Sony has been one of the foundations of the video gaming industry since 1995, and this has not changed this whole time. Even as they passed through their worst generation (PS3), they were later able to offer great exclusives and sell many device units despite the losses they suffered. In their fourth-generation, PS4 became a powerful platform for millions of players, and they enjoyed great exclusives and heavy models and formed a huge fan base. Because of this success, the company finds itself in a difficult challenge, namely the transfer of most of this mass base to their fifth generation of PlayStation devices and the continuation of historical success under fierce competition learned from its mistakes much.
Starting with determining this successful continuity or not, we should talk about the launch of the device from many elements through which we can judge it, and this is what we will address in our review of PlayStation 5.

Device specifications
This information may be familiar to you, we have mentioned it here repeatedly, but the PlayStation 5 comes with an AMD Octa-An-A processor and a 3.5GHz Zen 2 architecture, combined with 16 GB of GDDR6 random memory and an internal SS storage space. D-type NVMe at tremendous speeds because it comes from the fourth generation of PCIe 4.0 interface, the total internal space of the device is estimated at 825 GB but what you can use is only 667.2 GB (by deducting the system space for the device), which is one of the few drawbacks we will talk about more than once during the review.

To support 4K resolution with 120 fps, the device had to have a custom graphics processor based on AMD RDNA 2 architecture and can generate 10.28 teraflops with a frequency of up to 2.23 GHz.
  • CPU: Octa-AMD Zen 2 at a frequency of 3.5GHz.
  • GPU graphical processor: 10.28 teraflop, 36 processing units, and 2.23GHz frequency (from AMD and building on RDNA 2 architecture)
  • Random memories: 16GB GDDR6.
  • Memory frequency range: 448GB/s.
  • Internal storage space: 825GB SSD (usable 667.2GB)
  • Additional storage space: NVMe type (upgrade option is not available with version)
  • Display and performance resolution: 4K and up to 120 frames per second (not in all games)

By analyzing those specifications "on paper," we find that they are specifications that reward a computer carrying the graphic card RTX 2070 Super, which is a graphics card that can not play games with 4K width with 120 frames per second; how can this Playstation 5 do this? The more important question is, can he run that accuracy so quickly? We will talk about it in detail in the performance part and gaming tests.

The real problem that we see clearly with these specifications is the Platform SSD size, which comes in 825 GB. With the system, files shrink this size to 667.2 GB, which is small and inappropriate, and frustrating; given the games' sizes currently, this space may bear this space only 7 or 8 games. Therefore you have to clear games that do not play to install other games, again and again, something I wish to benefit Sony with the launch of this generation, but as clearly the Japanese company made this decision.

The good news is that you can use USB ports to connect an external storage disk and install games on it usually, but you will not get the same lightning-fast download times you get from the built-in SSD inside the PS5, and therefore you lose one of the essential features and capabilities of the device and your experience may be affected a little or too much, to be honest.

UI | Control Center
PS5 has a whole new user interface, and one of its most important and most prominent features that make the device with a real new generation experience is direct access to all system menus while playing with ease and without any impact on the performance of the game in addition to being organized (as you can customize and arrange lists) not to mention moving at a "super" speed between separate menus and back to the game.
PlayStation managers did not take the right one-letter when they described the speed of the device with all its functions; instead of wasting the time you spend moving between menus and waiting to move between games and applications (and this undoubtedly takes much time), they want you to guide it and harness it to complete your games, and that is what the developers also want.

Ps5 not only stops at the high-speed limit but also offers a great advantage, namely, the "activities" that exist as a window in the control center (again, you will not have to get out of the game) that allows you to access directly the tasks, stages or areas you want to visit as you can enter the play sessions of your friends in group phase games and finally shows you the journeys that you are about to get through a certain percentage. Also provided by the feature activities that you can benefit from when you press the home button twice in a row to show you a window give you hints or specific tips to go beyond this area and to know the comprehensive guide will show you several clips guide you directly where you can also review it without having to get out of the game. If you want to play at the same time, you can spare this window in the right or north, this property is up to the developer (and requires subscription Plus) in case he wants to add it to his game, but the big possibility left behind by this feature is the advantage beyond what some might imagine.

DualSense control hand
Let us look at the specifications page for the device and UI. The fact of the matter is that there is nothing revolutionary in the PlayStation 5; the recipes or internal hardware and hardware of the device "normal" for what reached the PC and years ago, and the idea of playing on 60 frames is not something new either. However, the disavowal of computer players and became the screens of 144 Hz became the most common, not only that the screens on the pc have already reached 360 frames, yes there are no graphics cards can Show those frames so far in First Party AAA games but at least you can in eSports games.

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Also, playing on 4K display resolution is not new even for home device players; the previous generation was able to present it with the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, although the rate of frames and graphical quality, in general, was low with this accuracy I am talking about the experience in general that it was possible.

