Mechanical keyboards are more common than ever on players' desks today. We have one of the newest mechanical keyboards on the market. Gigabyte AORUS K1, which comes with reliable and reliable Cherry MX Red keys, fully supports anti-Ghosting with dynamic RGB backlighting for each key.

AORUS is a premium gaming brand from GIGABYTE offering a full range of gaming products ranging from laptops to games and screens, motherboards, graphics cards, and mechanical gaming consoles to many other gaming devices and equipment most competitive gaming experiences to gamers worldwide.

Before getting into the painting's details up close, let us take a quick look at the difference between regular paintings and mechanical panels.

What is the difference between membrane and mechanical panels?
The regular panels, known as Membrane Keyboard, are designed so that all the keys are located on a rubber panel that is the bottom of three layers of circles placed inside a plastic mold. Simultaneously, the mechanical keyboard like the one we will review today uses complete mechanical keys known as Switch, and it has an entirely different structure than the Keyboard Membrane. These switches come in different types, Brown and RED, and Blue, and each type have advantages and disadvantages, but all types are better than Membrane in Write and give a smoother gaming experience and a better response.

If we look at the life span, mechanical panels have a longer life span than membrane panels because of their manufacturing structure. Anyway, it takes a long time to explain, but shortening you and entering into a review quickly lies the fundamental difference between the standard and mechanical keyboard. Each key in the mechanical panel has its key independent of the second key, unlike the regular keyboards.

Given the packaging of the AORUS K1 panel, it comes with plain packaging, and to be honest, there is nothing special to talk about the packaging. It does not come with great accessories like we have seen before with other keyboards, there are no additional buttons here that can be installed in wasd or stock, and even there is no Keycap tool that helps unbutton the buttons for cleaning.

Specifications of the AORUS K1 panel and a closer look
The AORUS K1 keyboard's highlight is its solid construction, weighing about 1 125 grams, and is a heavyweight. However, due to the materials used to make the painting that comes from metal with a combination of matte black plastic in most of its structure, the painting is generally exquisite despite its simplicity, the company called "Punk Gaming."

This is the second most massive painting I have ever tried for gaming, and we have reviewed it in Arab Hardware after the Corsair K70, which weighed about 1 240 grams.

Going back to talk about AORUS K1 and what I liked in the design is the extent of GB's interest in detail, where we find the AORUS logo above the NumPad engraved spectacularly on the body of the painting, as well as the left side of it we find that the company put the commercial phrase "Team-Up. Fight On is also beautifully engraved and attractive.

The magnificent design of the panel does not stop only in its front structure; if we take a quick look under the panel, we will find that the company also took care of this part of the design, again the phrase "Team Up. Fight On" engraved under the panel with the AORUS logo, as well as we find clear four rubber pads on the four corners of the plate which prevent surface frictions to ensure the stability of the plate during play as it prevents scratches that can occur in the underside of the plate which comes made of plastic.

The interest of GIGABYTE also continued at the top of the bottom of the panel where we find here a corridor to organize the cable of the cable management in three different ways, either with a pass to the left or right side or from the middle as you like, this corridor comes in bright black this time to contradict the overall design of the panel which features a black matte in most of its structure.

The AORUS K1 comes with an N-key rollover, or "NKRO," a feature of simultaneous key input that detects all keystrokes regardless of how many keys are pressed simultaneously and called a "shading" or Anti-Ghost blocker. It is fully embedded in the board, meaning that no matter how many buttons you press, the board will respond fully; this is very useful in games that require pressing a large number of buttons at the same time to perform some commands, skills, or quick compers in combat games for example.

As we can see from the images, the panel lacks the physical presence of multimedia controls on its structure. However, fortunately, the panel guarantees this using the FN shortcut slot by the button from F1 to F7 as follows:
  • FN button with F1: Mutes the device completely.
  • FN button with F2: Lowers the volume.
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  • FN button with F3: Raises volume.
  • FN button with F5: Changes the media or song to the previous song.
  • FN button with F6: Stops/plays media or song.
  • FN button with F7: Changes the media or song to the next song.

Therefore, the FN or Function Keys button compensates for the lack of multimedia controls physically optimally as it performs the same function with no additional buttons that can unnecessarily distort the shape of the panel or grow larger.

Not only that, but there are 22 additional 2 Function Keys on the board that can be performed by the FN button, such as quick access to the calculator, for example, via FN+F11, controlling the brightness of lighting at different levels by FN+Pgup and PgDn, changing lighting modes and other useful shortcuts.

We note that the painting comes with a braided wire length of 2 meters and is thick to protect it from cutting and giving it an aesthetic appearance, but unfortunately, it does not contain a USB Passthrough. I find it unacceptable with these panels not to have a feature like this. However, it is secondary; it is useful in connecting other terminals such as the speaker or mouse, such as keeping the office tidy without interference in the cables.

AORUS K1 is a full-size keyboard with 104 keys and comes with the famous Cherry MX keys, the best mechanical keys in the world where they are perfect and comfortable to both type and play; these "consoles" or keys in colors for each color have different features but ultimately agree that they are the best.

