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Thread: Review about Oppo 10x Zoom

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    Default Review about Oppo 10x Zoom

    Review about Oppo 10x Zoom

    Meet us on Oppo 10 x zoom, one of the best smartphones from the company according to many experts.
    Oppo Chinese company is distinguished by its marketing vision to offer the best smartphones of various price categories at competitive prices par excellence.

    Launched in mid-2019, Oppo 10x Zoom features superior overall performance and superior camera system.
    It is equipped with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal storage with a high-end Qualcomm main processor and graphics processor. It is one of the phones that has competed strongly for the category of the best premium first-class smartphone and many experts have praised its strong performance.
    It is not the latest smartphone from Oppo, after which it launched its reno3 Pro smartphone, which is superior in its camera system than this version, not in performance.

    Here's everything you might want to know about China's best Oppo premium smartphone yet the amazing Oppo 10x Zoom.

    Features and pros of Oppo 10 x zoom

    Oppo 10 x zoom very creative design
    Two cool colors and a matte finish of Corning Gorilla Glass 6
    Oppo 10x Zoom smartphone with a weight of 215 grams and a thickness of 9.3 mm and two amazing colors that ripple in the light: jet black, and Ocean Green.
    It is one of the most beautiful smartphones of the first category in terms of creativity, with a full-frame panoramic display and a front camera that pops up.
    The screen has no front camera hole and up to 93.1% of the phone's entire body area.
    Oppo claims to provide a smart solution for a full screen of creativity while maintaining the durability and power of the screen and a professional shooting experience.
    The screen is topped by a Corning Gorilla Glass 6 protective coating and is the strongest ever - anti-scratch and anti-smudge.
    The back of the phone is float glass with a protective layer of Corning Gorilla Glass 5 and the middle frame is aluminum.
    The rear camera system does not pop out of the back of the phone but all the lenses and the entire system is hidden under the glass-the back is completely flat.

    Oppo 10 x zoom smartphone-performance praised by experts and competitive specifications
    Very strong performance
    Octa-core processor Qualcomm SM8150 Snapdragon 855, 7 nm, with a frequency of 1.78 GHz up to 2.84 when Enhanced.
    Qualcomm's Adreno 640 graphics processor handles surprisingly 45% more graphics efficiently with less power consumption.
    Qualcomm's processing system provides you with the overwhelming speed required for perfect performance thanks to the integrated fourth-generation AI engine.
    8GB LPDDR4x RAM improves the phone's performance along with a massive 256GB UFS2.1 storage capacity.
    The capacity is very ideal for downloading games and for professional photography, video recording and storing them in your phone.
    Larger RAM improves the performance of the phone more to perform tasks smoothly and smoothly.

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    Android OS 10 and ColorOS 7 user interface (Android 9 and ColorOS at launch)
    Oppo 10 x zoom is equipped with the latest operating system from Google with a user interface that is also the latest from Oppo.
    The user interface makes phone control and app management more streamlined, with many amazing features and important functions available.
    For example: Dark Night mode combined with Eye Care Mode to keep your eyes healthy and save 38% of battery power.
    The latest operating system supports intelligent gaming assistant, general Intelligent Assistant, many phone usage modes, and dual-band WiFi!
    You can also create 5 Multi-User Mode on Oppo to manage and organize accounts thanks to the huge ROM capacity.
    Many wallpapers designed by the finest artist Wallpapers about nature, engineering, life and art are available for you to upgrade your phone's interface.

    Great audio experience
    Stereo speakers support DOLBY ATMOS and Hi-Res technology to enjoy rich sound and perfect surround sound.
    Also equipped with three microphones equipped with noise reduction.

    Super cooling system cools the phone 13% more
    The cooling system cools the phone very efficiently thanks to three cooling technologies that work together: Cooling Gel, three layers of triple Graphite Layering and Copper Pipes.
    The phone will not overheat in your hands when playing or in continuous use, and it cools itself efficiently.

    Oppo 10 x zoom smartphone-amazing battery capacity and fast charging
    Battery capacity Great
    Oppo 10x Zoom smartphone battery is a 4065mah lithium polymer battery, rechargeable and non-removable.
    This huge capacity is enough for a full day of continuous use, play, watch, communicate and more.
    The AI Ice Box in Oppo 10x zoom automatically stops apps you haven't used for a while to reduce battery consumption.

    Quick wired charging feature
    Oppo 10x zoom supports 20W fast wired battery charging thanks to VOOC Flash Charge 3.0 technology.
    You can charge the phone while you play as well without worrying about the hottest phone as it is designed to dissipate heat efficiently.

