Corsair's HS series is a game-oriented headphone series similar in overall design but different in the specifications and features it offers; two years ago, we reviewed the wireless version of the HS70, which provided good performance due to being a wireless headset at this time, since a while ago we reviewed the HS60 HAPTIC gaming headset which introduced a new concept in a sound sense.

Today we have the latest headset in the hs series production line, which is Corsair HS70 Bluetooth, which comes in a different direction as it is geared to work with all home devices and comes with Bluetooth technology and therefore works with smartphones also but has an essential feature for Nintendo Switch users we will recognize together during this review.

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Packaging and box contents
Corsair HS70 Bluetooth packaging is no different from its predecessor of the HS series, and as expected, the HS70 Bluetooth comes with these accessories:
  • 1.8-meter USB charging cable.
  • Cable with a 3.5 mm port length of 1.5 mm.
  • Detachable and mountable microphone.
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Warranty card.

Thank God, Corsair abandoned in this version the headband, which came sewn with transverse lines or patterns distorting the shape of the headset, instead used the entire black corsair in the design of the body and ear cushions as well as the headband of the headset, which gave her elegance and excellence from previous versions, and I loved this change very much, this headset is prone to go out on the street and use it more in public because it comes with Bluetooth technology. Therefore it was important to have Its exterior is sleek.

The ear cushions for this headset are made of leather. They work to isolate the sound well, so when you are in a place with noise and use the speaker on the maximum sound often you will not hear anything from around you, but at the same time do not isolate the sound outside optimally, if you are in a quiet place you are likely to hear what you hear around you, the unfortunate thing is that the pillows do not rotate at a 90-degree angle and therefore are uncomfortable when placed on the neck, and do not provide space Freedom and comfort while moving the speaker while not in use.

I understand that this may be for a headset intended for use mainly in the home, but in the case of this headset, as I mentioned, it will be used in public more, so the ear cushions must rotate at a 90-degree angle for more freedom.

Overall, the headset comes with a sleek design, and we are very impressed, and its manufacturing materials are durable and powerful, which is a good thing to have in a headset.

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Corsair HS70 Bluetooth specifications and compatibility
In this speaker, Corsier uses 50mm high-density Neodymium engines that deliver a powerful, pure sound level both in listening to music and in gaming; and also provides a detachable and installation microphone with ambient noise insulation and comes with the support of the most famous voice communication program Discord Certified for communication and high-resolution sound.

Speaking of the headset closer and deeper, the right side of the speaker contains almost nothing except its play button (it is pressed for 3 or 4 seconds so that you can pair the speaker with your smartphone or computer if you want to connect it via Bluetooth), while the left side is crowded with all the entrances of the speaker where we find the power button and next to it LED lights up in green when the speaker works, top left there is a control wheel in the level of sound. Below the button, we find to make a phone. We find the USB Type-C input for charging the speaker.

Continuing down, we find a 3.5 mm port and then at the end the place dedicated to the installation of the microphone, and the nice thing is that it is covered with a cover that can be placed in case the mic is not used not to distort the shape of the speaker.

The headset is compatible with all devices from PC to smartphones in addition to PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X S, Xbox One, but most of what also makes it compatible with Nintendo Switch and therefore can be used chat through it to use to communicate with your colleagues across the network. This feature does not exist in most professional speakers, so it can be said that this speaker exists to solve a problem, and therefore users of the poor device "wonderful" Switch will be happy for sure, but how it happens That?

Well, perhaps the most prominent feature of this headset is that it can connect via Bluetooth and wired at the same time, meaning that you can play voice chat from your phone via Bluetooth via Nintendo Switch Online and take out the same Switch audio device at the same time via a 3.5 mm port.

Speaker performance
The performance of the headset, to be honest, was very surprising to me; in the experience of listening to songs and watching movies via Bluetooth delivery, the headset provided the required performance, as the battery life is "huge" too, the speaker can hold out for 30 hours which is a huge number for a headset using Bluetooth technology, and provides a USB-C port fast charging also, so you do not have to worry about battery life or repeated charging as you will not have to do it except every week or maybe more.

However, this performance (I.e., the performance of the headset with Bluetooth) is not the best in games and talk to your colleagues only when you connect it to a 3.5mm port or via USB-C directly where the quality improves a lot, so if you want to buy this version make sure that you will use it with the wire in the case of games whatever the platform whether pc, PS4, PS5 or Xbox and yes the headset works on the new generation of devices without any problems.

An audio assistant inside the speaker can guide you if the battery level is low or receive a call and many things that would have been good to have in the speaker as an added feature.

The microphone may be one of the few problems of the handset, to be honest, because besides its quality is "normal" which is expected, but it does not provide freedom of movement because it is not flexible enough as it is also the small size and it is also boring to remove the rubber part on the body of the handset every time I want to put the mic.

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For the convenience of being honest, the handset is uncomfortable with prolonged use, the ear cushions press your ear over time, and I do not like 90-degree cushions; it would have been better to provide cloth ear cushions as an added advantage with the speaker, which is more comfortable with prolonged use.

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Corsair ICUE is a program that connects all compatible products from Corsair in one interface and one place, giving you full control over everything from RGB lighting, effects, fan speeds, temperature control, synchronization of all pieces with each other as well as control of product settings. Etc.

Although the Corsair HS70 Bluetooth delivers all the audio or microphone controls on its chassis, this does not stop it from being supported by the icue app.

However, those options are actually minimal, and I did not like, for example, that I cannot know the battery level through the app; in fact, there is no way to know the battery life unless you connect it to a smartphone and then you will see the percentage, but if you will use it on your PC or home platform there is no way to know it.

However, the application provides control over its Equalizer, whether using a pre-prepared or a whole new one; the five presets are:
  • Pure Direct: The standard sound of the headset is my personal favorite.
  • Movie Theater: A mode dedicated to watching movies.
  • FPS: A mode dedicated to first-person shooting games that rely mainly on locating enemies through sound.
  • Clear Chat: It is a talking mode with your colleagues via talk shows like Skype and Discovery, where it makes the sound a little sharp, but I would not say I liked it.
  • Finally, Bass Boost mode: It significantly raises the Bass, so it is best to listen to the music with this headset.

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At $99.99, The Corsair HS70 Bluetooth does not look cheap at all. However, it also does not joke in terms of specifications and performance, the most prominent thing is compatibility with all devices, and therefore you will pay this amount in the handset that you will use with any device you work or play on, even if it is your smartphone, as it is unique to the possibility of connecting it via Bluetooth technology as well as wire communication at the same time, the headset is not better than comfort with prolonged use But it isolates sound well, enabling it to integrate you into audio content without any distraction.

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Advantages Corsair HS70 Bluetooth gaming headset
  • Compatibility with all devices.
  • A giant battery that lasts up to 30 hours of use.
  • Stylish design and suitable for use outside the home.
  • Strong and clear sound in games and excellent for listening to music as well.
  • The ability to connect the speaker via Bluetooth and wired at the same time.

Disadvantages Corsair HS70 Bluetooth gaming headset
  • Software support for the headset is poor.
  • Ear cushions do not rotate centrally.