Sometimes simplicity may be better for some, and they want what is under the cover more than the cover itself. It is very similar to the car, no one cares about its colors and lighting, but everyone cares about what comes under the hood of an engine and things I do not know about for a pound. It is also similar to the computer screen you are considering buying for gaming; if you only care about the format, there is a problem.

Gigabyte did not care what it offers at the top of the cover in the first place but put all its focus on the underneath only with the G32QC display that does not come under the famous Aorus umbrella designed for games, even if it comes with all the features that qualify it to be one of them because it serves the games itself.

Hard content makers, not your day. I am so sorry. Today we are in the process of reviewing a screen designed for players only. Designed for anyone who wants to perform from Gigabyte and does not want the aesthetics of Aorus, this screen reflects what every pound in your pocket can get away from formalities, software features, etc. Instead of costing you up to $1,000, this screen stands up and says, "No, I'm here for you, just want a good experience."

A look at Gigabyte's new computer screen
The screen is curved, but it is not narrowly curved between the edges of the screen. The curvature rate here is 1500R on a screen at a rate of 16:9 between its length and width. Looking at this 32-inch screen does not make us feel any distraction. The screen knows its limits very well, and it is also clear that the protective layer of gloss known to these screens is present, which means that the experience will be right on paper.

I did not like the rule here. Yes, its base is stable and very large. So big that it will fill up the right amount of space from the office that will host that computer screen. Gigabyte could have gotten rid of the front of this armrest, but I cannot confirm this point because the screen size itself may need a cushion like this. However, at the same time, many similar screens come with a smaller cushion. That is why I do not find a clear argument.

Speaking of the stand, this stand allows you to adjust the height by only 100 mm and allows you to move the screen to the right and left in degrees ranging from -5 to 20 degrees. The stand is robust and reliable, and its movement is adequately smooth without skating the same screen as you move it when you adjust the height.

If we look at the right part of the screen, we will find this little stick that controls the screen settings through it. Robust and reliable and give you a reaction that assures you to record your movement to ensure you are on the right track. Gigabyte's logo is also on the screen, but without any light or aesthetic shape, you might think of.

If we look behind this screen, we will see that the bottom is metallic and most lyses the same screen pieces. This part is too thick and is also attached to the screen rest. The top of them are thinner too, but as a whole, the screen is very thick because of the curvature that we see here, and this is very normal and does not count as a problem.

As for the connection area, we have one DisplayPort 1.2 and two HDMI 2.0 ports. The portal that fully exploits this screen is the DisplayPort 1.2 portal because it provides a 165 Hz refresh rate, unlike the HDMI, which provides only 144 Hz, do not forget this point. There is also a 3.5 mm sound output, and there are no internal speakers on this screen. USB 3.0 connections are available through a connecting link and two connections to provide you with two-plus entrances.

Gigabyte G32QC Specifications
The VA screen is 2560x1440 or more commonly known as the QHD. The screen size itself is 32 inches and is acceptable with this resolution more than the Full HD. The curvature of this screen is very acceptable, especially since it gives you a good experience.

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The maximum screen update rate is 165 Hz if you take advantage of the DisplayPort portal as mentioned. This rate would be very suitable for anyone who wants a new experience with ESports games without entering the 240 Hz portal, which may be too much for some users if you ask us.

What I did not like here is that the candour is absent from Gigabyte in promoting this screen. The screen response time is one millisecond on the MPRT side, but in terms of Grey to Grey? I do not know. The company has not disclosed it in the first place, and we cannot do it until we do our experiment. It is worth noting that the MPRT number is very standard, but the gtg number is absent? We do not know what he looks like.

The screen brightness level is 350 nits in maximum conditions. Very familiar, there is nothing impressive at this point because most screens play in the area of 300-350 nits, especially VA screens.

This screen supports HDR400 technologies. Not the best HDR techniques for honesty, I mean... It was better possible than it was. Only HDR content will reach 400 nits, but apart from this, it would not be a big difference in quality with these technologies if you ask us at Arab Hardware.

