About Dracula's mansion

The Daily Mail newspaper talked about the palace of Dracula, which is located in the Roman city of Transylvania, and there are some pictures from inside the palace that illustrate this character, and it is considered a nickname that Prince Vlad Tepes took, and this title refers to the son of Satan, who was born in the city of Sighiouchwar despite all the blood that was shed Because of him, except that he is considered a hero in Rome, and he is famous for his brutal dealings with corrupt officials and thieves, especially the occupiers, and there is a great controversy between his relationship to the title that Prince Vlad Tebebs took and that character that Irish writer Bram Stoker wrote in 1897.

When was Dracula's palace built

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This palace was built in 1377 by the Chechens and this palace was used as a military fortress, and the palace was officially opened to the public as a shrine, and the palace was known as Bran Palace and ended in 1407, the ownership of the palace transferred to Mercha and in 1427 the ownership of the palace was transferred to the king The Hungarian in Bershov and in 1902 the city council donated the palace to the Queen of Romania as a gift on the occasion of the unification of the country, in 1918 and in 1948 the castle entered under the protection of the Romanian state due to its ruin and abandonment, and it was reopened in 1956 and in 1987 the castle was restored by the state The restoration work was completed in 1933, and in 2009 the palace was officially opened to the public after legal disputes between the government and the heirs of Queen Maria, who demanded that it be thrown out a disaster from their ancestors.

How to go to Dracula's mansion
This palace is located in a tourist area close to the airport, and there is no train to reach it directly, but rather to Berchov, which is 30 kilometers away, and then it can be reached by bus for half an hour and the entrance ticket costs $ 6, and the palace is open from Tuesday to Sunday at nine in the morning Until four in the afternoon, and some tourists prefer that the visit of the town of Bran is not limited to visiting the palace only, but rather it is necessary to stay there for some time in the midst of its picturesque views, and the cost of staying in a country-style villa in it is between 50 to 100 dollars.

Who is Dracula

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He is a Roman prince and he was the ruler of the Roman state, and the meaning of this name is Satan, and his father was killed and his brother was buried alive and he dreamed of revenge against his fathers killer, and he fought until he regained the lands that were taken from his father and he took revenge on his fathers killer and his punishment was inhuman. He was flaying the skin, throwing it in boiling water, cutting off the head, cracking the eye, burning people alive, and other inhumane methods. His little brother was chasing him, and his wife committed suicide, and he was killed at the hands of the Turks and his head was hung on a spear until everyone was sure that he was killed.

War of Conqueror against Dracula
When Mehmed the Conqueror learned about Dracula's deeds from terrible atrocities with Muslims in his country, he prepared his army to discipline him, and when he approached the borders of Romania, Dracula felt in danger, so he sent a delegation that offered the Sultan to submit to him, pay an annual fine of 10,000 thousand duca, and abide by all the terms of the treaty 1393 AD which It was concluded during the reign of Sultan Murad with Dracula and the Conqueror Sultan agreed to the offer,

He returned with his army, but then it became clear to him that Dracula's offer was nothing but a plan to buy time, and that he was cooperating with one of the kings of Hungary against the Muslims, but Dracula ordered the arrest of these delegates, who were sent and put them on a wooden pole and he burned that column, and then he was jealous On the lands of Bulgaria under the Ottoman sovereignty, and 25 thousand Muslims were captured,

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And he did not accept the Sultans request to release them, and he ordered the killing of all of them, and their suspension in the desert, so the conqueror advanced with his armies, and when he reached his borders and saw the sight of the hanging prisoners his horrific appearance, and the stench of the dead, and the Ottoman army could not advance due to the spread of epidemics, diseases and rotten odors, so he sent a group of his best soldiers The Janissaries, headed by Prince Rado, Dracula's brother, who besieged his castle to eliminate him, but Dracula fled with the help of the gypsies, and suddenly he died in 1475 AD.