Smart basics to invest your money

Investing money is the first solution that many people have in mind when there is capital, where there is one goal is to make a profit and earn money whether you want to invest a small amount or a large amount where to start investing money and how to invest your money ...?

How to invest money

The more you work harder and know where to invest and how long it takes to invest, the more you invest, earn more, make the profits you want, but pay close attention to the word money investment because the profits come from investing money and not anything else like saving money and keeping it at home, for example.

As much as the growth rate of invested funds as much as you can make profits and although investing money is not easy but it is profitable and everyone who wants to profit and make money from it, there are important steps you have to do before you know how to invest your money.


1- Pay off all your debts, the first of which is the loans

If you have loans or debts, it means that what you want to invest and earn from your money is just a fantasy, do you know why...?

Because the interest rate you pay on loans and debts is no more than you can earn from investing your money of course and therefore rule disputing the option of borrowing money and debt in order to invest it and as long as you have loans and debts the first step is to repay it to get rid of the debt and its interest because even if you do not want to invest your money and earn large profits, you better not borrow and live a simple life than borrow and continue to pay this debt for the rest of your life.

2. Open an emergency account

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After you pay off your debt, you must save money and put it in a private account without approaching these funds except in case of an emergency, while the amount you deposit in an emergency account must meet your needs and requirements for at least 6 months so that you can invest your money without having to use the project funds you invest to meet your specific needs.

But emergency account funds aren't supposed to come close to spending on the needs of the home, it's an account that makes you able to cope with any economic crises in the sense that you don't have to turn to the emergency account fund in the first situation you're facing, but in emergencies such as diseases, accidents and problems that may arise.

3. Set your goals

Now you don't have any debts and you have money in an emergency account you have nothing to get in your way to invest your money but after the long journey that took you to pay your debts it is worth standing up seriously and setting your goal well and whether you know in any field you want to invest your money but you can not set your goal well now so that you determine the money you want to invest and the amount of returns you return from investing in.

So what is your goal of investing money ...?

Your goal may be to make a financial surplus along with your salary so you don't always rely on it.

Your goal may be to get the luxury you dream of, such as travelling or going on any trip you want without money standing in the way of your face.

Your goal of investing money may be to secure enough funds to teach children a special education.

You should know that the more clear the goal, the more you can go towards it at a steady pace without slowing down and falling, so set the goal of investing money now.

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Select how to invest your money.

As much as your capital is the options you have in order to invest the money, which means you need to determine the value of the capital you want to invest and determine how to invest the money.

4- Follow the savings policy

If you don't have to spend too much because you may find yourself spending a lot of money on non-essential things and the surprise is that these expenses are more than you want to invest so if you want to invest so know the size of your money and the percentage that you want to invest well and save money is a very good way to invest money it is the first way to invest.

5- Buy when no one buys

This is an investment method known only by those who have long experience in the field of investment we hardly consider it the summary of years of experience in the field of investment and because goods, products and property are cheap when there is no demand and you can take advantage of it for example there is a stagnation in the real estate market, buy real estate and profit from it afterwards or buy real estate in a low turnout area, which is known as lack of purchasing competition.

The method of buying when there is no buyer depends on buying at the lowest price in the field of real estate you have to buy at the lowest possible price to sell at a high price while the purchase in the field of shares according to this method depends on the purchase of companies whose share price falls as a result of the problem of what you can profit once you pass the problem "you must study the crisis good and determine the ability of the partnership to overcome it.

6-Invest in time

It is known that the investment market is constantly changing in all sectors, whether in the real estate investment sector or metals and even at the level of private projects.

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But what is the solution do we stop investing ...?

The solution is to choose the right time to invest as if not to sell when you find the shares in decline and wait until they rise and to make a buying decision when the share price reaches a value that can not be reached again but it needs experience in order not to rush the decision to sell as soon as the share prices rise may continue to rise and so on.

You have to learn a very important rule which is that early withdrawal at the time of losses is one of the best results that you can come out in times of crisis so when you see that stocks are in a state of continuous decline it is better to sell even if the price is low and much less than you bought so as not to lose all your invested money.

7- Selling at a high price

Basically all the profits you can make from investing money is the final result of the difference between the purchase price and the selling price so increasing the selling price makes you profit and guarantees the earning of continuous money but the price policy is not alone in it this is true but it depends on raising the price at the right time time to increase the demand so that you can increase the chances of profit and the ability to start a new investment.