BenQ Mobiuz EX2710 gaming monitor review

A name like BenQ cannot be denied on the market. There is a screen for every computer use from this ancient company's screens that offers excellent solutions in the gaming world through monitors like the Zowie series or specialized solutions in the media and content industry such as PhotoVue for photography enthusiasts.
The world of content creation does not belong to us today. Don't get me wrong, awesome content creator, today is not your day. But. It could be your day because this Mobiuz series will help you a little if you are a gamer in the first place and want to work simply on creating your content through what you offer, but. What is the idea behind Mobius in the first place?
What was the idea behind the original Mobius series of screens?

BenQ wants you to break the habit of preferring one feature over another through the series. Greed is a characteristic of human beings. Do not deny this, the idea is only that this greed appears on your behavior; no more, no less. Since we are not in a civilized education class presented to you by Arab Hardware, let us be very frank.

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We, at Arab Hardware, covet and aspire. We strive always to see the best in everything, and we desire to see the best in the future. We are now in the stage of ambition in the world of processors because the greed for the best does not exist because AMD presented the best for example, with AMD processors, it is natural when we see the new BenQ badge that says "Imagine the world of games that comes without beginning, end and far." Of course, this greed is transferred to the world of gaming monitors.
This BenQ badge describes the idea of Mobius screens. Breaking down the net on a particular experience does not benefit many people. For example, a Full HD resolution may suit some people who want the largest number of frames to give them a high refresh rate! Should we give them the visually impaired TN panels in gaming monitors for these rates? No! Let's give them IPS boards for a better picture? Why do we always give them the worst if we can give them the best

This principle applies to today's screen. ?
The company wants to access the "balance" in the Full HD area through this screen. The new BenQ monitor, designed for games, balances the visual experience with AAA games and the fluidity of movement with ESports. Of course, before I get into the specifications of what is under the hood, I have to take a look with you at what we can see with our naked eyes.
When you sit in front of this screen, you can tell it looks cute. No, the screen does not make jokes and does not flirt with you. The kindness of this screen comes from its simplicity and its purely "geometric" design. Given the net's shape from the front, there is nothing that strikes the eye except the screen itself, and this is great.
RGB lights are, of course, absent in an economy-class screen with a 144Hz refresh rate, so nothing is striking in the look. The edges of the screen on the top and the sides are almost non-existent. This is very cool so as not to focus on any slight reflections on the sides' surface with the glossy screens that we see in the market as well.

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The screen pad comes with a base in the form of a triangle with orange tape surrounding it to say that this screen is a "gamers" screen, as they say. However, it is not necessary to judge the book by its cover. This rule does not take up much space from the office, and this is true, but I cannot say that you can use this space because you usually do not place anything near the screen except for the keyboard and mouse.

Speaking of the kickstand, this kickstand comes with the ability to raise the screen up and down by 130 millimeters, move it forward and backward in degrees between minus 5 and 20 degrees, with the ability to move it left and right by 20 degrees. The kickstand comes with a rectangular hole that you can pass cables through to organize them and avoid cable troubles.
Speaking of the kickstand, you cannot place this monitor in Portrait mode due to rotation around the axis. If the screen comes with these simple degrees, then Woe to you! Why the suspense, then? The benefit of moving the net in these degrees is almost non-existent. Of course, you will not need to put a gaming screen in Portrait mode in the first place, so I do not see any benefit from having this feature if it does not come ultimately.
If you ever wanted to put it in this position, you would buy a VESA kickstand because this monitor supports it. VESA cushions will be cheap for you because the screen is light, so do not worry about the cushion price as you will not put a large amount on these reinforced cushions for computer monitors.

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As for the connections at the bottom of the screen, they are constrained, which is normal. Don't think about USB Type-C, and don't even think about a set of USB connections. You will not find these things on this screen. The new BenQ screen comes with two HDMI 2.0 outputs with DisplayPort 1.2 output to fully support the refresh rate with a 3.5mm output. You will not need it in the first place because you will directly connect the headphones to your plate.
Of course, this monitor comes with built-in speakers, but it won't do the trick. The power of 2.5 watts will not be enough for you, especially with the lack of bass in these headphones, which means you will not have a good experience with computer games or movies.