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Thread: A review on Huawei Watch Fit

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    Default A review on Huawei Watch Fit

    the design:-
    The thing I liked most about this watch is its weight. Its weight is light in the hands of 21 grams. It does not bother you wearing it all day long, literally about experimenting with many other watches. You will feel that its weight is going more because it is not a watch .. but it is a watch that is not a band.

    In 3 colors for the strap, the watch is made of comfortable silicone material in hand, but it is not premium or straightforwardly. The important thing is that it comes in 3 colors, namely black, green, and pink.

    And the light green I like very much and crouching like that and more elegant as a sports watch. Of course, the watch is water-resistant to a depth of 50 meters. There is no concession in this case.

    the screen:-
    The watch screen shows you a small one, but it is mostly about the size of watch screens. Its size is 1.64 inches of AMOLED type .. and the pixel density is 326 pixels per inch, and the screen from the top has a slight bend from the edges to make my hands streamlined.

    My only comment on the screen is that there is no need to protect it. It is the one that will take the whole bump if you get floundered ... but it is real.

    The screen is slightly rectangular ... and this is the apparent difference from the design of the Apple Watch and Oppo Watch, which we returned soon. Simultaneously, the rectangular screen is not strange and logical in shape, and the screen's width is not large or so because there is no problem in use.

    Of course, because of the AMOLED watch screen, its brightness is excellent in the sunlight. You are not worried about this sharpness.

    The software remains; if you pulled from the top, the quick menu would show you. If you pull from the bottom, notifications will appear .. you will see any regular notices, even if you have a call or any need .. but you will not be able to come back from the watch because there is no microphone or speaker.

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    Swiping right and left shows your favorite widgets that are often health-related needs, such as a heartbeat, and what you walked today, such as the number of steps, time, distance, and all of that speech.

    The clock has one button, but it will activate the complete list of every need in it on the right. Of course, the watch has a locked system. It will not be useful to have the remaining programs and this speech.

    You can easily link the watch to the mobile through the Huawei Health app, which is easy to use on any regular phone from all the mobile companies, not just Huawei.

    The connection is effortless, and if you want to connect it to another mobile other than your leading mobile, you can easily click it without doing the Reset. The connection is effortless, as the band. It is not complicated like a complex smartwatch.

    We go back to the watch again ... and see the Watch Face, and frankly, I like the default for the watch, which changes its colors every little bit ... and in other sweet shapes.

    The Always On Display makes the watch prefer light; the available shapes are fewer and not very nice. At the same time, I advise you not to turn it on because you will lose the half of the battery time that is already rigid or the sweetest thing in this watch.

    The watch can make your phone ring so that if it is lost .. you can set the alarm .. you can take a picture with the mobile phone camera by pressing the watch .. you can control the degree of the vibration, make it strong or light, or completely prevent it .. you can control the songs played on the mobile Through the watch .. all have very nice needs.

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    Sports system: -
    Come on, let's talk about the most important aspect of this watch, which is given the name Fit .. which is the sports system in it.

    The watch here has a heartbeat measurement, and it is preferred to continue as long as you wear it in order to be assured of yourself, and it remains in a diagram for the whole day in which the pulse is drawn throughout the day. It measures the percentage of oxygen in the blood in seconds. It contains GPS. It contains an acceleration sensor and a gyroscope.

    The important thing .. the time here has 44 real exercises. You will meet a coach who will show you the watch and tell you the movement and its time, and you are supposed to move the Calories with them.

    Of course, all exercises are very nice, and from the first beginners to the professionals, you can start with them at home, for example, and maintain your health a little .. Sure, you have a half-hour hour a day, so you will play a sport without remaining open to YouTube and prefer to be locked to the mobile screen or the computer. Frankly, Option is very rigid.

    And if you are a man going to the gym. You can start the watch on the Ors Workout mode .. it measures you by time and the number of your heartbeats, calculated by approximation, to burn the cam Calory. Every 10 minutes, you will get the Notification on the watch with a very slight vibration .. so that you will not get lost in the exercise.

    This is in addition to the fact that through your heartbeat, it keeps you at the stage ... the heating stage, no simple fat burning, nor Aerobics, you are like that with a rigid burn. At the same time, if your pulse exceeds what makes sense in sports training, you will receive an alert telling you a little wind.

    Of course, in other training systems, a lot of people can track you down on a treadmill or free jogging and a freewheel or a gym wheel and swimming and many other things. If you play any sport .. this time will appeal to you and cheer you up a lot.

