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Thread: The Squeeze Indicator

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    Default The Squeeze Indicator

    The Best Indicators You've Never Used: TTM Squeeze

    Name: squeze insert 1.png Views: 24 Size: 81.9 KB

    There are honestly too several technical indicators out there. With the arrival of latest tools and custom scripting languages designed to assist traders produce new visual metrics to get over their charts we've been inundated. There are perhaps twenty to thirty core historical indicators that have stood the check of your time and are clearly worth knowing, however what regarding the military of latest guard experiments currently at our disposal? What are values really learning and trading?

    Luckily for you Ive been through plenty of those weird scripts and done plenty of testing to work out that are literally helpful for traders (spoiler alert: the overwhelming majority are not). Therefore in every iteration of this series Ill be selecting one in all these ascendent indicators and explaining precisely however it works and the way you'll be able to use it to boost your trading. All of them may be utilized effectively by each algorithmic and manual trader.

    TTM Squeeze

    This is one in all my absolute favorite custom indicators, and not simply because of the extremely aesthetic helix vogue visuals. There's plenty happening here therefore lets begin with what the TTM Squeeze aims to do:

    - The TTM Squeeze captures the moments wherever a market is in an exceedingly large amount of consolidation. Before an enormous move and predicts the next direction of that move.

    - Those white and black dots that lie the center of the TTM are joined to 2 underlying indicators you'll already bear in mind: Bollinger bands and Keltner channels. Within the example below, the Bollingers are red and Keltners are blue.

    When the Bollinger bands are therefore tight that they're within the Keltner channels, which means the market is in an exceedingly amount of utmost consolidation and statistically set for an outsized move (the squeeze). These periods are symbolized by the black dots on the indicator and note however the black dots on the instance higher than solely seem once the higher and lower Bollingers are each at intervals their counterpart on the Keltners.

    The directional element is diagrammatical by those orange pillars of variable lengths sticking from the white and black dots. These pillars are joined to a momentum indicator (in the same vein to the Relative Strength Index) that tells America wherever the balance of power lies between consumers and sellers at this specific moment in this timeframe.

    To simplify: pillars rising upwards are optimistic and pillars falling downwardly are pessimistic. The longer the pillars, the additional bullish/bearish momentum is presently. Currently lets see however we will use all this data to predict market movements sooner than time.

    The TTM Squeeze offers an ideal long entry. As you'll be able to see, a black dot seems to indicate the market has designed up enough consolidation energy and is prepared for a squeeze. The black dot has an orange pillar rising upwards indicating that there's optimistic momentum lurking at a lower place this energy and obviously the market responds in a similar way with an aggressive spike upwards.

    One more example as an example, from the Bitcoin/USD market on the 1H timeframe. we will observe the white dots shift to black and grasp there's pessimistic momentum behind a possible squeeze on the horizon, a perfect entry for a brief. we've to attend a touch longer before the squeeze comes however sure it will with a volatile downwardly swing.


    The Squeeze indicator measures the link between 2 studies: Bollinger Bands® and Keltner's Channels. once the volatility will increase, therefore will the gap between the bands, conversely, once the volatility declines, the gap additionally decreases. The Squeeze indicator finds sections of the Bollinger Bands® study that fall within the Keltner's Channels. Once the market finishes a move, the indicator turns off. It corresponds to bands having pushed well outside the vary of Keltner's Channels.

    To produce Buy/Sell signals, the Squeeze indicator is planned in conjunction with Momentum generator. The Momentum generator bar chart is ironed up with regression toward the mean and alternative techniques. once the indicator is on (green) and therefore the Momentum generator is coloured cyan, it's thought of a get signal (this signal is meant to be correct till 2 blue bars in an exceedingly row). Once the indicator is on and therefore the Momentum generator is red, it's thought of a Sell signal (this signal is meant to be correct till 2 yellow bars in an exceedingly low row). Once the indicator is off (red), no trade is usually recommended.

    Momentum Indicators — TTM Squeeze Explained

    Momentum Stocks

    Stocks are experiencing a style of volatility today as all 3 major indices are informed lower. The wonder of being a trader is that each day you rouse to opportunities. Some days are higher than others however if youre trading a technique with an edge over time youll have a positive expectancy.

    Basically by trading penny stocks and exploitation 3 straightforward chart patterns. We teach our shoppers the way to trade identical setups however thats not all I teach. As an example, a number of our most vital lessons are teaching traders however to:

    - Scan for brand new trading concepts
    - Put along a watchlist
    - Size a trade in keeping with your risk tolerance
    - How to manage a trade
    - Setting targets for profit taking and cutting losses

    There are 2 ways that to urge larger as a trader1) increase your trading size 2) add additional winning ways to what youre presently doing.That said, if youd prefer to learn additional regarding however TTM Squeeze works, scan on in his own words.