However, when we talk about revolutionary, everything about Playstation 5 is related to its control hand, "DualSense" is not a standard control hand you use only for the sake of play, but it gives you a different feeling every time. In every game you play, and it comes in some games in every use of a tool or weapon in the game, of course, it is clear from its name that it is all about "sense" sense and the feeling that you are already holding a hand interacting with you and interacting with the game at the same time and not just a tool to control its form Usual.

Hand design and specifications
The first-hand impression I have taken "before" before getting the unit and its experience is its very "elegant" design, the combination of white with black, a large white touchpad, and a ps button beautifully engraved in the interface, as well as the design of the buttons themselves and their comfortable feel. However, the thing taken on them is the place of the button closure and open the microphone; yes, the DualSense has a microphone integrated into its structure and was useful, to be honest, but the button falls under the PS button directly, and in many Sometimes your hand will miss your hand by pressing it, at least at first.

At first, also you will feel that the size of the hand is "large," and this is a fact since the hand is significantly larger than DualShock 4, but fortunately, the size did not affect its grip in terms of comfort and control, so the point of the design, grip, and control are ideal in the hands of the PlayStation 5, and you should not worry about it.

Sony has also made some aesthetic adjustments when it comes to the lighting of the control arm, which was located on the backside of DualShock 4 as we know, well do not expect RGB lighting here or something like that, but Sony has integrated the lighting bar in the area around the touchpad, and I liked this change very much.

The details in the control hand have reached another level; if you round the hand structure more, you will find that the famous Letters X and O of THE PS engraved with the entire arm structure; this may not be observed with the naked eye and need a camera to bring it out. However, it is one thing that made me say that Sony is already interested in details that may not even be visible to the public, the same in the body structure itself.

It is a hollow hole with the control hand through which you can speak clearly with your friends or with players via network phase games; however, we recommend wearing an actual headset for longer play sessions; you can mute the sound by pressing the button at the bottom of the home button, there is another use of it and almost the only demo Astro Playroom where you have to inflate in the microphone to advance several places of the game.

Touchpad and light bar:
The light bar has been replaced to be next to the touchpad.

Indeed, one of the advantages of Dual Sense is the battery life that requires me only one charge every day, and there are differences from the game to the game depending on its consumption of the features of the new control hand; of course, you can stop it for longer battery life, but I do not recommend it as it is a big part of the experience of the new generation offered by the device.

I thought That Sony and the developers exaggerate the dual sense features, but after the experience, I felt the importance of supporting many games for them; not supporting a particular game does not fault them, but their presence inevitably enhances the experience and especially those story games that want you in various ways to integrate into the experience. The new control hand proves its effectiveness in many different game genres, whether platform games, shooting, horror, etc. I also want to point out the hand's size, which is very suitable for my fingers, and after disobeying control from some of them, it is so influential that you will not know their value until long after you have played. From the excellent response to excellent battery life to great features, the control hand's quality makes it unique in the arena and without competition from the best control hands available in the market today.

No extended volume support and 1440p resolution
Since their technical conference, Engineer Mark Cerny has stated that they plan to support external SSD after launch. However, the lack of this statement without declaring competitive and attractive prices or mentioning a specific release date or the difficulty of installing it compared to Xbox Series X|S however you look at it will also be frustrated given that if you calculate the internal PS5 area of less than 700 GB and not constitute much under the astronomical sizes of games even the new generation with updates, you will find yourself in constant need to delete games.
Indeed, supporting external HDD for PS4 games is one of the solutions provided by Sony. However, you will not benefit from it with the time that will be issued games and more content for PS5 on your internal device's space. Not supporting the 1440p resolution screens is frustrating because many people have this type of screen and will have to see games with 1080p resolution. I consider this embarrassing because a device like Xbox One X released in 2017 supports this accuracy, worth mentioning the vice president of Sony stated that in the event of demands, this accuracy would be supported in the future.

Playstation Plus
We are in an era where most companies are fighting in the field of entertainment with socialist services. For example, we have Microsoft and its excellent service Xbox Game Pass and Sony with PS NOW service, but I see that Sony features in its other service PlayStation Plus mandatory if you want to play in the collaborative network stages and co-op paid (free games exception). However, it offers excellent free games from time to time monthly, but Sony provided this time a permanent compilation and an excellent preference for those who acquire PlayStation 5 games are games It has won the admiration of critics and has achieved high sales figures and yet millions of players around the world have not been able to play for any reason over the past years. The real beneficiary of this service is a player who did not catch up with the fourth generation of Sony until late or who did not have the PS4 at all, so he has something to occupy his time and finds a new favorite game for him without costing himself many exclusive games and a third party.

