Well i noticed many good thing and bad things in Samsung S20, S20+ so i want to share these with you. We will talk about all features.Samsung also bring best smartphones for us and we also appreciation it but know we got some thing which are really not good for Samsung users.

Some features which are not really good

in Samsung S20, S20+ not have headphones jack like 3.5 mm as we seen in new apple brands and that is really bad thing because we are not normal users for it. they tries to make slim it so that why thy not plug in 3.5 mm jack i think. if we buy other components like a Bluetooth headset it will work properly with Samsung S20, S20+. we not seen a front flash so that's a bad thing i got in it but maybe i do not like it but you like it its upon your opinions and thoughts.

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We cannot remove its battery. we know Samsung also try to make its design elegant uni body so that why Samsung used this feature and i think it also a good thing if i am not wrong. lets talk about some other features like when we get in dark situation we will not use Samsung S20, S20+ Flash light.

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No talk about some really Good thing Which make Samsung S20, S20+ More Attractive

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Display really good because it supporting Ultra 8K and this feature makes it more attractive for its users. 108MP Camera is a really good feature for photographers and photo shoot lovers. Normally you do not allowed to pinch your picture in other smartphones clicked but now you can see a goo changes in it. the night mode in camera is pretty good. you can take realistic shots by it. 128GB internal memory is a best option with slot for memory card. In Samsung S20,S20+ you see same processor which is Exynos 990 with 64 bit.You Can use it for Gaming Purpose.