Rules to get maximum profit from your trade?
In the Forex market, we can deny the fact that you can make money by gambling, I have also made money by gambling, but tone thing I know for sure is that, if you continue trading in such a manner, you will surely lose your capital at some point, this is the testimony of 99% traders. if you are to maximize your profit in the market, taking a high risk is never an option to consider in any way.

If you want to become successful in the Forex trading market, then you have to develop or have a trading system that can guarantee profit from the market on a regular basis, instead of depending on big profit occasionally, you will have a reliable trading system, and you don't have to depend on luck to make a profit.

It is easier in the market to lose money than to make money when you learn you are actually bridging that gap, but that doesn't mean you still won't lose, but it will be minimal compare to the number of trades you will win.

How do we maximize profit in the Forex market?

  • maximize your knowledge
its very simple, the more experience you get from the Forex market the higher your chances of making a bigger profit because your experience will determine the quality of strategy you be able to build

  • Let your winning trade to run and cut your loss short
in the market you shouldn't be in a hurry to take profit, most especially when the price is trending, however when you are in loss, make it as short as possible, this is the only way to be profitable in a long run in the market

  • Utilize a very good Risk Reward Ratio

your risk-reward ratio helps you to reduce loss and maximize profit, for instance when you are making use of 1:3 risk-reward, this means your potential risk is 1% of the entire capital and the potential profit is 3% twice greater than the risk, so if you lose 5 of 10 trades, you will still be in profit by a good margin.