Review about Apple HomePod

Apple was founded on April 1, 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne, and was listed on January 3, 1977 as Apple Computer Corporation, but the word computer was removed from the company's name on January 9, 2007, after the introduction of the iPhone, the first in its series of smartphones, reflecting the company's focus on consumer electronics

With respect to the first product produced by Apple is the Apple I, a computer handmade community made it Steve Wozniak, but it was lacking a graphical user interface GUI, and requires the buyer to add the panel open screen work, has been offered this product for sale by Wozniak, in 1976, was announced in the club "home brew computer" and sold at a price of 666.66 dollars

Meet one of the best speakers of all time, the most famous smart speaker from Apple.
It's a Bluetooth and WiFi smart speaker that delivers super performance with immersive sounds, a premium listening experience and state-of-the-art technology.
The Apple HomePod smart speaker is one of the latest in the world of speakers, and was launched in February 2018.
The Apple smart speaker supports WiFi connectivity which is an amazing feature given that the home iPod speaker is a home device par excellence.
It is perfect to be part of a smart home system for Apple fans it supports the Siri smart assistant and can provide an immersive audio experience.
Siri voice assistant lets you control all Apple smart devices in your home thanks to 6 built-in microphones that capture your voice.

The Apple Home iPod speaker adapts to room size and delivers immersive 360-degree sounds thanks to its seven built-in speakers.
Its outstanding performance is thanks to its mind-blowing A8 chip, the best ever in a speaker and Apple's cutting-edge technology.

Here's everything you need to know about speaker Apple Home iPod features amazing make him one of the best portable speakers ever!

Pros of the Apple Home iPod speaker

Amazing and fashionable design

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The Apple HomePod speaker is amazingly cylindrical in shape, with a distinctive modern design, topped by a space gray or white mesh texture.
It weighs 2.5 kg, with a height of 6.5 inches and a width of 5.6 inches, and was designed to be part of the home decor.
At the top of the Apple Home iPod speaker is a small touch screen equipped with LED lights that act as indicators when you turn on Siri or receive a call.
You can also adjust the volume in the speakerphone Apple HomePod via this touch screen.

A8 chip
This amazing chip from Apple regulates the work of the Apple HomePod speaker and improves the processing of Siri-oriented voice commands.
It also adapts the sound to the size of the room and the type of song, increasing the bass, reducing noise and noise when necessary and achieving surround sound.

Siri is at your service.
You can turn on Siri voice assistant to control all Apple smart devices at home within a smart home system.
The home iPod speaker can capture voice commands from any side of the room thanks to the six speakers distributed in the cylindrical speaker.
You can answer incoming calls or make a call with the help of Siri.
Siri can play the list of songs you ask her to, change the song, or search for you for a song according to her words.

Experience immersive audio
The Apple HomePod Bluetooth speaker is equipped with 7 Tweeter built-in speakers with 7 Amplifier speakers per speaker distributed at the bottom of the HomePod.
It is also equipped with a subwoofer on top of the HomePod speaker that generates the desired Bass and low-frequency tones.
The cylindrical design and circular speaker distribution provide you with an immersive audio experience from all directions including great surround sound.

Supports iTunes playback and Apple Airplay 2 Service

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You can broadcast any content heard via speaker by pairing a smart device Apple compatible speakers.
To pair you have to connect your Apple TV and smart device to the same WiFi network.

Cons of Apple Home iPod speaker

Siri voice assistant cannot be turned off.
Apple Home iPod is only compatible with the Apple smart apps and Apple iOS.

Some questions and answers.

Q: is the Apple Home iPod Bluetooth speaker waterproof?
A: no, Apple HomePod smart speaker is not waterproof it is only for home use.

Q: which contacts supports Apple Home iPod speaker?
A: Apple HomePod smart speaker supports 5th generation WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Q: does the Apple Home iPod speaker support Siri smart voice assistant?
C: Yes, certainly, you just have to call Siri to operate them with voice commands from any direction in the room.


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Smart speaker Apple HomePod is one of the best home speakers and the latest and latest version of Apple.
It's equipped with the largest ever A8 chip in speakers and powered by modern Apple technologies to provide an immersive audio experience.
It is only compatible with smart devices with iOS 12 and newer and only works with Apple apps.
It is not compatible with other smart devices and can not run third-party app services at all, such as Spotify.
Supports Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, can play any Apple Music service like iTunes, Apple Airplay and others.
It is equipped with 7 speakers and a subwoofer to generate bass while maintaining tone harmony and producing low frequencies.
It is also equipped with six microphones distributed in the home iPod to receive voice commands to run Siri voice assistant and to make calls.