    Momentum Indicators — TTM Squeeze

    Theres one indicator out there that we favor to use, and its called the TTM Squeeze. Once you perceive this indicator, it becomes very easy to use. Now, dont worry if you dont grasp any of those terms mean we really reconsider them in multiple videos that rich person Roadmap shoppers have access to.This indicator permits America establish|to spot} periods of consolidation within the market and identify momentum plays. In addition, it helps to forecast the direction of the move. There are 3 elements to the present indicator:

    1. Bollinger Bands
    2. Keltner Channel
    3. Zero line

    It might sound sort of a lot however theres just one issue we actually care about: thats the zero line and what happens around it. If the indicator goes higher than the zero line, it indicates an extended play… and Ill look to decision choices for that. On the opposite hand, if the indicator goes below the zero line, it indicates negative momentum and therefore the stock may fall. For example, TTM Squeeze indicator on the weekly chart on Amazon.com (AMZN).

    Notice the annotations higher than. you'll be able to see a bar breaking higher than the zero line. That tells America AMZN may continue higher. Now, we actually liked this price action on the weekly chart in AMZN. However, AMZN choices are extremely big-ticket. When choices are big-ticket, you would like a touch of creativity. Therefore what we did was get the solution of the money, and purchased the weekly choice series so we must always get an increase in inexplicit volatility. That said, the choice premium ought to interruption well.

    TTM Trend

    Different chart sorts separate noise, time, or apply ways at intervals the value bars to assist isolate the trend. Renko charts, as an example, filter tiny value movements and arent involved with time. Heikin Ashi charts show value bars that are averaged and coloured. Since the bars are averaged, tiny deviations against the trend dont show up. By filtering out some data the trend becomes additional clear, however some knowledge is lost whereas exploitation Renko or Heikin Ashi charts. We favor the trend outlined, however we additionally prefer to see all the value knowledge offered from a price bar (open, close, high and low of every value bar). Enter TTM Trend.

    TTM Trend permits you to visualize the open, high, low and shut of every value bar, however every value is colored—either red or blue—depending on if that value bar closes higher than or below the common value of the last 5 value bars. If the value is on top of the common, the bar is blue. If the value is less than the common the bar is red.

    Figure four may be a 4-hour chart of the EURUSD. If you employ the opposite indicators to assist isolate the dominant trend, then the transition from blue to red, or red to blue may aid in confirming trade signals…or even generating them. The colour committal to writing can also assist you keep in an exceedingly trending move till there's some proof of a reversal (color change).

    In discernment, the indicator appearance is terrific (sometimes) however it conjointly provides plenty of false signals. This can be a short indicator supporting the last five value bars. It doesnt tell you the general trend; you continue to value action analysis skills, or some facilitation from the symptoms on top of to assist highlight within which overall direction you must trade.

    What TTM Trend shows is current momentum. therefore if the trend is up, however pull back, hold off on shopping whereas the bars are red. Wait until they flip blue. This can be primarily the approach mentioned in the way to the way to Day Trade Stocks and the way to Day Trade Forex wherever we have a tendency to trade with the trend, looking forward to a pullback, then coming into once the value begins to maneuver within the trending direction once more.

    There are a handful problems with the indicator. One is that the false signals, however if you're trading with the trend and looking forward to sensible entry points the TTM Trend remains an honest visual aid. Another issue is that the colour of the bar can modify whereas the bar is forming (or don't have any color till it completes, looking at your settings). meaning you wish to attend for the bar to complete before you'll be able to act on the data the indicator provides. Plenty will happen in one value bar, therefore traders still have to be compelled to air their toes and not wholly count on the indicator. By the time you get an indication to urge in or out—when the bar completes and therefore the color is confirmed—it could also be too late.

    TM Squeeze Indicator: Technical Signals for Option Traders

    Its the eternal question. Youve got a setup that you just like on an index that you just follow. Now, does one go directional, or does one sell some choices premium? To answer that question, you will have to be compelled to apprehend if the market is consolidating or trending. If its consolidating, you may take into account trading some premium. If its trending, and therefore the market has simply forced back to support, you may go either manner. For instance, you may get a 0.70 delta entail in-the-money directional trade, or sell at-the-money place vertical unfold. Each trade adds up.

    But what if a market is on the brink of switching from a consolidation to a full-on trend? this could be obvious in discernment, however it may well be too late. Luckily, there are tools on the thinkorswim® trading platform from TD Ameritrade which will facilitate finding once such a switch can be close to.

    Connect the Dots

    Figure one shows a stock value chart with the TTM Squeeze indicator displayed within the bottom pane. The TTM Squeeze indicator appears at the connection between Bollinger Bands® and Keltner Channels to assist determine consolidations and signal once costs are doubtless to interrupt out (whether up or down). This colourful indicator is displayed as bar graph bars on top of and below a horizontal axis. The red dots on the horizontal axis indicate that the stock is squeezing out the last little bit of consolidation from a amount of sideways value action. It then starts to create up energy to shift to a trending market. The market trends till the momentum starts retardation down—a sign the trending action could also be returning to finish.