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Launch games
Demon's Souls
One of Sony's best decisions is to make one of the hidden diamonds from its fans and one of the first from software studio games that are so popular today, at the time of the exclusive PS3 Demon's Souls sold only 1.7 million copies, a small number in the eyes of the publisher and developer. I considered it one of the tremendous historical decisions not only because it will give the game another chance to prove itself but because the fans of Souls games have recently grown and became the mass base of the studio by millions, and most of them did not have the opportunity to experience the first games Souls and being one of the launch games is a win for all parties.

The first attempts to create the next popular MMO game failed from the studio counterplay Games and the publication of exclusive PS5 temporary and issued for the pc platform; the game was a proof of the capabilities of the new generation technologies in general. As a unique idea as a hand-held combat game in the short term and spears and others, it was her fault that it focused too much on formalities and neglected the actual content of the story and the mechanism of tasks and the system of upgrades and other elements of looter that did not succeed in not all but not all.

Sackboy: A big Adventure
Sackboy is one of the best PlayStation icons born by the third generation PlayStation and is still in the memory of many people even after the descent of the third part that was released in 2014 and did not win the admiration of the audience of the series and was forgotten until Sony announced the beginning of a new series and even a different name separates it from the rest of the parts, the game became a 3D camera, and this is a big challenge for the studio Sumo Digital in the design of stages alone and being a launch game for a familiar icon and exploiting the capabilities of the new generation will attract many players.

Astro Playroom
We released Astro bot: Rescue Mission on the virtual reality helmet platform exclusively and was admired by most critics and players alike, here studio Sony Japan and Asobi team offers explicitly us a new masterpiece called Astro Playroom that lasts for a few hours to reach the end of its experience, the game is a real review of the capabilities of the device, and I am more specific to the control of the revolutionary dual sense and beautiful in that it will inspire how to use the technologies of the device later, and its level will amaze everyone when they put their hands on The game.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales
Spider-Man is one of the world's most popular heroes with the various entertainment sits today, and in 2018 released the successful Spider-Man PS4 that won the admiration of most critics and superhero audiences, later Sony announced an independent game for peter Parker's successor, which has recently gained popularity with Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Miles verse, which is making its way to form an independent identity to be also the new New York hero.

Do I buy a PlayStation 5?
Whether or not the purchase decision concerns you as a player over your vision for the future, do you want to pay for everything? Or are you the kind of person who ultimately wants his credit card to be debt-free at the end of each month? To play online and with friends, you still need a Plus subscription that and you will also pay for the more expensive credits of $10 than the previous generation.

On the other hand, Microsoft provides with Xbox Series X/S devices that share the Game Pass, an attractive deal. It provides most of the titles within this package, but in return, you will lose Sony's amazing exclusives as well as the pleasure of dull sense control that does not match any other hand control made; in any case, you are the winner of owning any of the 5G devices of home platforms.

It is quite clear that the Japanese giant "Sony" spent much time looking at the weaknesses in his previous platform and has addressed them in a way that shapes their vision of the next generation of gaming platforms, that it is unfair to make an exact comparison between the two generations due to the difference in the internal gear of both platforms and the techniques used. However, it is interesting to see the PlayStation 5 and the fifth generation of home devices with this pathological state and the massive jump in performance at launch time.

New technologies such as 3D radio tracking support, lightning-fast SSD, 4K gaming display capability, 60 frame rate, and in some games, up to 120 frames are the platform's highlights. While it may take some time before we see the system running at its full potential, early examples such as Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Demon's Souls already offer a fantastic glimpse of what can be achieved future of the platform.

What is surprising and cool in the platform is the excellent Dual Sense control hand that changed the concept of sensation and control of games through new technologies and provided the "revolutionary" thing that we were waiting to see in the platform itself. Instead, Sony provided its best in the console that enhanced the gaming experience and opened the way for developers to innovate, I have seen a variety of support integrated tactile reactions in every PlayStation 5 game we played and tried on the platform, and I am sure that it still has a lot of beautiful ideas that can be offered in the future.

Advantages PlayStation 5
  • Support 4K display resolution in all games.
  • High tire rate and up to 120 frames in some games.
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  • The Lightning-fast SSD unit canceled the loading screens and paved the way for a new era.
  • Dual Sense control hand is the best hand ever made in history.
  • 3D Audio technology was a great addition.
  • Backward Compatibility pre-compatibility with PS4 games.
  • A modern, easy-to-use, and accessible interface.
  • Excellent cooling system and completely silent device during operation.
  • Launch games are fair and give a glimpse of what can be offered in the future.

Disadvantages PlayStation 5
  • Does not support 2K resolution.
  • The size of the enormous device may be a crisis for some users.
  • Storage space is minimal for gaming sizes.
  • The SSD cannot be upgraded with the launch.
  • Gaming prices are higher than the previous generation.