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Thread: Benifits of Raff channel

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    Lightbulb Benifits of Raff channel

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    Raff Channel Indicator utilizes the techniques of Gilbert Raff through the indicator plots of a trend channel. The first order regression is the channel axis. In addition, the lines that signify the maximum distance are the upper and lower lines in which the close line had really moved away from the axis line. Thereupon, you can conclude that the resistance and the support lines from the upper and lower lines can be used separately. The rule of Raff Channel Indicator revolves and occurs within the channel which is the movement of the price additionally, for a short period of time it goes beyond the resistance as well as a support line. However, a change in trend is still possible, how so? It is when the price remains outside the channel for a long period of time. On the other hand, this channel consists of quite a consummate overview of the summation of the price movements wherein it directly predicts with high probability the upcoming price movements. The movement varies on what method they need to use as well as the advisers that they needed to adapt.

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    The most surprising to this indicator is: it can implement several and different strategies that a user can use for trading within a channel as well as trading within the boundaries. You can change and revise the indicator depending on how you will set up your setting. It is also attainable to place two instances of the indicator with the different calculation of the intervals in only one chart. They can possibly improve the accuracy of the market trend also as well as on local trends but with the most consideration in the global trend. Furthermore, the indicator could be used in manual trading as well as in the development of automatic trading.

    Supporting Advisors
    In particular, the indicator can be used in order just to open initial transactions with trading advisors. In addition, it can be used both independently as well as the combination of the other indicators at the same time. Hence, there are three examples of advisers listed below in order to widen your perspective about the Raff Channel Indicator.

    Raff and Bollinger
    It is considered a robot intended for trading and dealing with a real and certified account. Two channels are being interconnected and constructed: it is from Hilbert Raff and John Bollinger. The external piece is considered as a Raff channel wherein it actually allows users to connect and determine the direction of the global trend. However, the internal part is the Bollinger channel that focuses on the trade that is conducted within the trend. The transactions are protected by the stop loss but the provision is made to disable the martingale as well as the money management.

    Features of Raff and Bollinger:

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    The combined features of Raff and Bollinger make it possible to create something that will help people in trading. Consequently, it calculates the two channels. Hilbert Raff calculated the external parts however the inside part of the internal calculated by John Bollinger which the channel reflects and balances the local and global trend. Focusing and considering the most effective and safe, it is the trade with the coincidence of directions of the identified trade. Additionally, the internal channel concentrates on the market as well as profit-taking while the open positions of the direction of the trend are actually in the external channels. In this way, all of the positions are closed with a profit. You can calculate here the loss positions which are average with the additional transactions in order to be closed in the profit.

    Raff and Keltner
    Another robot for trading on real and certified accounts. In this, two channels are being built together it is Gilbert Raff and Chester Keltner. The external channel of Raff focuses on the direction of the global trend, on the other hand, the internal channel of Keltner concentrates on the trading that is carried out along the trend. It provides money management as well as the martingale and the deal is protected by the stop loss.

    Features of Raff and Keltner
    The robot actually counts the two channels. The outer channel is using the Gilbert Raff method while the embedded inside Chester Keltner channel. These two also reflect the local as well as a global trend. The most effective and safe to trade is when the direction of the identified trend happens at the same time and concisely. In summary, the internal channel concentrate on entering the market as well as fixing the profit. On the other hand, the external channel focuses on the only opened position of the directions of the trend and by this manner, most of the positions are closed with a profit. You can actually calculate here the unprofitable positions that are average by the additional transactions in order for the totality to be closed with the profit.

    Dual Raff Channel
    This robot is also used for trading a real and certified account. It gets from the two channels of Hilbert Raff additionally the outer channels always determine the direction of the global trend while another channel inside focuses on the trend following trade are performed. However the martingale strategy, as well as the money management, can only be used optionally, furthermore, all the trades are protected by the stop loss.

    Features of Dual Raff Channel
    This robot calculates two channels which are from the Hilbert Raff method. This covers different periods but still reflects the global and local trend. In addition, when you want to trade in the most effective and safe way, you can conclude that it is when the identified directions of the trend happening at the same time. In the internal channel is the EA center, the market as well as take profit. However, positions are only opened in the trend direction which is from the other channel. Most probably, the EA market tries always to close most positions with a profit. You can actually calculate the losing positions and the average using additional deals which you will get the summation that would be closed to profit.

    Though trading on financial markets involves high risk, it can still generate extra income in case you apply the right approach. By choosing a reliable broker such as InstaForex you get access to the international financial markets and open your way towards financial independence. You can sign up here.

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