Depression is a modern disease that many friends and relatives suffer from around us.

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We feel sad when we find one of our loved ones suffers from depression and cannot find a solution for himself, and therefore we must try to help them in order to get out of this crisis:

First, it must be made sure that the person suffering from depression does not suffer from a deficiency of some nutrients that may lead to symptoms of depression, by conducting medical analyzes and submitting them to a specialist doctor to give his opinion. Besides getting sources of elements that promote brain health, such as eating omega-3.

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Second . The patient can be encouraged to be exposed to the sun every day for a period of not less than 30 minutes, as sunlight is necessary to produce neurotransmitters that improve mood and regulate sleep hours.

Third. Sports is a very important factor to feel positive and fight negative emotions. Therefore, you should exercise at least half an hour every day, and it is good to be outside the home and accompanied by positive people who give you positive energy as well.

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Fourthly . It would be good to encourage the depressed patient to write his daily diary, as this helps him evaluate himself and create a good plan to get rid of his negative feelings.