Indeed, one of the advantages that I feel with BPR Supra's 1 Hour Liquid Credit is the fast processing time, according to the claim that 1 hour of funds is disbursed. As long as all the requirements are in accordance and complete, in fact, in the estimate 1 hour it will run out. In addition, the matter of repayment is also convenient and flexible, where credit at other banks seems to be difficult if you want to pay off more quickly, but at BPR Supra, especially for 1 hour liquid credit products, even if you want to pay off in the second month the loan can and still get discounted interest and without penalty. So for people who need fast money and are just looking for a temporary bailout, BPR Supra's 1 hour liquid credit can be the right solution because you don't have to worry about additional costs and fines if the credit is to be ended sooner.
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For the matter of requirements, the sales invoice for the vehicle obtained from the dealer in my opinion is something that is normal. As far as I know, even in other banks for credit with BPKB guarantees for vehicles, a sales invoice for first-hand motorbikes is also needed, and a seller's ID card for used motorbikes, this is indeed needed to ensure the legality of the vehicle and is a standard requirement according to me. If indeed the motorbike we have is legal, those two things are not something difficult to fulfill. Then for the matter of taking guarantees, how come they can be represented, bro, I've asked about this the last time I had contact with Bank Supra. Collateral collateral does not have to be done by the owner, it can be done by someone else with a power of attorney. Then for license plates I just found out that only plates B, D, F, T, Z can be used as collateral,

For residents of West Java, especially the Sukabumi area, they are certainly no stranger to PT. BPR Supra Artapersada or better known as BPR Supra , because it has been established since 1992 ago. With a good title and ready to serve the public with a variety of products and services, it is fitting that this BPR continues to grow even to the point of having many offices and several ATM machines. One of the services that can be said to grab people's attention is the One Hour Liquid Fast Credit .when it comes to used motorbikes with fictitious data like that, because I'm only a credit user myself. So just judging from my point of view as a user. But if you look at the system in BPR Supra, there is no special person for marketing, I personally submit it directly to CS and it is taken care of by CS. But as far as I know, even if a motorbike is used, at BPKB the name must already be the same as the KTP name of the new owner, aka the name must have changed. So it seems that in my opinion there is almost no chance of using fictitious data.

As for billing, that's right, there is BASTK too. and when the credit agreement has been informed, basically if two months in arrears, the vehicle is ready to be taken without warning. I myself have been late once in installments until 3 weeks, there was absolutely no warning or phone to charge.For sale and purchase receipts it is an OTR update, sir, maybe what you mean to sign is a fiduciary signing and / or a vehicle withdrawal letter, usually the bank or finance party provides a leaflet during the credit agreement in the form of BASTK also sir (vehicle handover report) where this method anticipates the vehicle if customer in default.

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all banks should have different billing rates, there must be a stage starting from DESK Collectio, then Collection late, two months late and so on of course accompanied by 1-3 warnings before making a decision, and it all has to be structured, if this is not run, the financial party will lose if the customer understands the law and complains to the consumer guarantor.
I've been in the credit world for more than 6 years, and ended up in the head of the collection department. So at least give a little picture of the world of billing and credit defects.

it is true physically take the vehicle to be validated along with physical data, but the incidents in the field can be different, in a mokas vehicle loan (used notor) it is known as a second hand vehicle.I used to often meet, the vehicle seemed to have been purchased by someone else, with data for vehicle A but new data from buyer B. can be purchased. This is commonplace, of course with different estimates. If the loan is made by a personal name, 70-80% of the OTR credit can be disbursed. However, if you use the name of the new buyer, it can be a maximum of 50-60% depending on bank policy. As a rule, it is not allowed from banking and it is definitely a riject, but that is usually what happens in the field that is done by sales people or those who want to outsmart, this is just an exchange of more detailed insights, try asking the salesperson, Borrow the name, what does that mean, bro? I don't understand, because if it's based on the BPR Supra Liquid 1 Hour Credit system, it won't be able to use third party data. Because the credit applicant must come directly to the bank and guarantee the BPKB in his own name. Vehicles are also physically checked directly at the bank. So it's impossible to use a third party. Just imagine, when I went to Supra bank I had to bring the original KTP, original KK, spouse ID card, BPKB and original STNK. and all must be my own name, so it's impossible to use a third party. When it comes to work, the same bank is also not too asked. Because if I pay attention, Bank Supra tends to focus on guarantees, even during the credit agreement I signed a statement that I gave the mandate to sell vehicles and sign vehicle sales receipts,

Deficiency :
  • The loan ceiling cannot be large. With a motorbike value of around 15 million in the latest years, I can only cash out a maximum of 5 million, can't be more.
  • Payment can only be via autodebit of the BPR Supra account or via a teller.
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  • If 2 months are in arrears in installments, the bank will take the vehicle.
  • For loans under 10 million, there is only an 18 month tenor option, while for loans under 5 million there is only a 12 month tenor option.

Requirements for withdrawing this credit:
  • ID card
  • Spouse's KTP (if married)
  • vehicle registration
  • BPKB and purchase invoices
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  • Vehicle (car / motorcycle)