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Thread: Review On "Household chemicals"

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    Default Review On "Household chemicals"

    Household chemicals pose a silent threat to large numbers of people, either in money or in lives, and perhaps the most affected are children, of whom millions die around the world. The great progress of chemistry has been largely reflected in human life, progress, and health. Since World War II, scientists have prepared more than 60,000 industrial chemicals, and more than 1,000 new chemicals are being prepared and created every year. A study by the US National Research Council suggested that people use 50,000 chemicals extensively, which means that manufacturers have added such chemicals to food, drink, clothing, hygiene, and medicine without the consent or even consultation of the consumer. It may be a matter of concern and sadness that very few of these substances have been tested and their immediate, future or both damage has been identified.

    Cleaning powders

    Contains a huge amount of compounds and chemical agents, such as phosphorus, naffaline, fenol, and ammonia, and some metallic and organic acids, which when applied to the skin cause Allergy, rash, and severe pouring.


    The first substance used in the manufacture of chemical weapons is periodically and daily, chlorine, and chlorine everywhere, in drinking water and bathing, and there does not seem to be any escape! Rarely do you find a world of chlorine streams without gloves and protective masks in well-ventilated places! By contrast, the general public uses chlorine incorrectly and inadequately for cleaning, washing clothes and washing food, and unfortunately this cheap chemical is used extensively to sterilize drinking water in our country. Chlorine producers have made huge profits, although scientific research has shown that chlorine is leading carcinogenic substances and can be fatal. As for the addition of fluoride for water, it has proved to be more useful if it already has benefits, as it is one of the most toxic and dangerous substances ..

    Household insecticides;

    cause a large number of serious human diseases such as asthma, eczema, migraine headache, joint mother, muscles, respiratory infections, nausea and general weakness, not to mention their cumulative capacity within fatty tissue, which also cause damage to the liver, kidney, and lung; Exposure to them continuously causes reduced sexual capacity, decreased fertility and infertility, and has harmful effects on circulation. These substances include a wide spectrum, such as pesticides such as flying insecticides, cockroaches, rats and lice, and come in the form of a spray, powder or grain and here is a risk if taken by children, or used without following the necessary guidelines and precautions.; be careful of household cleaners; In Canada alone, one million cases of poisoning occur annually due to the swallowing of household detergents, some of which end up with the death of the victims. The most important reason for household poisoning is the scavenging of dishes, each time we wash dishes, some chemicals stick to them, build up with frequent washing, and the food picks up some of these underdeveloped materials, especially if the meal is hot. The number of cases of household detergent poisoning in America alone reached more than nine million, and a study was carried out on about three thousand chemical compounds commonly used in the home chemical industry, through which it proved that more than 800 substances are toxic.
    More than a hundred of them cause cancer, and many other substances cause reproductive problems such as infertility, deformation of embryos, and sexual weakness. It was also found that more than six hundred chemical substances used in perfume and cosmetics industry cause serious damage to the nervous system. Most household detergents contain ammonia, which can be fatal if combined with chlorine used in ovulation where their conjoined produces toxic chloramine, and harmful if swallowed, most of them contain NAFTA, which is a central nervous system, and diethanolsamine, which causes hepatic poisoning. In addition, it acts as a special dietary representation stimulator, which is also highly toxic, and washing detergents contain phosphorus, enzymes, carrots, naffaline, beans and other materials that cannot be limited. These chemicals can cause pathological symptoms such as rash and Allergy. In addition to being directly exposed to these substances, the body is absorbed by the skin by chemicals from laundry in clothes and in bedcovers.