    Oppo 10 x zoom-exceptional panoramic display
    AMOLED display with rounded edges consumes less battery power %8
    Smartphone Oppo Oppo 10x Zoom is equipped with a Touchscreen Multi-Touch size of 6.6 inch, ultra-responsive, accurately fixed 1080×2340, the pixel density of up to 387 pixels per inch.
    The display supports amazing DCI-P3 technology that increases the richness of colors and displays up to 16.7 million colors.
    It is protected by a layer of Corning Gorilla Glass 6, the strongest and most durable ever, anti-smudge and scratch.
    The display supports up to 56% blue light emission reduction thanks to the built-in eye protection filter when eye Protection is on. The display is also equipped with a built-in fingerprint scanner with great response capability.

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    It is one of the most innovative screens with a full viewing experience, up to 93.1% body size.

    Oppo 10 x zoom-great camera system for professional shooting and super night shooting with noise cancellation
    Oppo 10 x zoom rear camera
    Oppo 10x Zoom smartphone is equipped with an amazing triple rear camera, for professional shooting and 4K video recording, with dual LED flash.

    Ultra-Clear wide main camera
    A 48-megapixel six-element camera, with a 26-millimeter f/1.7 aperture, with a 1/2-inch Sony IMX 586 sensor, with a pixel size of 0.8 m.
    It supports autofocus and dual optical stabilization of OIS images, Auto HDR shooting and panoramic shooting.
    The camera supports ultra-high resolution night shooting when using Ultra Night Mode 2.0 to take photos in the dark.
    The camera can take pictures in environments with low light level thanks to triple autofocus technology: LDAF, PDAF and CDAF.
    You can take very professional portraits using OPPO Artistic Portrait mode.

    Periscope Telephoto zoom camera
    13MP camera, with 130mm F/3 aperture, with 0.8 micrometer pixel size, supports auto focus and optical image stability.
    It also supports optical zoom up to ×5, supports Hybrid (optical+digital) zoom up to ×10.
    Featuring an exceptional lens system par excellence that combines Periscope and D-cut lenses.

    Ultrawide movie camera
    8MP camera, 16mm f/2.2 aperture and 1/4 inch sensor with 120 degree viewing angle, with 0.8 m pixel size.

    Video recording with cinematic quality
    You can record extremely stable video (Gyro-EIS) in 4K at 30/60 fps, FHD at 30/60 fps, or HD at 30/60 fps.
    You can also record slow Motion video in FHD resolution at 240 frames per second.
    Video recording supports zooming/rounding, numerous AI Beauty Video technologies for optimization and beautification.

    Oppo 10x zoom selfie camera pops out of the screen
    Oppo 10 x zoom selfie camera (Wide)
    Five-element, emanating from the screen at 0.8 seconds, it is 16 megapixels with a 26-millimeter f/2 aperture, with a 1/3.1-inch sensor, with a pixel size of 1 micrometer.
    It automatically captures HDR images, equipped with enhanced autofocus technology, and records FHD video at 30 frames per second.

    Cons of Oppo 10 x zoom

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    Not equipped with a 3.5 mm headphone jack.
    Does not support wireless charging.
    Camera selfie does not support 4K video recording.

    Oppo 10 x zoom is Oppo's best-performing premium smartphone to date.
    10x zoom delivers incredible performance with a triple camera system with amazing technologies for ultra-high resolution photo capture, 4K video recording, high resolution night photography and numerous AI technologies that elevate photography to make it professional.
    Although the Oppo 10x Zoom smartphone is equipped with a great camera system, it does not outperform the Oppo reno3 Pro, but in overall performance.

    It is equipped with a very powerful main processor along with a generation Qualcomm graphics processor, as well as an AI engine that improves processing performance by 45%.
    Its pure panoramic AMOLED display has no camera holes, and even the selfie camera pops out of the top frame for a charming smartphone design.
    Supports 20W fast charging thanks to Oppo'S VOOC 3.0 technology, and is equipped with a super cooling system that quickly cools the phone and lets you play while charging.
    It is an amazing phone, versatile, you can give you a great gaming experience thanks to its tire enhancement systems and intelligent energy consumption.

