One of those laptops that carry the central processors of the Ryzen 4000 series is the ASUS TUF Gaming A15, a market that Intel is heavily controlled with its huge spread reach through many devices from various mobile manufacturers.

These laptops must pass successfully from rigorous MIL-STD-810H tests in which devices are subjected to tests of vibrations, humidity and extreme temperatures to ensure reliability. Since the computer holds this brand means that it has already passed those tests and can rely on A15 even in the most difficult circumstances, and can withstand shocks in everyday life, that does not mean that we will do so or you will do so.

The computer was also tested alongside falling and vibration, with temperatures to ensure that its computer spread all over the world even in those hot places and with temperatures up to 49C this computer can withstand, as well as with cooler environments up to -32C you will have no problem with this computer.

Besides, the computer can work without problem in areas with a humidity level of up to 95%.

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Design and weight
The highlight of what can be seen when this computer is started is the design, and it reminded me a little bit of the same design of the SCAR III series from the same company but with a few lighting options here, as the lighting in this computer is limited to the keyboard only. At the same time, Scar 3 was illuminated around the entire computer structure in addition to the glowing ROG logo in the back of the device.

The quality of construction and durability is something that ASUS always puts at the forefront of its design, which is provided by the ASUS TUF Gaming A15. The computer chassis is made mostly of plastic but of a good type that is solid and does not receive fingerprints easily but can also show dust due to the bright design especially the front area surrounding the keyboard and touchpad, which is made of polished metal that gives a stylish look to the computer.

The computer comes with a weight of 2.3 kg, and therefore is one of the laptops that you will not want to carry on your back all the time especially with the availability of computers of smaller sizes and offer the same performance almost, so I see that the weight of this computer is a big problem here. However, it also comes in favor of price, since the thinnest laptops usually come with the design Max-Q which raises the price of the computer a little, so do some exercises and your back bear that increase in weight or pay more money to relax your back. The equation is always difficult.

The internal configuration of the computer after its dismantling shows the extent of Asus interest in the development process of this computer in the future, where ram can be exchanged (Ramat) or increase its capacity, as well as can upgrade the volumes without any problems where there is another port to add another SSD unit next to existing mainly with the device which comes with a very suitable size which is 1 TB.

From below, Asus has developed a system called Honeycomb Grip, which resembles honeycombs and covers the bottom of the computer structure that helps cool, while the internal cooling system includes two propellers with multiple heat tubes and 3 Heatsinks.

There are two anti-dust tunnels located on the edges of the computer's internal fans as they capture dust and dust particles and direct them out of the metal structure, this helps to improve the stability of the system in general by preventing accumulation that can affect the performance of internal cooling components especially in the long term, but this paper talk but was it really effective? Wait for the end of the review to find out.

The screen in this computer comes in size 15.6 inch, the whole series also comes the same size so prefer the screen size 17.3 more luck in the search for another series, the screen comes with 1920x1080 resolution, and 144hz refresh rate with adaptive sync support The IPS Panel comes with a pixel density of 141 pixels per inch, where the screen provides better viewing angles and reproduction of colour than the less expensive and efficient TN and VA panels, and to be honest, most, if not all, gaming-oriented laptops come in.

As a reminder ips screens are more important to be on the laptop compared to the desktop screen especially the category of players because of the large movement of the laptop is likely to see it from all kinds of angles and therefore you want to see the picture clear from all angles, but the players on the PC VA types, TN are more common and less expensive as well.

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The brightness of the screen is not the best, to be honest, it comes with an average brightness of 254 cd /m² which is less than the occasion, as it is always preferred not to be less than 350, but the brightness remains acceptable.

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Keyboard and touch
The keyboard on the computer is more than excellent. First, it comes in full size with NumPad, which is something necessary for me in laptops geared to games, in particular, the touch of the keys itself is soft, and their response was wonderful. However, I was feeling a little tight with the Space key which came with a relatively large design and the pressure on it was uncomfortable most of the time, just like the four stock buttons that come in this painting tiny size and need time to get used to it and it was better to get used to it, and it was better to get used to it Come in a little bigger size.

The panel comes with RGB lighting and lighting here for each key individually and not divided by areas. Therefore you can control the color of each key, you can also adjust the brightness of the lighting between three main levels, and you can control all of it either from shortcuts on the same panel or through aura Sync program, WASD buttons are distinguished in transparent color in order to clarify that this computer is primarily aimed at players.

The panel also incorporates Overstroke technology that makes keys responsive faster, and key life is estimated at 20 million clicks for long-term reliability and superior accuracy.

However, the panel lacks some extra physical buttons to open the Armoury Crate control panel, for example quickly, or the fan volume control button that we have seen on other laptops such as The Halios series from ACER and even with some ROG products from Asus itself.

As for the Trackpad touchpad who reads my reviews for laptops knows that I do not quite prefer to use them even in browsing tasks, but in this computer, the experience of the touchpad was wonderful and responds well and has a soft texture will not make you upset even with long periods of use, as its area is not small as it comes with a surface area of 10.8 × 5.9 cm.

The lower area of the touchpad contains two separate buttons always preferred best in touchpads, however since the computer is geared to games the use of the trackpad will always be of great importance or benefit especially of course in games and better use an external mouse.