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    consist of compounds such as phenol or creasol, which disrupt the ends of the sensory nerve, attack the liver, kidneys, spleen, pancreas, and the central nervous system, and require a full year of treatment to eliminate the adverse health effects of an angioelectric human beings exposure from these chemicals. As for air fresheners, your ability to smell naturally breaks down, as the end-of-the-mouth nerves break down, and nasal passages are wrapped in a thin layer of oil known as mitu xiclore, a type of pesticide that accumulates in fatty cells and causes the central nervous system to be excited.


    usually uses sodium sulfate derivative materials to manufacture shampoo, toothpaste, and other personal-care products, and the brain absorbs these materials quickly, and the accumulation of these materials eventually results in loss of vision. Shampoo contains high-risk chemicals as well, everything that touches the scalp is first absorbed into the brain, and must be considered before the use of bleaching, curling, and synthetic dyes, and it is recommended that natural alternatives such as singing and other circulating plant materials be used. The types of shampoo for children that adults sometimes rush before the young on the grounds that they are thin, do not cause eye irritation, and do not cause eye claims, may be more dangerous than ordinary types of shampoo, because they contain some of the worst chemicals, including anesthetists to conceal the effects of eye-provoking chemicals. Personal and household hygiene is very important, but care must be taken in the use of chemicals frequently.

    The following is a list of some of the most hazardous household chemicals, including the components to be monitored and the nature of the hazards.

    1. Air fresheners.

    Air fresheners may contain any hazardous chemicals. Formaldehyde irritates lungs and mucous membranes and can cause cancer. Petroleum distilation products are flammable, irritate eyes, skin and lungs, and may cause fatal pulmonary edema in sensitive individuals. Some air fresheners contain P-Dichlorobenzene, a toxic irritant. Air propulsion fuel used in some products may be flammable and may cause damage to the nervous system when inhaled.

    2. Ammonia.

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    Ammonia is a volatile compound that can irritate the respiratory system and mucous membranes if inhaled, and can cause chemical fire if spilled on the skin, and will react to chlorinated products (for example, ovary) to produce lethal chlorine gas.

    3- Freezing.

    Antifreeze is ethylene glicol, a toxic chemical if swallowed. Respiration can cause a whirl. Antifreeze drinking can cause serious brain damage to the heart, heart, kidney and other internal organs. Ethylene glyicol has a sweet flavor, so it is attractive for children and pets. The anti-freeze usually contains a chemical to make it a bad taste, but the flavor is not always a sufficient deterrent. Sweet smell is enough to attract pets.

    4- Whitening.

    Home bleach contains sodium hypochlorite, a chemical that can cause skin irritation or damage and respiratory system if inhaled or spilled on the skin. Do not mix bleaching with ammonia or toilet cleaners or drain cleaners, where dangerous and possibly fatal vapors can be produced.
    5- Drain cleaners. Discharge cleaners usually contain glue (sodium hydroxide) or sulfuric acid. The chemical can cause very serious chemical burns if sprayed on the skin. She is poisonous to drink. The cleanliness of the spray in the eyes may cause blindness.

    6- Washing detergents. Washing detergents have a variety of chemicals. Taking the CATs can cause nausea, vomiting, convulsions and coma. Non-ionic detergents are irritants. Many people suffer from the chemical sensitivity of dyes and fragrances found in some detergents.
    7- The two naffeine.

    Either P-Dichlorobenzene or nafhthalene. Both toxic chemicals are known to cause irritation, headache, irritation in the eyes, skin and respiratory system. Prolonged exposure can damage the liver and build the dam.

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    8- Engine oil

    . Exposure to hydrocarbons in engine oil can cause cancer. Many people do not realize that engine oil contains heavy metals, which can damage the nervous system and other organ systems.

    9- Oven cleaner.

    The risk of oven cleaner depends on its composition. Some oven cleaners contain sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide, which are strong corrosion bases. These chemicals can be fatal if swallowed. It can cause chemical burns to the skin or to the lungs if the vapors are inhaled.
    10- Label the mouse. Rats (rodents) are less lethal than before, but remain toxic to people and pets. Most rodent pesticides contain warfarin, a chemical that causes internal bleeding if handled.
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