Kamen Rider Black (Kstaria Baja Hitam) Review

Kamen Rider Black or better known as Ksatria Baja Hitam is a television series about a super hero (in Japanese called Tokusatsu) which was produced and aired in Japan in 1987-1988. While in Indonesia, this series entered in 1991 and aired until 1994. Ane himself is interested in reviewing Kamen Rider Black because this series is currently re-broadcasting on RTV. The broadcast really makes me feel nostalgic for my childhood which was decorated by the Kamen Rider Black series.

The Kamen Rider Black series consists of 51 episodes starting with the episodes "Black !! Transforms" to "Gorgom's Last Day". Kamen Rider Black tells the story of a student named Kotaro Minami who is kidnapped by Gorgom, a gang of criminals consisting of mutated animals and plants. Together with Kotaro, Nobuhiko Akizuki, Kotaro's adopted brother, was also kidnapped. They are kidnapped to become future kings of the next century on earth. But after Kotaro's body is planted with the king's stone, Kotaro manages to escape before the brainwashing operation along with the combat grasshopper, a half-motorbike half-grasshopper who will later become Kotaro's best friend. In the end, with the power of the king stone obtained from Gorgom, Kotaro instead struggled to exterminate Gorgom.


Kamen Rider Black's story is relatively simple. After Kotaro Minami escaped from Gorgom, he now has the responsibility to defeat the Gorgom monsters. Each monster has a different skill and appearance. In each episode, we will be shown the opening and closing flow with the climax of the battle that was won by Kotaro. The pattern is like this from start to finish. A somewhat different episode when Kamen Rider Black had to deal with Shadow Moon who was Kotaro's adopted brother named Nobuhiko Akizuki. The battle against Shadow Moon doesn't end in one episode.

Key Casts:
  • Kotaro Minami (Kamen Rider Black): Tetsuo Kurata
  • Baraom (Gorgom): Toshimichi Takahashi
  • Darom (Gorgom): Shozo Iizuka
  • Bishum (Gorgom): Hitomi Yoshii
  • Nobohiko: Takahito Horiuchi
  • Kyoko: Akemi Inoue
  • Katsumi: Ayumi Taguchi
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For old school films, the effect of kamen rider fighting against monsters is quite good. Especially when Kotaro issued a death kick and death blow which became his mainstay attack. As soon as he was about to cast this move, his body parts would smoke. Then he will jump and land his attack on his enemy. Then bomb! an explosion appeared and the monsters died. I think this kind of explosive effect is what makes old kamen riders cool. If now you mostly use CGI effects and make the enemy's death less satisfying.

Black Steel Knight Vehicle

One of the characteristics of Ksatria Baja Hitam or Kamen Rider Black is the vehicle. Kotaro Minami used to summon his own self-driving vehicle when needed. One of them is known as the Combat Grasshopper.
But actually there is an official name. Here are 5 kinds of Kotaro motorbikes from Kamen Rider Black to Black RX!

1. Battle Hopper
Kotaro Minami's first motorbike as Kamen Rider Black was the Battle Hopper which we also know as "Combat Grasshopper" in the Indonesian version!

This Battle Hopper was originally created by Gorgom, Kotaro Minami's main enemy. Apart from being able to be ridden, Battle Hopper has the ability to recover if affected by an attack.

Unfortunately at the end of the Kamen Rider Black series, Battle Hopper crashed himself and "died" to defeat Shadow Moon!

This Battle Hopper base model is the Suzuki RA125.
2. Road Sector
The Road Sector is the second motorbike used by Kotaro Minami in the Kamen Rider Black series.

Road Sector has a special ability called Attack Shield which can protect the rider from any attack. In this Attack Shield mode, Road Sector is able to release its flagship move: Sparkling Attack!

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After the fight against Gorgom ended, Kotaro Minami returned Road Sector to Akira Daimon, the son of the creator of Road Sector.

The basis for the Road Sector model is the Suzuki GSX-R400
3. Acrobatter
Although shown dead at the end of the Kamen Rider Black series, Battle Hopper can still be resurrected !. Like Kotaro Minami whose power turned into Kamen Rider Black RX, Battle Hopper also changed and changed its name to Acrobatter.

This Acrobatter has the ability to communicate with Kotaro Minami. In addition, if Kamen Rider Black RX changes form to two other forms, Acrobatter can also change form to match the rider!

For the Acrobatter, Toei uses the Suzuki RH250 as the model.
4. Roboizer
Kotaro Minami's next motorbike is the Roboizer, an Acrobatter form when Kamen Rider Black RX turns into a Roborider!. This roboizer has its own weapon, namely two shooting machines located at the back of the motorbike.

Somewhat different from Kotaro Minami who slowed down when he became a Roborider, Acrobatter's speed actually increased after changing into a Roboizer.

The Roboizer itself uses the Suzuki RH250 as the base model, just like the Acrobatter because they are basically the same motorbike.
5. Macjabber
When Kotaro Minami turned into Biorider, Acrobatter also transformed into Macjabber!

Macjabber is the late form of Acrobatter, but this form is the most suitable form for Biorider.

Like the other two forms, Macjabber also uses the base model Suzuki RH250.

Kamen Rider Black's advantages:
  • Simple story line. While there is a story about the king of this century, or Gorgom, that young children may not understand, the plot is simple. Anyway, the Black Steel Knight, Gorgom is the villain. Easy for small children to digest.
  • Kamen Rider Black is one of the first super hero series to enter private TV. So this series is very memorable in the memory of the audience.
  • The scenes of violence are natural. Not too sadistic and still relatively safe for young children to witness.
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  • The fighting effect in the Kamen Rider Black movie is pretty good. Moreover, there is always an explosion scene every time the monster is defeated.

Weaknesses of Kamen Rider Black:
  • There are many things that don't make sense, for example the locust motorbike fighting on its own, but naturally, the name is also a super hero film.
  • The effects used in this film are definitely outdated when we compare them to the effects that exist today. Sometimes when I see the monsters, it's obvious that it's a rubber costume.
  • The plot of the story is quite monotonous.

Overall the film Kamen Rider Black is pretty good for an older film. The effect of the explosion and fighting is the main feature in the climax scene. The plot is monotonous, and there are not many surprises. But according to the target audience, the majority of whom are teenagers and children.