    Of course, the watch measures your sleep and measures the level of tension in your body. I am real. I don't know how to measure them based on what and what you can benefit from them .. so I don't know how you will benefit from my experience for them.

    the battery:-
    This experience is all left. Imagine if your battery is good. The Huawei Watch Fit lasted a whole week with me; I don't pull it off almost very, very good time .. this is my use .. you can stay with you more.

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    And the idea is not in that too .. the watch is charging in half an hour, but completely. I mean, it charges quickly.

    But it is necessary to charge it with the magnetic charging compass that comes with it .. frankly it is light and small, or you can leave it with you anywhere, even if you are traveling..but keep in mind that you will be lost.

    Final opinion: -
    On the other hand, the watch is light and chic, its battery is very strong, its screen is sweet, and it offers you the main features that you can take from any smartwatch, free from the complications, features, and needs that can be used.

    At the same time, the smart sports assistant in it will help you a lot if you start and maintain a sport easily.

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    Huawei continues its journey, offering consumers more devices at an ideal price / quality ratio. The Huawei Watch Fit smartwatch is no exception. You can't tell right away that this is a bracelet with maximum speed or a bold copy of the Apple Watch. When you get to know the gadget better, things become clear. I have been using the Huawei Watch Fit for over a month and I can say that for its attractive price tag it is a product worth paying attention to. Today I will tell you more about it, identifying clear cons and pros.

    Appearance and material
    The Huawei Watch Fit is very similar to an apple watch. No, this is not an imitation, because the body here is slightly elongated and slightly curved. There is no aluminum here: the plastic edging neatly repeats the steel surface, which is visible not only by the light gray color, but also by the tactile sensation.

    This watch comes in "Graphite Black", "Pink Sakura" and "Mint Green" designs. I have the last option on my review. The black version has dark gray edges. The main color is highlighted on the strap. It is made of silicon. The strap turns out to be elastic and most importantly, quite comfortable and soft to the touch. My skin is very happy with this material, because over time it doesn't cause irritation. Some of my colleagues have noted that it is very stiff, although in practice it depends on how tightly you tighten it in your hand.

    The straps can be attached to the hands of large men and in the hands of women. I would not be surprised if this watch was suitable even for children. For the black and light green versions, the complete strap is 13-21 cm long, and for the pink version - 11-19.

    The screen is protected by 2.5D glass with a good oleophobic coating. Fingers slide smoothly for a very enjoyable experience. The body is slightly curved, so there is no way flat glass. A month after starting the operation, I did not find a single small scratch on the screen. The inside of the Huawei Watch Fit is a black plastic surface with two sensors and magnetic charging contacts. There is a mechanical button on the right side. It is a little tight and sometimes requires a complete squeeze. Sometimes you have to bother looking for the button. To be honest, doing it while on the go was not very comfortable.

    The hole for the microphone is located directly above the button. It's useless, because it's only used to call the voice assistant, which of course isn't available in some countries. The watch itself is protected from water and dust. They can withstand water pressure up to 5 ATM, i.e. you can immerse yourself in water up to a depth of 50 meters. I calmly took a shower with them, and flying into the pool with the watch was no problem.

    The diagonal screen is 1.64 inches with a resolution of 456 × 280 pixels. The pixel density is impressive - 326 ppi, which makes it very difficult to see each pixel.

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    Since it is AMOLED, there is no need to doubt the hue saturation. Deep blacks prevail here, as well as a decent contrast. The screen brightness, which is around 600 nits, is enough to make it easier for you to view information in sunlight. There are only five brightness adjustment bars, but I prefer to use the auto-adjustment function. However, if you suddenly wake up at night, you don't have to worry - your eyes will be fine, as the device adjusts the brightness to the minimum beforehand.

    Always On Display technology is present, but it can work for no more than 20 minutes. There is a definition of such a limitation, because it has a positive impact on autonomy. During this time, however, you can have time to raise your wrist a few times to activate the screen.

    Synchronization with a smartphone
    To use the watch, you need to install the proprietary application "Health". It is available for free download on iOS and Android. Synchronization is done via Bluetooth 5.0.

    Throughout the operating period, I have questions about a stable connection with a smartphone. It's no surprise that Android phones often lose contact with one or more other smartwatches. There are even threads discussing this on the Internet. But here you have to open the app at least a few times a day to restore connection and download the latest information such as weather forecasts and notifications.

