an introduction
The Galaxy Watch Active 2 is characterized by many attractive features, the most important of which are the elegant and elegant design. The Super AMOLED screen provides a good display and brilliant colours and many essential sensors such as the acceleration sensor, pressure, etc.
But one of its most prominent disadvantages is the Tizen 4.0 operating system, which is considered a flawed operating system and weaker than its competitors, such as Apple Watch OS and WearOS.

Main specification
Screen type

Screen Size
1.4 Inch / 1.2 Inch

the weight
It varies according to the manufacturing material, ranging from 26-44 grams.

Bluetooth 5 / LTE

Tizen 4.0

Dual-core Exynos 9110

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Internal memory
4 GB

The Ram
768MB / 1.5GB

the battery
340/247 mAh and supports wireless charging.

Design and screen
Galaxy Watch Active 2 is designed in two sizes, 40 and 44 mm, with several weights, depending on the type of material, as it is lightweight, at 26 grams, made of aluminum without the strap, and 30 grams for the largest size, and has several distinct colors pink gold, aqua black and cloud silver.
The watch's other options are made of stainless steel and equipped with an LTE connection, which raises the price and has several colors: gold, black and silver. The most massive option is 44 mm, made of stainless steel and a leather strap, weighing 44 grams.
Like its predecessors, the watch has two side buttons, the first to go back, has a slightly elongated shape because it forms an ECG sensor to draw an electrocardiogram, which contributes to detecting symptoms of atrial fibrillation, as is the case with the Apple Watch 5. Still, the work of this sensor has not yet been activated.
The other one is home, to return to the main screen where all the apps are, and double-clicking on it takes you to the Samsung Bixby smart assistant, which can do some tasks such as sending text messages, making calls or starting exercises. You can control double-clicking so that it takes you to another favourite application of your choice.
Water-resistant to a depth of 5 meters, meaning you can use it while swimming or showering without worry, as it has a water lock mode so that the water does not affect the work of the watch.
Going to the screen specifications, it is a Super AMOLED type, coated with Corning Gorilla Glass DX +, and it has a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels for both screen sizes of 1.2 or 1.4 inches.
The Galaxy Watch Active 2 has a digital rotating bezel used to move between menu options, wallpapers, widgets, notifications, and every transition emits a vibration. This method is more comfortable and accurate than touching the screen directly, but it is less efficient than the standard manual rotating bezel.
There is a sensor to measure the heart rate on the back of the watch, which is equipped with eight optical diodes, and experiments indicate that it gives high-resolution results and data.

Features and performance
The watch's undercover is the Exynos 9110 dual-core processor chip at a frequency of 1.15 GHz, making it fast enough and equipped with a RAM size of 768 MB sufficient to perform the main functions of the watch smoothly and well. In contrast, the RAM in the eye version that runs the LTE system has a size of 1.5 GB.
It has an internal memory of 4 GB. The operating system and the leading applications occupy 1.5 GB of memory, and what is left is sufficient for many light applications and songs. Still, it is not enough for the largest and most advanced programs.

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It is equipped with several sensors such as an accelerometer, barometer, GPS, another alternative called Glonnas, ambient light, gyrocompass and NFC system.
The operating system used is the same one used in Samsung's earlier hours, the Tizen 4.0 system, without any significant new additions except for the digital frame that replaced the traditional turntable.
The Tizen system relies on running the main original first-party applications such as calorie counters, run-mapping, and others, while third-party applications with different sources from Samsung often only support their operation in some cases, for example, ESPN, Pandora, Spotify, Uber and WhatsApp WhatsApp.
The watch works with both Android and iOS operating systems. Still, Android users can make the most of the more than iOS users through some features such as Samsung Pay, Samsung's smart home products control. One of the features that the operating system provides only to Android users is converting any image taken using the Wearable app on the phone into a new interface design for the watch by building a pattern that matches the vision and its colour.
In any case, the Tizen operating system is still lacking in competition with other operating systems such as WatchOS and even Wear OS, so, in all impartiality, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 is not recommended for iOS users due to their inability to take full advantage of the watch's features.
The other version of the watch with LTE supports social networking applications such as Twitter and YouTube, where you can interact with tweets and watch some short videos on YouTube.

Fitness and precision features
There were not many fitness tracking changes, and the Galaxy Watch Active 2's fitness modes did not exceed 39 modes, such as walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, and more.
The watch tracks it well and accurately for exercises that focus on cardiac activity, such as Cardio exercises. In contrast, in practices that are defined according to specific movements, the clock is not successful in tracking it accurately; for example, in Crunches mode - such as the exercise shown in the picture - the number of repetitions of the activity associated with moving The hand, for example, keeping the hand away from the knee, while exercises that do not require moving the hand do not follow the watch.
Fitness exercises usually are associated with listening to music. This requires linking with the Spotify app, connecting the watch with a Bluetooth headset, and the music is muted instantly when any notifications are received from alerting the user.
All the data that the watch collects through the various modes is directly linked with the health app on the Samsung Health app.
Essential features of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 are its sleep tracking ability by collecting data on the number of hours of sleep, waking times, and monitoring of deep sleep, light sleep and REM, which is the stage of sleep that begins after about 90 minutes of sleep.

the battery

The Galaxy Watch Active 2, with a size of 40 mm, is equipped with a battery with a capacity of 247 mAh, while the length of 44 mm is equipped with a battery with a total of 340 mAh, both of which support wireless charging.
On average, the watch operates on every charge for two days, with regular use, such as listening to music, notifications, and GPS, for example.

Watch options vary according to the material of manufacture, features and colours. You can find on Samma3a 12 different options. Of course, the price changes, as the price of the cheapest aluminum watch, size 40 mm and equipped with a fitness tracking system, is $ 278.32, and the price increases according to the variety of options to reach the highest price for a watch of size 44 mm, equipped with a fitness tracking system, and made of stainless steel that is $ 448.20.

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● Stylish and elegant design.
● Distinctive screen.
● digital frame for quick navigation.
Bluetooth and LTE options available.
● Good battery life.
Advanced sleep tracking system.

● Tizen OS is less efficient.
● Absence of ECG feature activation.
● Poor third-party app support.
Poor iPhone compatibility.