This screen can cover the sRGB color range by 124%, and this is much better than what we see with tn screens known as their color-friendly; at the same time, it covers the colors of the DCI-P3 by 94% and may help you a little bit in the editing processes of the games if you are considering recording on them.

The 32-inch space is very acceptable with a 1440p resolution, especially with a reasonable refresh rate that allows ESports players to enter a new area away from sixty frames per second. However, the question remains, will the response time be disastrous when we experience it? That is what we are going to see now!

Name: 2.png Views: 17 Size: 575.5 KB
Screen experience
Using this screen for anything else away from games will not help. I am not underestimating its capabilities, but getting an IPS screen with the same accuracy and the same update rate would have been better for those who want to exploit it in both terms, but...the price will not be under the $400 umbrella as we see here.

Yes, writing on it now and talking to you is not bad, but it is not the best. Many VA screens work, but there is something strange about this screen when you look at it from some different angles, unlike the rest of the screens that come with the same panel. The color of the screen changes when you look at it in some respects, but it is not bad for honesty.

For games, it is evident in my experience that their response time ranges from 2-3 milliseconds in terms of Grey to Grey, with the addition of a millisecond in the MPRT. If anything, the screen comes with a full response time close to 4 milliseconds. For those who want the fastest response time possible with shooting games and so on, this screen may not be the best option for them. For those who want a new experience and for the first time will enter the world beyond 100 frames and do not intend to enter the world of professionalism in all seriousness, this screen will not be wrong.

What I liked here was the idea of the 32-inch on a curved panel. The experience itself was great and put me on the battlefield when I played shooting games from the first perspective, so I liked this point very much, especially with the accuracy of the QHD, which I did not feel any problem with accuracy this size.

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The brightness level was somewhat higher than the 350 nits, but Gigabyte seems to have put this figure in reserve, no more and no less. However, the severity of the discrepancy was not as accurate as of the company's stated 1:3000. This number was not correct because this screen recorded approximately 1:2200 at different brightness levels.

Name: 3.png Views: 17 Size: 1.04 MB
This computer screen will be enough for those who want the best possible performance on the 1440p resolution in an area below US$400, no more and no less. The 165 Hz rate would be great for this accuracy with new generation cards for those who want to play ESports games at this point, but at the same time, what is wrong with the screen is its unannounced contrast.

This VA panel is not bad, especially with a layer that eliminates the shine or glare problem that usually comes from these screens. This screen's curvature is gorgeous, especially with its size that allowed me to see everything when I played my favorite first perspective games.

My crisis with this screen lies in a few minor things. First, the hdr style is not convincing in any way. I do not advise you to try it out to the secretariat, i.e., yes, it may give slight differences with some titles, but it does not deserve to be turned on in the first place. What a misfortune you are even doing while you are working on Windows.

There is also a crisis with the power unit of this screen. Please do not put it next to your feet and do not put it on the desk because it is too hot, and that sounds a little disturbing. Unlike some of the screens we have tried in these units, this particular unit has warmed up and cannot be thought of as a positive thing.

With this screen so accurate and up-to-date, I advise you if you have a graphics card that lets you enjoy the full experience. I would recommend this screen if you want a good experience with new generation cards without paying the vast amounts that some companies are demanding. As a price for performance, it is one of the best solutions, even on the VA panel.

I will prefer this Gigabyte display on many screens that invade the market from companies known for fewer capabilities and minimal connections. However, your choice is respected whether you want the TN panel in the new computer screen for the best timings or want the IPS panel for the best colors. Remember, Gigabyte sits between the two.

Advantages Gigabyte G32QC gaming screen
  • Right colors for the VA panel.
  • Excellent update rate.
  • An acceptable response time.
  • A strong and durable cushion.
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  • Bending with this size is more than excellent.
  • Excellent price.
  • The USB Hub is a great addition.

Disadvantages Gigabyte G32QC gaming screen
  • Hdr technologies on this screen are unrewarding.
  • The sharpness of the contrast is not what we expected.
  • Her power supply unit is almost on fire.
  • The screen rest takes up too much space.