One thing about Crypto is that you can do very little to control your favorite coin prices. You can tell your mates, write about it, and talk about it, but many people do the same thing for many different coins. Binance nominates a set of coins every month (usually between 10 and 20) and allows its users to vote on the next coin they believe should appear in Binance.

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It is rumored that Binance listings charge up to $2 MILLION. Perhaps, that particular coin team needs to spend on further improving their products. So, you can vote if you have any coins of these months' nominees! You can also vote on all of them if you are blessed enough to hold more than one.

What are The Advantages of Voting?

The reward for having been voted the top spot for the month's coin? A free listing on Binance. Besides Upbit that is available only in South Korea, Binance is the largest exchange for crypt with an enormous volume daily. If your favorite coin is in Binance, it will add a lot of additional liquidity, almost always putting pricing pressure upward.

If you've ever watched that show Sharktank, you know a little how all these different items compete for space in large retail chains.
When your favorite coin wins the 'Binance coin of the month contest.' Then, your coin gets available in Walmart or Target after it is only available at your local 7/11. Isn't it amazing? And, the beauty of this is that by voting yourself, you can increase your chances. Anybody with an account for Binance can!

How to Vote?

Step1: Hold a wallet containing at least 10 MTN or 1 EDO (not an exchange wallet). You will need to remove at least 10 MTN/1 EDO in your wallet if you have MTN/EDO only on an exchange.

Step 2: Make your BNB account - wait for the 0.15BNB (Binance Coin) airdrop in your wallet if you haven't received your BNB coin! Every 12 hours, an airdrop will allow the new BNB Coin to receive token holders. In the next few days you will receive emails/alerts to inform you about the airdrops.

Step 3: Fill in the wallet with BNB. It's automatic on Eidoo. You need to add the following token details on MyEtherWallet.

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Step4: Open your Binance account once you obtain your 0.15 BNB and visit the deposit page and pick the Binance Coin deposit.

Step5: Transfer 0.1 BNB into a Gas Cap of at least 55000 Binance deposit address.

Step 6: Wait for your deposit to arrive; after it has come, you should receive an email.

Step 7: Go to when you log in and vote with your account in Binance.

Round 9 Community Coin Vote

Round 9 of the Community Coin Vote is going to start soon. Perhaps, the rules for this round will vary accordingly based on the input obtained from the community. The voting is only available for members with a cumulative trading volume of at least 0.01 BTC in their 30-day trading history.

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Also, the voting is only open to an account registered before 2018/08/22 0:00 am (UTC). One vote per consumer, 0.1 BNB for each vote (the multiplier has been removed). All the BNBs obtained during the voting will be placed in a pool to conduct the lucky draw. Binance also contributes to a further BNB 5,000 to the Lucky Draw pool in a spirit of the group vote, based on the total vote number.

Further, the lucky draw will be made open to all users involved in the votes and will be drawing 500 winners who divide the final pool equally. As always, the lucky draw is broadcast live online. The URL (and date of broadcast) will be revealed later for the live stream.

Terms and Conditions

A listing on will be sent to the winner of this vote.
We list the winning project token appropriately after voting before the coin is incorporated into the wallet and technology.
Users can only select one initiative for which all their votes are contributed. For both projects, you can't vote.
Binance reserves the right, including the revocation of results suspected of vote handling, to alter the rules of this event without notice.
Rewards will be issued two weeks following the end of the voting process.
Please note that the projects mentioned above are randomly positioned as Voting Options A or B during the vote. Identical color schemes or roles will not decide the order of how projects are presented.

How Do You Vote Your Coin?

Deadline for application: 2018/08/24 10:00 (UTC).
Please complete the application form for the Community Coin. It's a strict method of screening. Please ask a project core team member to submit if you are not a core coin team member. You will apply again in the next round if your coin/token is not selected this month. Create the Binance Info entry and fill in all relevant information for your coin/token.

Vote on the Binance Platform

Please note that the vote will be taken from 2018/08/27, 10:00 am. (UTC).
Each registered user can vote for many applicants but can only vote in full once. In their voting process, users must pay BNB 0.1 per candidate (i.e., 0.2 BNB will be deducted if two candidates are selected).

The votes are checked when received for each candidate's final review at the end of the voting period. The weightings of each vote are reserved as ever. Binance will list the coin on exchange in a fair time frame upon completion of the voting process. Also, it will execute this event weekly, depending on the market response.


Binance retains all privileges, without notice, to change this case's rules, including the revocation and disqualification of candidates who have confirmed their participation in voting. It does not include but does not restrict itself to any type, airdrops or competition rewards, which affect user votes.

Each vote's weight can also differ depending on a range of factors, including the voting account's historical activity level. In case several voting accounts of the same consumer are found, Binance will revoke the eligibility to participate in the lucky draw. The last 30 days of trading, and every user's voting eligibility are updated once a day.