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Sometimes we might be very bored in just sitting inside the house watching tv all day, or just facing our mobile phone and just scroll in almost every app. We want to do something new and we want to have fun while just being at home. Fun doesnít mean that we really have to go outdoors, go on adventure, travel to different places, or go to the newest tourist spot somewhere. When we are left with nothing else to do, it would be better if we would just be having fun on our own or with the people that are with us. Fun is mostly based on what kind of fun the person prefers, some are already fine with just being themselves, watching movie, or reading a book, others would prefer to have fun with people and would have a conversation with them and laugh with them. These are just recommendations on what you would be able to do at home and staying inside the house. If you are bored, you could try one of these or you would have an idea on our own. Here are the things that you would be able to enjoy at home:

Play games

There are a lot of games that could be found all over the internet, you can have challenging games, guess games, games that require teams, and there are also games that has punishment to the losing teams. Luckily, there are apps that you could download that are made for games. If you are alone, there are also games that is enough to challenge you and would lt you enjoy even if you are alone. There are games that requires standing up, running, or you could also try to have mind games, or just try the classics. There are games that would just let you sit and think of the answers and all you have to do is to guess the correct answers. Whatever your idea of fun game is, there are tons of apps that would fit and all you have to is to install it. You could also watch livestreams from your favorite streamers as they play and you could also play with them real time.

Find new hobby

When we got to stay at home, it could be a chance to start a new hobby and find out what else youíre good at, you would be able to find something new about yourself and discover new skills. It is also a chance to improve what you are already good at; you could try to have a new recipe, or make a new one and improvise. You could also start on editing and photography inside your house, you could also try to start watching video tutorials of what you want to learn this time. It is just a one click away because the internet could provide you a lot of information and finding a new hobby makes you feel at ease and comfortable because you get to spend time with yourself and you will feel the satisfying feeling when you do something productive rather than just being on the phone all day until you get bored.

Talk to your friends

At the end of the day, it is good to catch up with your friends and talk about your fun memories, or future plans, or just how your day went. It is good to share a little laugh and smiles to each other and just be fun with all your conversations. It is very healing to have someone to talk to and it is a chance to reach out to someone that you want to connect with because they might also be thinking about you.

Ther is a lot of stuff out there that we could do and keep ourselves busy, it is all just up to us on how we spend our days.