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    Advantages and disadvantages of Oppo Reno 10x

    The Oppo Reno 10x smartphone is one of the smartphones that focuses on the idea of photography and distinguishes cameras in the first place. This idea that Oppo has followed since its inception and works all the time to consolidate this idea among its users by raising slogans such as (best selfie), selfie experts and other logos, but on the other hand it seems that the Oppo Reno 10x smartphone is trying to play on the idea of excellence in terms of the zoom that comes This is a point played by Huawei through its smartphone, which was recently introduced Huawei P30 Pro, which was able to achieve great proportions of success as a result of the professional camera provided by the phone and able to provide a very large zoom rate that made a large segment of users accept to buy the phone in order to enjoy the features that come with.

    Technical specifications of the Oppo Reno 10x smartphone

    In terms of design, the phone comes with a modern, modern and streamlined design, where the screen occupies most of the front area of the phone except for a very simple area of edges while the camera of the phone comes out of the side space of it, which saves the space of the phone from the front of the screen without The phone comes with a built-in fingerprint on the front screen and the rear cameras settle in the back area of the phone over a smooth bar that marks the phone from the back.
    The phone supports the operation of third and fourth generation mobile networks and supports the operation of two mobile SIM cards, which helps to separate the personal and practical life of users in addition to the ability to benefit from the offers of mobile phone companies
    Screen full screen with no slit or hole diameter 6.6 inches at a rate of 19: 5: 9 occupies about 86.8 percent of the phone's front area display resolution: 2340 x 1080 pixels with a density of 387 pixels per inch and comes with DCI-P3 technology with 100 percent full coverage plus Corning Gorilla Glass protection
    Phone processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 octa-core processor at 2.84 GHz for one chip, 2.42 GHz for three chipsets, 1.8 GHz for four chipsets, Kryo 485 chipsets and Adreno 640 graphics processor
    The phone comes with a version with 6 GB RAM with 128 GB internal memory version with 6 GB RAM with 256 GB internal memory-version with 8 GB RAM with 256 GB internal memory and non-removable 256 GB internal memory via the second SIM card port
    The phone comes with Android 9 Bay operating system, which is the latest operating system from Google Android and also comes with the user interface: ColorOS 6

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    Rear camera: 48MP triple lens f/1.7 sensor aperture for first lens, 13MP f / 3.0 sensor aperture for 5x Periscope telephoto lens, 8MP f / 2.2 sensor aperture for third ultra-wide lens
    Rear camera technologies: PDAF autofocus (for first and second lenses) - laser autofocus (for first and second lenses) - optical image stabilizer for first and second lenses) - HDR technology panorama mode
    Rear camera video shooting quality: 2160p quality at 30/60 fps 1080p quality at 30/60/240 fps (video shooting supported by rotational electronic image stabilizer)
    Rear camera flash lighting: dual LED
    Front camera: 16MP automatic pop-up with f/2.0 sensor aperture for wide-angle lens
    Front camera technologies: HDR technology
    Front camera video shooting quality: 1080p quality at 30 frames per second
    The phone comes with accelerometer rotation convergence compass sensors
    The phone does not support 3.5 mm speaker connection but comes with a speaker and USB Type-C port
    The 4065 mAh non-removable battery supports 70 percent fast charging in 30 minutes, 15W fast charging technology and wired reverse charging technology

    Oppo Reno 10x smartphone features

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    The modern and modern design of the phone is one of the most important features that comes with the phone, which makes many users want to have it
    The phone supports playback of mobile networks of the third and fourth generation and supports the operation of two mobile phones is what helps the separation between work and personal life of users in addition to to take advantage shows companies of mobile phones the disadvantages of the phone
    The front and rear camera system that comes with the phone is very special. The phone can deliver great quality and efficiency in shooting both still images and videos
    The phone screen is perfect for fans of playing electronic games and fans of watching YouTube videos
    The phone processor offers a very distinct performance compared to other technical specifications that comes with the phone where the processor can provide all the important and basic features needed by the user in the phone
    Provide the phone display a high level of ability to work under direct sunlight properly and
    The phone receives radio waves, which is an extra feature for fans of listening to favorite radio stations without going online
    The sound system in the phone is powerful and offers high sound quality admiring fans of listening to music and songs or watching video clips through the smartphone
    The built-in fingerprint sensor is one of the features that comes with the phone
    Support phone battery for fast charging depends of the phone where users of smartphones capable of charging a large part of their energy during a relatively short time
    Disadvantages of the Oppo Reno 10x smartphone

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    The phone's price is considered high compared to the rest of the smart phones that come at the same price and with the same technical specifications or the specification is close
    Doesn't support phone connect the headphones through the 3.5 mm it is difficult to connect external speakers, make phone calls or listen to songs and music over the phone
    The phone battery is not removable what the user has to go to the support and maintenance centers in case of wanting to change the battery in case of damage or stop working

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