If you asked a player earlier if he was willing to spend much money on his computer terminals, maybe the answer would be no for many players without thinking. These terminals, although not the factor that controls the performance of your PC, represent the bulk of your experience that you interact with every day when you use the computer... However, that point of view has changed over time, with the right parties proving that they are worthy of the players' money because they are highly reliable and prolonged for a long time.

Corsair, the leading manufacturer of calculator terminals, has introduced many products that give you preference in play and mechanical keyboard that we have today. Corsair K95 RGB SE Platinum is the top of the pyramid for the company's mechanical panels.

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum SE keyboard specifications
This keyboard is not much different from the Corsair K70 that we reviewed last year. What is new here is the presence of six buttons on the left, which can be customized for specific tasks you can customize by applying Corsair iCUE in addition to the presence of a particular version of the Middle East containing Arabic letters printed on buttons and this shows the company's great interest in players in the Middle East, this is an excellent point that makes this keyboard one of the few options that provide Arabic letters in the mechanical keyboards in our Arab region.

As with the Corsair K70, you can choose the type of keys you want on your keyboard from cherry MX's multiple options when you purchase; our version comes with cherry MX Speed silver keys. These keys are similar to Cherry MX Red keys for players with the closest activation point difference for Cherry MX Speed, which comes with an Activation Point (Actuation Point) at 1.2 mm vs. 2 mm. The difference is not significant in theory, and the keyboard offers performance similar to that of red keys with a linear response that reduces the sound of buttons when you click them (Linear Feedback), and in our case, these keys do not sound when pressed.

A closer look at the Corsair K95 RGB Platinum SE
The packaging of the panel is large and contains all the information you may like to know about the keyboard in Both Arabic and English and contains all the accessories you need with the panel from additional keys and the key removal tool for easy change between keys to the stand attached to the keyboard.

The panel design here is full-size with the Num-Pad and with six additional keys on the left dedicated to macro mode to perform quick tasks during Moba games and you can customize it through Stream deck for additional tasks. These keys will also work as a Stream Deck to perform tasks with several separate strimming programs such as OBS and other third-party software thanks to the support of the iCUE app and Corsair-owned Elgato.

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Did you feel the deja Vu after you saw these pictures?! You're right.This keyboard is a replica of the Corsair K70 as mentioned earlier and can only make a difference in the change of colors and additional buttons on the left as well as the Arabic letters on this panel while this option is not available on the Corsair K70 panel.

In terms of the wrist stand we are witnessing here a development compared to that of the previous Keyboard K70 with a better and more comfortable lining and of course you can give up that armrest to reduce the size of the keyboard or its installation to increase comfort. But it's not the best point of comfort, frankly, when compared to the XPG Summoner, for example.

Below, the keyboard has tracks to pass your cables without problems, as well as legs on the right and left to enable you to raise the keyboard to a higher level but to a small degree.

The Corsair K95 RGB Platinum SE has the same button positions in the previous Corsair K70 keyboard but the version we received for review contains touches of gold that give a sense of luxury and excellence and there are those touches of gold color on the sound wheel and buttons attached to the keyboard

Speaking of which buttons are (directions buttons and WASD buttons) as well as the space button and macro buttons with this prominent texture that makes you differentiate between them and regular buttons.

I was having some problems adapting to keyboards that have macro buttons on the left, such as the G.Skill Ripjaws KM780 keyboard, which had these buttons on the left without any distinction between them and the other buttons, i always misdistinguished them from the Ctrl and Shift button, but the same does not apply to the keyboard in our hands today.

A look at corsair iCUE
No one can deny the remarkable work that Corsair iCUE has done, which has become an integrated system that incorporates and fully controls all Corser products, whether in lighting, updating the Firmware, or controlling personal settings files and recording macro through it.

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Through the app, you can control the RGB lights of any of your peripherals through it. You can also store setup files on the keyboard's internal memory; the program has many different lighting modes, which you can set in simple steps, and you can also fully customize them so that you can fully control each button and different lighting area separately.

This application is one of the best help apps you can get in general in the terminal market, but with this significant development, users have some difficulty dealing with the app at first until you learn to use it and become familiar with you.

Stream Deck also enables you to set additional functions for the additional buttons on the left of third-party apps, including OBS Studio, Twitch, Twitter, and other functions that help you in case you are recording your game shots or doing a live stream.

During my more than two weeks of keyboard experience, the keyboard was more than excellent with my use of it in FPS games, especially COD Warzone, with Cherry MX Speed swaying that gives a lightning response with low sound and linear reaction, as with game-oriented consoles.

However, let me tell you about the deadly flaw in this keyboard, which is the price... This time this keyboard came at a very high price to be available for $220, a significant increase in price for a small increase in properties and almost the same design.

Advantages Corsair K95 RGB Platinum SE
  • Excellent design and luxurious shape
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  • Choose between different Cherry MX keys.
  • Adding USB HUB was helpful.
  • Six customizable macro keys.

Disadvantages Corsair K95 RGB Platinum SE
  • The price of a keyboard is high.