Build and customize your multi-Player experience in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War by crafting your gear and a selection of weapons, capabilities, and other elements that help your customers fight, loadout is based through Create-a-Class, a simplified way to choose weapons and equipment and upgrade all your hardware, in Create-a-Class, you can also choose Scorestreaks, a powerful tool gained through killings and playing targets that can be to help turn the tide of the battle.

Initially, players will only be able to access three pre-set virtual categories, such as gaining enough XP that will give players additional virtual classes in different grades; these ranks will open up the experience of allocating full gear; read on to get more information about gear to help you build an enormous arsenal of equipment, designed specifically for your style of play, to start dear readers.

The Create-a-Class feature or feature came to help you assemble a variety of weapons and tools for your client so that he is well prepared for battlefields in Multi-Player mode; when you reach Rank 4, you will have five Loadout Slots dedicated to set up to prepare them as you wish, while achieving your Rank, load Slots will be opened additional until Rank 31, where you will have a full list of 10 different Loadouts to configure it according to your preferences.

Primary Weapon
Your primary method of causing damage against infantry and enemy technology in the Multiplayer can be the basic weapon assault rifle or machine gun (SMG), tactical rifle or light machine gun (LMG), or sniper rifle; each weapon class has its strengths and weaknesses. Each weapon carries its own set of statistics; these statistics are summarized in the categories below under the description of each weapon:
  • Firepower: The amount and speed of damage caused by a weapon to enemies and vehicles.
  • Speed: How the weapon affects the speed of the customer's movement and his ability to aim down.
  • Accuracy: The extent of the weapon's recoil, as well as its stability and the spread of gunshots.
  • Ammunition.

Secondary Weapon
These weapons are a secondary way to deal with enemies like necessary weapons; there will be a wealth of secondary weapons to choose from, including pistols, guns, launchers, and "extra" weapons, with one option in the latter category the form of a grenade launcher.

All primary weapons, pistols, and rifles can be customized with attachments in the Gunsmith; attachments modify the weapon's behavior and appearance, most weapons can support up to five accessories using Gunfighter Wildcard, necessary weapons can support eight accessories at once, believe this!

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This virtual gun seat is where you can adjust the weapons using the available accessories with a detailed look at the statistics of each weapon, most attachments will positively affect the weapon in some way, and some will include a "trick" of different law when equipped to ensure the right balance.

When equipping the Optic facility, you have the option to see intricate details and statistics explaining what is associated with strengths, speed, accuracy, and ammunition, this can help you understand why the power of the weapon lies, how each facility affects it, and in subsequent updates, there are many changes made by Treyarch Studio to balance this considerable arsenal displayed.

Each weapon has its progress path, and the weapon itself acquires XP and experience that is achieved mainly by eliminating enemies during matches; the Create-a-Class and Edit Class screens display the number of attachments that the weapon is currently equipped with; specific attachments will also appear on the weapon because it sits on its rifle holder to represent its cosmetic appearance in the game.

Tactical Equipment
Dear reader, tactical equipment is a portable tool used as a supplement to your primary and secondary weapon; as one might guess in its name, tactical equipment does not usually cause fatal damage, but it provides a potential strategic advantage inside or outside the combat, such as enemy confusion. The first piece of tactical equipment you open is the "thunderbolt bomb," which confuses and slows down enemy movements. Raising the level of that bomb specifically will open up these additional tactical equipment options. :
  • Stimshot: When you use it begins to heal immediately.
  • Smoke Grenade: Produces a smokescreen.
  • Decoy: Simulates the sound of steps to confuse enemies.
  • Flashbang: Blinds enemies, weaken hearing, and explodes shortly after being thrown.

Lethal Equipment
This choice of portable tools causes fatal damage to enemy infantry, as some of them weaken enemy vehicles and other techniques, initially, will start with the Frag bomb, standard equipment that can be thrown with a short fuse and will occur immediately after throwing a potentially deadly explosion, players can fire from their weapon while doing anything and throw that deadly bomb, and to prepare the bomb to continue to press the button of deadly equipment or Lethal Equipment briefly to reduce the time until the explosion.

There are three other options for deadly explosive grenades to be unlocked through the progress system, including Molotov, a fire-based bottle that damages overtime ... The C4, an explosive device operated by a hand-detonated explosive device, and the last option for that equipment, which is opened in Rank 42, is Tomahawk, a throwable axe that kills the enemy immediately when it hits it and when you throw it, the Tomahawk moves forward in an arc;

Field Upgrade
The last tool that customers bring to battle with their weapons is the Field Upgrade, which is sophisticated pieces of field munitions or secret spy vehicles that can help your team or hinder the opponent; unlike all other pieces of equipment, the Field Upgrade is not available at the beginning of the game, each Field Upgrade has a specific charging time, and once used, it must be recharged before it becomes available again.

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By arranging their appearance in the progress system, these are all the Field Upgrade equipment for the Cold War in Black Ops:
  • Throwable mine: It explodes shortly after the enemy runs or drives over it; it can be avoided by bending, knowing that this mine destroys any vehicle passing over it.
  • Field Mic: Deploys a recording device that highlights enemy sounds within a certain radius on your mini-map.
  • Assault Package: Provide a cache of ammunition that gives extra points to kill enemies.
  • SAM Turret: Launches missiles at enemy Scorestreaks and player-controlled helicopters.
  • Jammer: Creates a disabling electronic field, disabling enemy devices, and undermining the enemy's mini-map information.
  • Gas mine: An active trap that emits a large cloud of harmful gases, the enemies inside are very confused.

Last but not the last of the Wildcard, where these rates allow players to "break the rules" of the Create-a-Class system, let us find out what the Wildcard consists of:
  • Danger Close: Equip an additional piece of lethal and tactical equipment, and get additional ammunition.
  • Law Breaker: Equip any weapon class in any Slot, and then get ready to receive several advantages.
  • Gunfighter: Open an additional 3 Slots for your primary weapon.

Since the Cold War brought players back to the early 1980s, you will not see some of the most technologically advanced things from Modern Warfare, including drones and airstrikes. Instead, rewards will receive a reflection of the game's time like spy planes, for example, spy planes equivalent to Cold War drones in Modern Warfare, and do similar work in a historically more accurate way.

Here is a list of Scorestreaks we know are in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War:
  • Arc Fighting: Arrows that burn targets and the surrounding area
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  • RC-XD: Gives players a remote-controlled car that can explode when driving.
  • Spy Plane: Uncover enemy positions through the fog of war.
  • Counterspy plane: Jam the enemy's mini-maps and disrupt the hostile SAM towers for a short time.
  • Guard Tower: Deploys a computer-controlled tower that targets the enemy and their equipment.
  • Napalm strike: Launches a targeted attack with a carpet bomb from the explosive substance "Napalm."
  • Artillery shelling: Three ieds or C4 strikes.
  • Cruise: Direct three missiles with air brake and reinforcement controls.
  • Air patrol: Calls a squadron of fighter jets to destroy enemy air support.
  • Attack helicopter: Calls an armed support helicopter controlled by Artificial Intelligence.
  • Chopper Gunner: Puts players in the cannon-controlled seat of a helicopter.
  • VTOL Escort: Dumping waste on enemy infantry and vehicles from the cockpit of a jet.