Many investors wonder, which is better: investing in gold, currency, certificates, real estate, and to answer this question must first point out that gold is the best way to save surplus funds, or that the individual saves for time and hard days, and even better than real estate, and the reason: gold is lightweight and easy to move, if you save your money in a land or apartment, you will not be able to transfer it to another country while gold is easy to transport, for example.

Gold is a safe haven, in the sense that it is in demand in the event of global instability, gold is a limited material in the world, and with the high number of human beings increases the demand for it and consequently the continued high prices, it is possible to retail gold when selling it like selling 100 grams or more or less while the property can only sell the whole apartment and not a room

It is true that gold can be exposed to fall and rise in the stock market, and therefore may win or lose from it, but if you have the experience to know the purchase of gold when it falls follow the experts and economic news and choose the possibility of buying good, as well as knowing when to sell when there are signs of decline, for example in such days fears corona is considered an opportunity to buy gold to escape investors towards it.

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As for investment in currencies, specifically the dollar, although it is the strongest currency in the world, it remains just paper, but because of its strength that stems from being the currency of the United States, the largest country in the world economically and militarily, it is good to save, but when compared with gold or real estate, the dollar should not be chosen, because it remains just a currency that may be subject to major declines.

We can emphasize that gold is the best and safest way to save, at least if not for investment and profit, and although many people do not have the experience to know when to buy and when to sell gold, it is enough for them that gold is a safe haven, while currencies remain just securities, the world is full of political and economic problems, and all of this will support gold in the future.

Gold is one of the safe havens where investment can be invested, and one of the benefits of investing money in gold is that it works to preserve funds from inflationary factors and high prices of other commodities, such as oil, dollar, etc., which are located in other investment methods, and it is considered the most stable investment even if there is a decline in periods of the year in its price will continue to increase in the long term, so investment in gold is considered a safe haven for the owners of capital and the rich to preserve their wealth and the value of their money, and protect them from inflation factors, and protect them from inflation factors. and the volatility of other financial markets.

In order to trade in gold, the investor must first buy gold and then keep it for a period of time and then sell it and earn profits, and to ensure the success of investing your money in gold you must buy gold and keep it for at least two or three years to ensure the success of your investment, the best is to save gold bullion, and can rely on the method of speculation in gold but a portion of the money allocated to the investment.

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Gold can be invested in gold certificates, which are certificates issued by certain entities such as banks, in specific categories, and be an alternative to actual gold, and you can trade daily through these certificates sell or buy without having to buy or store gold, and can be redeemed as gold bullion, as well as buy and sell at a specified price.

The ways and types of trading in gold vary between saving and investment and the stock market, there are a lot of people who want to buy gold by offering savings and saving money, which is considered a very successful investment, but the investor must deal with gold correctly so as not to be exposed to losses.

There are ways to buy gold, such as buying and keeping gold jewelry, either in a safe place, or placing them in deposits and bank vaults, or buying gold bullion and keeping them to save in the previous ways, as well as buying gold certificates or buying paper gold from central banks, which is more secure than buying jewelry, raw gold or bullion, and the investor can subscribe to the etfs traded for gold, or buy rare gold coins and to keep them and sell them at a higher price where they have a high demand.

Every investor who wants to invest in gold must be well aware that the sale price of gold is different from the purchase price, and the reason is the costs of the factory, many people buy gold ornaments in order to keep them to increase their price, but they find that they lost their money despite the high prices of gold, because of the price of manufacturing, when you sell those ornaments deduct the value of ornaments and handicrafts from the price, which may exceed 10% of the price value, so if you want to buy gold for the purpose of saving or investing on you By buying gold bullion, not gold ornaments.

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One of the advantages of investing in gold is that it is a way to maintain the value of savings despite the rise and fall of gold prices from moment to moment because no matter how much there is a drop or fall in the price of gold will rise but it takes time.

As for the investment certificates, although they have a safe and stable annual return, they deprive the owner of the possibility of achieving a higher profit in the event of an increase in the dollar, which has increased by about 30% since the beginning of 2020, and does not protect its owners from the depreciation of the currency in the event of economic turmoil that can affect the purchasing value of the currency.