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Thread: Feedback on Network Marketing NL Internationa

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    Default Feedback on Network Marketing NL Internationa

    - exists for a long time;
    - there is a cashback that can be spent on a product;
    - a large selection of goods;

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    - to make good money, you need to invest well;
    - the goods are expensive, but not the best in quality.
    The catalog is large and varied. The entrance at that time cost about 8 thousand rubles, it was necessary to buy goods for this amount. A guy helped me with the money, he actually continued to pay for my purchases in this company, since each employee had to fulfill an individual plan per month at least 8 thousand. Something from my work colleagues ordered from the catalog. Cocktails, perfumes and beauty products were especially in demand. Every month, cashback in the amount of 1,000 rubles was returned to the account balance, which could be spent on goods, but this money was not included in the minimum monthly plan of 8,000 rubles. And it was impossible to remove them on the map. If it was possible to place larger orders, or to buy products for oneself, then a small percentage appeared, which was subsequently considered a salary.
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    I remember before the new year I had the largest order, in the region of 26 thousand rubles. Then, again, colleagues and friends ordered a lot of products and I received a cashback in the amount of 5,000 rubles to be withdrawn, which could be immediately withdrawn to the card and 3,000 rubles, which could later be spent on goods. This was my biggest income in this company. I will also say about the quality of goods. I like cosmetics from other well-known brands, which differ little in quality from NL International products, but at the same time the cost of those brands is much lower. And the products are exactly the same. Why would I buy flower tea for 500 rubles if I can buy a similar one for 300 rubles in a store. In my memory, the marmalade of this company was deposited at a cost of about 400 rubles per pack weighing 150 grams. Very smart price.

    I am familiar with the network company NL International quite well, namely with one line of their products called Energy Diet - this is the type of food that helps to lose weight, feel a surge of energy, keep yourself in good shape, and so on. It just so happened that in life I move with sports, and where there is sports, there is proper nutrition. Accordingly, my comrades and I are constantly discussing certain trends in this direction, we communicate on these topics in social networks and forums. So we once caught the eye of Nl International with its Energy Diet, which was represented by various cocktails, soups, muesli. We immediately got acquainted with the composition, there, in principle, nothing special was found, in the same muesli - standard oatmeal with a small addition of jelly and a vitamin-mineral complex, there is nothing harmful, on the contrary, the product is obvious, which is useful. But here one huge "BUT" immediately arose: the price for 630 grams of such oatmeal is more than 2200 rubles; soy protein cocktail (the cheapest one on the market) - 2,100 rubles per 450 grams. That is, do you understand how overpriced the price is? It is overestimated not 2, not 3, but more than 5-6 times, or even more. Notably, we then laughed at these businessmen, but in fact it's not funny, because after making even more inquiries, I found that this product is in demand, not among athletes, of course, but naive people who dream of finding a magic pill that will help them to become slim. And so, wandering around the Internet, they go to NL International and their followers, who sell their food to them. I myself even had a chance to chat with one of them on VK: I asked him what caused such a high price for products that seemed to stand out from the general mass, to which the person rushed to tell me about what wonderful products they were, what their highest quality and efficiency were. All this, of course, looked very convincing, the languages ​​of their representatives are well suspended (and how could it be otherwise when you need to sell a product several times more expensive than its real cost?), So if you weren't in the subject, I could have believed it.
    Do you know what is the most interesting? This is that the Internet is full of positive reviews for these products, as if they really helped to lose weight. How could it be otherwise? A 450 gram cocktail package is, as it says on it, 15 portions of 30 grams. Eat one serving instead of one meal. That is, you understand, right? 30 grams of a cocktail instead of a full meal, of course, a person will lose weight, because he will have a calorie deficit. With the same success, you can eat a small portion of buckwheat porridge with a slice of chicken, and you will also lose weight, but it will not hit your pocket so hard. And what about the fact that the description on the site says that this cocktail also helps to gain weight in case of its lack - this is generally without comments, I would like to see how many cans of this soy protein you need to pour into yourself per day in order to gain something ...

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    After that, I ran across NL International several times on the Internet, talked with their representatives, read about them and became more and more convinced that this was an ordinary network pyramid, and the same communication with representatives was even more like communication with sectarians who by any available means are trying shove you some of their products. This is understandable, they have some kind of system of internal hierarchy, and in order to advance, it is necessary to raise the volume of the product being cooked.

    So, in the end, I can say that I do not recommend contacting NL International either as a buyer or as a person who wants to get some kind of income in this place. The former will save a lot of money, and the latter will save their conscience, because the pennies that you earn there (namely, the pennies are earned by ordinary NL employees - the words of the person who threw this business), the deceitful chatter that you have to carry to your customers in order to justify the highest cost of production.

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    I saw the catalog and really liked it for its design. It is very bright and very pleasant to read. I also tried some of their products (marmalade and dietary supplements), they were good enough.
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