Thank you for your good words about trading gold ..

First: Trading in gold requires sufficient experience in this market, I mean here by experience, the trader is familiar with and
follows international news, especially US dollar news, as there is a close relationship between gold and the US dollar.

Extreme caution when trading in gold and entering deals with the lowest volume of lots, due to the strong liquidity
in gold, which causes price fluctuations during the day that may reach 200-300 pips. It is necessary to adhere to good
money management and not to rush to achieve large profits from gold in one trade because it is possible that the price
will strongly reverse and turn into a painful loss.

Third: I do not support the novice trader to trade in gold, and also I do not prefer to enter trades if the trading account
is less than $ 1000, because of what I mentioned above (high liquidity in gold).

Good Luck To U ..