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Thread: Everything You Need to Know About the Round 8 Community Coin Vote

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    Post Everything You Need to Know About the Round 8 Community Coin Vote

    Binance commences Round 8 of the Community Coin Vote. The votes cast by users are multiplied by a final multiplier according to the sum of BNB kept on account of users up to a limit of 500x. Please note that your BNB is not locked throughout the time after you vote, but the BNB must be kept for your final multiplier at the time of the final snapshot.

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    The community coin receiving the maximum votes will get the place in the Binance exchange listing for free, subject to final inspection.

    How to Choose your coin/token?

    Deadline for submission: 2018/07/23 4:00 a.m. (UTC).
    Please complete the application form for the Community Coin. We have a strict screening policy. Please ask a member of the project core team to apply if you are not a core team member of the coin. If you don't choose your coin/token for this month, please apply again in the next round. Make an entry for your coin and fill out all relevant information on Binance Info (info.binance.com).

    Vote on The Binance Platform
    1. Time to vote: 4 p.m. (UTC) from 2018/07/05 to 2018/07/30 0.00 p.m. (UTC).
    2. Each registered user can vote for many candidates but can only vote in full once. Users shall pay BNB 0.1 in their vote for each candidate (i.e., 0.2 BNB will be deducted if 2 candidates are selected).
    3. The Final Multiple of the User Votes shall be decided in the form of a snapshot of each BNB user's balance for 2018/07/30 at 0:00 a.m. (UTC). The Final Multiple is increased by 1, for every one kept 1BNB in balance, to a cumulative Final Multiple of 500.
    4. For instance, the user with a balance of 3.9 BNB will have a final multiple of 3 in the snapshot. However, the final multiple is 500 for the user with a balance of 1000 BNB.
    5. However, every single vote of the user to any of the project nominees will multiply by the Final Multiple calculated by step 3 above.
    6. Perhaps, there will be final evaluations at the end of the voting period to review all the nominee's votes. As always, we reserve the right to change the weighting of every vote.
    7. Additionally, when the voting process gets completed, Binance will list the coin on exchange within a fair time frame. Moreover, this event will be executed weekly, depending on the market response.


    Binance retains all privileges, including revoking results or discounting candidates who got confirmed in the fraudulent voting, to amend this event's rules without notice. Secondly, these involve but are not limited to financial or monetary benefits, airdrops, or competitive rewards that impact user voting.

    Candidates for Round 8

    Binance's Community Coin Round 8 voting of the month will begin on 2018/07/25 at 4:00 a.m. (UTC). The selected candidates for Binance's Community Coin Round 8 are:
    • Libra Credit (LBA)
    • Mithril (MITH)
    • Locktrip (LOC)
    • NKN (NKN)
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    • Polymath (POLY)

    Community Coin Vote Round 8 Winner

    The winner of the eighth round of the Community Coin Vote is Chromia. It got the maximum votes.

    An airdrop of 146.3303598 CHR to each of the users who voted for the CHR accounts will be given for every vote. They'll also get 1,463,303598 CHR in awards, for instance, if they had cast 10 votes for CHR.

    An airdrop of 0,1267530768 BNB to each voting account will be given to all users who voted for SWFTC. Plus, they will get 1,2675,30768 BNB as incentives if they cast ten votes for SWFTC.

    Name: swftcoin.png Views: 10 Size: 64.7 KB

    The airdrop incentives are now fully distributed. By 2020/05/07 at 2 p.m. Binance will list CHR/BNB, CHR/BTC, and CHR/USDT exchange couples with Free Trading Chromia (CHR) (UTC). CHR can be deposited in the preparation of trading by users.

    Chromia (CHR)

    Chromium is a framework for blockchain built to address the issue of dApp scalability. A network of connections blockchains is included on the platform. Also, dApps can be written in a way known to the world's developers, either in large business applications, games or in smaller projects. Like the sharding in Ethereum, a group of validator nodes is connected to each Chromia blockchain that is a subset of all Chromia-owned nodes. This subset of nodes has a consensus algorithm for Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT). The network consensus is further improved by anchoring the history of Chromia's transactions in blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum to the proof of work. Once a block is anchored, it is considered final.

    CHR is the native token of Chromia's utility. Perhaps, the dApps users may use the CHR token and in exchange, dApps pay transaction charges to block the CHR token for producers. Chromium allows dApps to issue CHR-supported tokens, while CHR offers a profit-sharing deal to investors in the dApp projects. Chromia provides developers with the chance to generate profits from their dApps, with common dApps creating increased income demand for developer tokens. Current Chromia implementations include financing, gaming, healthcare and estates. In future, dApps involving the supply chain, business resources and IoT is also the subject of Chromia.


    Name: chromia.png Views: 11 Size: 48.7 KB
    • Chromia is a blockchain framework built to address decentralized applications' scalability issues (dApps).
    • The platform consists of a network of blockchain nodes, each of which uses its own relational database.
    • The Chroma Token (CHR) is used to pay transaction fees as block incentives. It collected USD 11.70 million from August 2018 to May 2019 for private and public token sales.

    Why ''Community Coin of The Month Contest'' is Getting Popular?

    As a result of common demand, Binance brings back "The Community Coin of the Month." But now, it is equally fair and rewarding for those participating users.
    The latest Community Coin Vote will oppose two projects. The project that gets the maximum earing at the end of the voting period will get the chance to be listed on Binance.com. Secondly, the Users will get votes based on a regular BNB average of 9 days before the vote. Furthermore, users voting for the project will be rewarded with both winning project's tokens and airdrop of BNB.

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