A review on oldest E-Bank

Electronic banks have become an effective means in payments, withdrawals, transfers and the completion of all financial transactions over the Internet, being characterized by ease and speed and being also better than the traditional banks with all their transactions, and in this article we will talk about the oldest bank in electronic banks and is one of the first banks that appeared on the websites and the number of transactions that are carried out weekly about one million financial transactions due to the quality provided by the bank.

Webmoney Bank:

WebMoney Is one of the most powerful and most used e-banks, with more than 34 million users around the world, and is considered a nationality bank, Web Money Rossi, was established in 1998 and is the second bank known globally for its power and super-protection.

Webmoney Bank features:

More than a wallet to receive and save money such as dollar, ruble and many currencies.

The bank adopts some stores and websites that have a means of payment and purchase.

MasterCard is available for European countries and some other countries. The commission does not exceed 1% of the value in general.

Easy to activate and protect your bank account in a safe manner.

Due to its services and quality to its customers, the Bank has 43 million users worldwide. You can buy Bitcoin through your balance at Webmoney Bank.

Easy to activate your account.

Protect your account from piracy in different ways.

A high degree of security through the dual authentication feature.

WebMoney Bank provides webmoney Visa and MasterCard cards are either plastic or virtual.

Webmoney Webmoney Flaws:

The difficulty of switching currencies within one bank and must be transferred through other banks.

It is not as reliable and secure as russian banks because of its different policy on remittances.

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Webmoney registration steps:

Step 1:
Access the webmoney homepage and then click on the Sign up tab and then enter all the required data from your mobile phone number and personal data correctly and fully.

Step 2:
After entering all your data, wait for the confirmation message for the account creation.

Step 3:
You will then be asked to confirm an SMS to enter the activation code.

Step 4:
Accessing your email to confirm your information will find the activation link in your inbox.

Step 5:
Create a password of at least 8 digits and letters and then choose the wallet and currency type.

Step 6:
Now your webmoney account is ready and you can use it.

Transactions covered by Webmoney Bank:

Supports a lot of online services as well as "master card- prepaid card" accounts and you can also receive your money on the local bank account.

Commission deducted by Webmoney:

In general, you can see deductible rates or fees by going to the Personal page and then choose withdraw, and then you will see a page divided into commissions for operations "Cash - local bank account - master cards - purchase services from shopping sites in general", and those fees for deposits or withdrawals are 0.08% and the maximum withdrawal is $200 for the unactivated account, while for the active account the client can cancel the maximum in financial transactions.

How to pay using webmoney money:

The Bank supports direct payment of many e-commerce or profit-making sites and you often find that for-profit sites put you payment methods including webmoney and all you have to copy your WMID number and adding it to the sites that support this bank.

How to log on to my webmoney webmoney account:

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The bank offers 3 ways to sign in to your account and has a great security structure and controls its management with your personal phone number. The first method is to create an E-NUM, which is the way to sign in with a smartphone via an application for Android, iPhone, wind's iPhone, or other devices. The second way is by putting your email and password. The third way is to make a QR scan using your phone account.

Types of e-banks

Basically, there are 3 types of electronic banks, depending on the type of information or services provided through them:

1. E-Bank:

It is a form of minimal electronic banking activity, and in this type, the bank can provide information about its banking services and various programs.

2. E-Bank:

This type of bank provides various communication services between it and its customers, such as filling out data, filling out requests and forms, updating data and inquiries about accounts.

3. E-Bank Exchange:

The customer can do most of the banking services completely electronically, from managing cash transactions, paying bills and purchasing online.

The advantages of electronic banks

choosing an electronic bank for cash transactions is a smart choice since those banks are able to give their customers many advantages, and can limit those advantages as follows:

1. Save time and effort since banking transactions can be terminated without having to go to the bank and wait for a long time.

2. High level of security and non-theft of cheques, in addition to the speed of transfer of funds to and from distant places.

3. The speed and ease of conducting banking transactions compared to the banks on the ground.

4. Organize payments at installments or agree on a date to send a sum of money at regular or irregular intervals.

5. Not to rely on paperwork completely and replace it, which saves a lot of money on banks for which the customer pays for administrative expenses.

Cons of e-banks

E-banks also have advantages, and they have some disadvantages to pay attention to:

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1. Banks have been subjected to scams since some customers can borrow from banks without adequate guarantees.

2. Easy to fall for some scams due to the ease of forging some types of cards, so you should choose the bank carefully.

3. If the bank is not reliable, some information about the information can be copied if it is compromised.

Some of the names of secured and well-known electronic banks

it is necessary to know which e-banks are safer when choosing one to create an account on it and use it as an alternative bank, only to ensure security and credibility,
Following lytheres there are some names of the world-renowned guaranteed and well-known banks:

1. PayPal

2. Web Mani

3. Kashio

4. Skrill Bank