The distribution of ports in the Asus TUF Gaming A15 laptop is good. However, it is mainly based on one hand Asus has chosen the appropriate side which is the left side that contains the largest number of ports, with two ports Type-A USB 3.2 and Type-C USB 3 2(Gen 2) and Ethernet Port RJ45 LAN in addition to HDMI video port and speaker port 3.5 mm as well this device contains a power supply port for the computer which by the way comes with Adapter with a capacity of 230W is, of course, recommended to run when working on the device Especially in games because the device loses its power without the Adapter.

The right side of the computer has only one port: Type-A USB2.0.

Speakers, camera and battery
The computer's webcam is in the usual place, at the top edge in the middle, a normal camera that offers a resolution of 1280 × 720 pixels, and serves the purpose for regular video calls but its image is a bit dimmer.

The speakers on the computer provide an acceptable level of sound. Their location is suitable where they are not exposed to mute when placed on surfaces, so if you use these headphones to hear some videos or music during the light work on the computer or succession will do the job. However, for the full experience, of course, we recommend putting headphones, especially in games, because the sound of computer fans with pressure on it will be annoying and therefore you will not like the interference of the sound of fans with the game and which will distract you of course.

The DTS: X Ultra technology, which provides high-resolution virtual surround sound, also ensures that the computer contains or works on up to 8 pre-set modes for music, movies and gaming genres that further improve your listening experience.

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One of the most important things for users is the battery, and since the battery is always in laptops is a secondary thing since the device will not work at its power of course with the use of the battery where the performance of the CPU and GPU is significantly low and will be implemented quickly. However, we are talking here about battery performance with medium usage where interestingly comes the battery of this device with a battery capacity of 90Wh.

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Armory Crate Control Panel
Armory Crate is a complete control panel for the device where you can monitor the performance and operation of the device and control the different cooling modes, the program also provides detailed information about the system including CPU frequencies and GPU graphics as well as usage, temperature, fan rotation speed and many other features, through the program, you can access and access all other extensions such as :

GameVisual: This program is based in controlling the colors of the screen and the brightness of a wide range of different modes, for example, we see fps games mode where the degrees of surfaces rise clearly and the sharpness of the black color to enable you to see enemies more clearly, and eyecare mode which is in the exact contrast where the surfaces are reduced and be suitable for reading sessions or light browsing, and among 8 different modes you can choose between them to get the best screen experience according to your personal preferences.

Sonic Studio: Is the sound control program of Asus, through which you can choose the preferred mode of sound just like the idea of GameVisual from the ROG series of Asus series that controls the colors and lighting of the screen through a range of styles, here is the same idea but for the sound, you can choose between a range of different styles such as music mode, games, movies or talk and chat and each mode contains different settings that make the audio experience different, in addition to You can manually control and make the right style for you.

Lighting system and Aura Sync
Aura SYNC lighting system is the most popular and widespread among all manufacturers of peripherals and illuminated hardware parts, so you will find that the majority of luminous pieces such as processor coolers, memories, fans, boxes and even SSD units support aura SYNC system without problems and for that, there is a program Asus AURA, a program designed to control lighting and to sync compatible devices and of course the computer comes with the full support of the lighting system through the keyboard with a lot of different lighting effects that you can customize and control It has both one interface.

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ASUS TUF Gaming A15 is available with many options to buy, in fact, I can not give my final judgment now for this model that I reviewed during the review because of the lack of official price in the region, and even the device itself will soon be available in the markets. However, due to the specifications and external price, the computer offers everything the player needs for an excellent gaming experience and is one of the most prominent computers in this price category, and I am talking about the category of $1299. However, the most prominent feature, of course, Is that it comes with the new Ryzen processors for desktop computers, which have proven their power and superiority over Intel in this price category to topple it and declare itself a champion of the category supported by Intel throughout the last period.

However, is this computer already worth buying? If you want advice on your next laptop, laptops with Ryzen 4000 processors will be your most appropriate choice.

As for this computer specifically, if you will use the device in a hot place I think you should stay away from it because the temperatures that I recorded during my experience of this device were in a cool place and with the operation of the air conditioner, it will certainly reach the point of reduced performance easily in hot places.

The most obvious drawback in this computer is the sound of fans that are annoying with extreme pressure, or in another way it can be said that the computer suffers from the high noise level, maybe weight is also not the lightest thing you can get at the moment especially if you add to the weight of the computer itself the weight of its own, as well as the heat of the internal computer components (processor) and (graphic), be very high with pressure. In games, the cooling system in this computer here does not actually do the best work Asus was not good at it, but fortunately, that heat does not affect performance as long as you use the device in a cool place.

Advantages ASUS TUF Gaming A15 Laptop
  • The 4800H processor is the best processor in this category in laptops.
  • Good performance in games on 1080p display resolution thanks to the 2060 RTX graphics card.
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  • Full-size keyboard with RGB lighting support.
  • Suitable 90Wh battery for light use.
  • An attractive design that carries the TUF Gaming brand with its strict standards.
  • Tremendous software support through armory Crate control interface.
  • Easy upgrade for both random memory and storage.
  • Good and efficient distribution of computer-based plug ports.

Disadvantages ASUS TUF Gaming A15 Laptop
  • The sound of cooling fans is annoying with extreme pressure.
  • The temperature of the computer components is high due to bad cooling but fortunately does not affect performance.
  • The stock area in the keyboard needs to be a little larger.
  • The screen does not offer professional options for colors and is therefore not the best for photo editors.
  • The weight of 2.3 kg is rather heavy.