself or the definitions of the audio chip and now etc., as well as allowing him to get the common applications that he needs periodically and which the company nominates users.

    The second performance is the Polychrome RGB Sync tool or application for RGB lighting for the motherboard and the pieces supported by this lighting system. This tool will allow you to take full control of all the elements you own that support this lighting system, providing you with the ability to control the shape of the lighting, the nature of colors, etc.

    The third tool here may be the most important tool for some, asRock A-Tuning. This tool allows the user to break the speed or raise the frequency of operation of the processor and the repeater and also monitor the temperature and condition of the pieces on the motherboard. The tool also allows control of fan speeds, voltage control and adjustment, cooling profiles and other pre-customized or user-desired modes.

    BIOS system is easy
    The best part of the bios system for the painting is that it is very easy and obvious to handle. You can use it in the "easy" style to get to the heart of the subject or the "advanced" style in order to deal more extensively with the specifications and details of the processor, etc. You'll find all the options you need here, whether it's speed break tools, system monitoring, security, storage tools and other easy-to-handle tools to optimize.

    Name: 4.png Views: 33 Size: 894.5 KB
    Final assessment and conclusion
    This painting is available for $159 on the purchase sites? It is difficult to reject this price in the current period. This panel provides you with a unique power delivery system that will enable you to break the processor speed with ease and reach its maximum speed continuously and without any stuttering in performance. This panel will also provide you with free cooling of your storage and many other features we have mentioned, whether it's the panel's aesthetic shape or the durability and reliability. Here we are talking about features that you find mostly in medium-priced plates (mostly over $250) and at this low price !!.

    What might fault this panel is the few USB connections and medium-SATA III connections, but this is normal for a panel that comes at this price. At the very least, the panel provides you with the entire B550 chip's connections, which is very acceptable. SATA III connections also come in a place that no one likes, especially with its forward-oriented entrance!!

    There is no WiFi or Bluetooth; although it is a negative point, we will not consider it a curse because its price category does not qualify it for these connections, which is acceptable.

    Name: 5.png Views: 33 Size: 713.4 KB
    Advantages ASRock B550 Steel Legend Motherboard
    • Great power delivery system.
    • Support the installation of distinctive cooling means.
    • Good ability to break speed easily and simple.
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    • Extensive and easy software support.
    • Distinctive design and beautiful shape.
    • Good distractions for SSD units.
    • Solid design and props to strengthen the motherboard to withstand loads and weights
    • The premium price that achieves the price-for-performance equation.
    • The ability to install WiFi separately.

    Disadvantages ASRock B550 Steel Legend Motherboard
    • The audio slide is not the best.
    • The entrances to the SATA III are in the wrong place.
    • USB connections are a bit small.

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