Software support
It may be acceptable to deliberately overlook and blind some features within any keyboard, such as the absence of USB or restriction, as secondary advantages. However, I cannot overlook an essential feature such as software support, software support for any hardware, external hardware such as keyboards, mouse, headphones, or internal hardware such as hardware is necessary and indispensable in practice.

Fortunately, the AORUS K1 comes with one lighting app like most external gear, which will naturally be powered by the RGB Fusion 2.0 and comes with another program to set and set the Macro Azar aORUS Engine.

AORUS Engine
It is a program for the company's own graphics cards, which clears more customization of the graphics card designed to provide players with full control of the AORUS gaming graphics card through its intuitive interface and know the speed of the mirrors and control it and power mode and LED lighting which can be easily managed and customized through the application, the AORUS K1 keyboard comes fully supported by the application.

As we saw during the presentation of the specifications of the panel, it does not contain custom macro buttons or physically the bug structure of the painting, which is expected in this price category, to be honest, as I am not on a personal level who prefer to have these buttons custom on the panel which mostly exists are located on the left side of the painting. If you did not have a plate of these before, you will suffer a little initially and not for a short time to get used to the unique layout out; on the whole; this is not the subject of our conversation.

Through the application, each key on the AORUS K1 panel can be reprogrammed as a custom macro key; other options within the app include macro execution mode and the ability to register and stop recording at the time you want, meaning that you have here 104 programmable keys as you want and also easy using the application.

The K1 also features built-in memory that saves these macros to the same panel, so if you use the panel on another device, you will keep all your preset and do not need to reset or move it back to the new computer, which is excellent.

RGB Fusion 2.0
Aha, well who reads my reviews knows perfectly well that I am not the one who prefers this application at all and, is one of the least lighting synchronization applications in all companies, very unexpectedly did not disappoint this application again, where the application contains one of the worst UI interfaces between lighting synchronization applications from other companies if compared for example to the application ICUE from Corser or Aura Sync from Asus or Mystic Light of MSI.

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However, it does the desired course, especially with the K1, but that does not stop me from continually criticizing it as I hope gigabyte adds some optimization to its interface and supports more customization options.

Of course, it is good that the app fully supports the panel as this provides the ability to adjust the lighting of the panel through 7 different modes for lighting effects:

Wave Mode: One of the most popular RGB lighting effects modes and my personal favorite.
Cycle mode: It switches between a range of colors in succession.
Reactive mode: The buttons reverse your reaction when you press them, where the button you are pressing only lights up.
Ripple mode: When you press one of the buttons, the lighting ripples with the surrounding buttons while the other buttons remain unlit.
MOBA mode: Such as League of Legends, in which the buttons used in the game are only illuminated, and Azar are the buttons of the primary skills Q, W, E, and Almet R and the f and D sub-skill buttons.
FPS mode: In which the arrow buttons and WADS are only light to simulate first-person shooting games. Besides, the program gives you the option to choose between customizable colors 16.7 million colors, adjust the brightness and speed of the lighting, and synchronize the lighting with other AORUS devices.

In terms of performance, the board, as we have learned, contains Cherry MX Red keys. Therefore we expect how they will perform, of course, as the reliability of those high keys, whose life span is rated up to 100 million clicks, is a reason to make it one of the most popular and demanding keys among the players.

At the beginning of the experience of the painting, you will be surprised to "rise" the keys somewhat, but over time you will get used to them, especially with the rapid response of those keys during games; I have experienced the painting during the past week in many games such as Valorant and Call Of Duty Modern Warfare and I did not have any problem with responding or pressing many keys at the same time where the anti-Ghosting feature works very well with this board.

What surprised him was the sound of the keys, which was a bit "loud" for Sherry's red keys but was comfortable to use both in play and writing.

The K1 also distinguishes besides the robust design and construction of the painting structure and attention to all those details massive software support through two applications: lighting and the other to adjust the macro buttons that were important and necessary to be found with the painting.

The rubber sides below the panel also firmly hold it tightly, and therefore even in moments of rage and quick pressure, make sure that your painting will remain fixed on the desk.

The AORUS K1 is a perfect choice if you are looking for the best Cherry MX mechanical keyboard with a muscular build, RGB lighting, and good software support, and, if you can overlook the lack of restriction or USB Port panel, the K1 will be perfect for you.

If you want all these features and do not mind spending some extra dollars, some market options will be better for you.

Advantages AORUS K1 Gaming Mechanical Keyboard
  • Use Cherry MX's favorite keys for players.
  • Solid design and robust construction.
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  • Full Anti-Ghosting support on all panel buttons
  • The ability to set macro buttons with AORUS Engine.
  • Braided and sturdy wire with a right length of 2 meters.
  • There is a cable management corridor under the panel in three different ways.
  • Twenty-two buttons can be used with the Function Keys button.
  • Convenient and robust performance for both gaming and writing.

Disadvantages AORUS K1 Gaming Mechanical Keyboard
  • The RGB Fusion 2.0 lighting app does not have many options.
  • There is no USB port.
  • Do not come with a restrest.
  • The brightness of the lighting is not the best.