    However, because of this, I may have missed an important message. When my colleagues get new smartwatches, sometimes they also report problems with permanent connection. It's sad, even with the same Huawei Watch GT 2, everything is fine for me.

    As soon as I exit the proprietary app, the Huawei Watch Fit might tell you to check the Bluetooth connection. And this happens even when the program is forced to work in the background. I've been trying to find the cause of this problem for a year now. I have a flagship Android smartphone, and if that's just a problem with it, then all the watches I know work strangely equally.

    Unfortunately, you cannot respond to notifications directly from the clock. I don't know why Huawei doesn't want to use any swipe capable keyboard here. Nothing can be said about the voice answer, even though there is a microphone. Interestingly, you also can't upload any files or music here, like listening to any ringtones that can be used for alarms. But the watch is capable of controlling the music playing on the smartphone and even provides the ability to press the shutter button remotely to take a photo via an open camera app.

    The interaction experience is almost no different from other Huawei smartwatches. However, the familiar interface was surprisingly slow and not very responsive.

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    I wanted to watch agile animations during transitions, as well as scroll through menus more smoothly. In general, the system didn't slow down too much and I didn't see any obvious wall posts. But on the hardware side, I can note good vibrations, the presence of an accelerometer, gyroscope, optical heart rate monitor, and the absence of an NFC module. The Health app lets you see in detail the results of monitoring your heart rate, sleep, calories burned, steps and weight. Unlike the Android version, on iOS, this program doesn't help improve the list of apps that should send notifications. There is also no button selection and music controls.

    Among other things, you can view stress metrics with the Huawei Watch Fit. A separate section is devoted to this, both in the app and in the watch itself. The chip makes me happy, because sometimes it even helps, because I know when I have to sit down and exhale a little. The watch immediately allows you to activate the "Breathing exercise" mode, with which the company assures you, you can be aware. Minute sessions can really produce positive results. The all-time heart rate measurement technology called TruSeen 4.0 is good here too. With this watch, the manufacturer has significantly improved the quality of the measurements.

    No problem with sleep tracking. Deep, light and REM sleep, number of awakening and quality of breathing - for each of these points the application determines whether sleep is according to normal values. If during the day I decide to lie down for a few hours, then the watch understands this and records the daytime naps with a few errors. If I sleep more than two hours during the day, the program warns me that it's not very good. The oxygen saturation of SpO2 is measured in real time. This technology is gaining its relevance and it's really cool to come to the Huawei Watch Fit.

    The Huawei Watch Fit is the company's first gadget to feature an animated workout. When I select a certain activity on the watch, it shows the model of a coach, with whom it is easier to play sports.

    The animation trainer shows you how to do the exercises correctly. Even though the screen size is small, it looks amazing. The watch is able to measure data from about 100 programs of various exercises with different difficulty levels. The list is quite extensive and includes ball games, belly dancing, yoga, and extreme sports. Of course, if the user sits for a long time, then every 60 minutes a reminder appears that it's time to move.

    In fact, apart from exercises aimed at pumping up various muscle groups, there are also simple exercises that users can use to warm up after sitting in the office. And, of course, you can't do without jogging. Like the flagship Huawei Watch GT 2, the built-in GPS works fine. The application displays complete information with the ability to select a running training plan: for 5 and 10 km, as well as half marathons.

    The watch is charged using a USB cable, which is equipped with a special magnetic holder. The battery will be charged 50% in 20 minutes, and to 100% in about 45 minutes. One of the significant advantages of this device is its autonomy. As Huawei believes, they can work for up to 10 days. Really. If you don't use GPS and the Always On Display function, the Huawei Watch Fit lasts almost a week.

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    But excluding work with training, as well as turning off constant monitoring of data such as heart rate and stress levels, allowed the watch to run for about 10 days. True, the gadget will be able to be active for no more than 3 days, taking into account the included Always On Display, constant measurement of pulse and stress levels, as well as daily work with training. This is also an excellent indicator, despite the fact that the screen brightness has been at its maximum level all this time. In comparison, the regular 5th generation Apple Watch can last a maximum of two days.

    Advantages Huawei Watch Fit
    • Design, fits right in the hand.
    • Many functions.
    • There is a measurement of the level of oxygen in the blood.
    • Video trainer
    Disadvantages Huawei Watch Fit
    • limited functionality of LiteOS,
    • no way to sync data with most of the third party sports apps,
    • the vibration motor is very annoying

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