    The first inexperienced dot once the series of red dots suggests the squeeze is on, and this market is prepared to maneuver. In this case, with the bar graph on top of zero, an optimistic choices strategy would possibly add up. call time: does one go directional or sell some premium? For example, you may take into account leg covering into an optimistic decision vertically unfold. Initially, you may get in-the-money calls. If you would like to urge value movement that closely mimics the underlying, you may investigate choices with a delta of a minimum of 0.70.

    Then you wait and wait for the momentum on this trade to finish. That happens once the momentum on the bar graph changes color (in this case, from light-weight blue to dark blue), indicating that the trending value action is reaching a conclusion. This is after you would possibly sell some at-the-money calls about to expiration to complete the vertical unfold.

    How to Plot the TTM Squeeze Indicator

    Log in to the thinkorswim trading platform and choose the Charts tab. At the higher right of any chart, follow this path: Studies > John Carters Studies > TTM_Squeeze. A best-case state of affairs at this time may be a market that goes back to a stormy consolidating section. Your long in-the-money calls hold largely intrinsic worth and suffer least premium decay. The short decision, on the opposite hand, starts losing premium at a fast clip. The TTM Squeeze indicator represents a novel moment within the lifetime of the underlying asset—right before it moves out of a consolidation vary.

    The secret's to spot that vital moment and utilize delta within the choices to maximise the potential chance. The TTM Squeeze indicator was developed by John Carter, who may be a recognized authority on technical analysis however isn't a representative of TD Ameritrade. We are here to help! Use the search bar to the left to search out what you wish. With the ST Squeeze Indicator, pinpoint high chance moments in time for bigger than expected moves

    What is The Squeeze?

    The Squeeze is that the indicator that engineered easier trading. It has helped thousands of traders build their accounts, too. The Squeeze is predicated on the thought that value compression ends up in value expansions. If we will determine these times once a market is coiling we will be in an exceedingly position to require advantage of the directional move. Every dealer at easier trading uses the Squeeze, and permanently reason. there's no higher indicator to point out these times of chance right before a directional move.

    Try this indicator in MT4 from InstaForex with $1000 No Deposit Bonus now!

    The Squeeze indicator was engineered from three elements. The primary 2 are Bollinger Bands and Keltner Channels. These are what trigger the red and inexperienced dots. The market is alleged to be in an exceedingly tight squeeze, once the Bollinger Bands go within the Keltner Channel.. The dots across the zero line of the Squeeze indicator can flip RED. This signifies this era of market compression. Once the Bollinger Bands expand and once more move outside the Keltner Channel, the dots can flip inexperienced, signifying that the squeeze has fired.

    The final element of the Squeeze indicator may be a momentum indicator. Once the Bollinger Bands move outside of the Keltner Channel, a Squeeze has fired, so as to see the direction of the move, we have a tendency to then look to the momentum. If the angle of the momentum bars is positive, then squeeze has discharged long. Inversely, a brief squeeze would be significant by negative momentum. (The yellow arrows below show the formation of two squeezes with corresponding momentum readings.)

    What Is a Short Squeeze?

    A short squeeze happens once a stock or alternative plus jumps sharply higher, forcing traders who had bet that its value would fall, to shop for it so as to forestall even bigger losses. Their scramble to shop for solely adds to the upward pressure on the stock's value. A short squeeze accelerates a stock's value rise as short-sellers bail bent on cutting their losses. Contrarian investors attempt to anticipate a brief squeeze and get stocks that demonstrate a robust short interest. Both short-sellers and contrarians are creating risky moves. A wise capitalist has further reasons for shorting or shopping for that stock.

    Short-sellers borrow shares of plus that they believe can call value so as to shop for them once they fall. If they are right, they come the shares and pocket the distinction between the value after they initiated the short and therefore the actual sale price. If they are wrong, they are forced to shop for a better value and pay the distinction between the value they set and its sale price. Short sales have an expiration date, therefore once a stock unexpectedly rises in value, the short-sellers could need to act quickly to limit their losses.

    Understanding the Short Squeeze

    The flight of short-sellers and their impact on the stock's value is thought of as a brief squeeze. Short sellers are being squeezed out of their positions, sometimes at a loss. Short sellers zero in on a stock that they suppose is overvalued by the market. For instance, Tesla captured the keenness of the many investors with its innovative approach to manufacturing and selling electrical vehicles. Investors bet heavily on its potential. Short sellers bet heavily on its failure. In early 2020, Tesla was the most-shorted stock with over eighteen of its outstanding stock briefly positions.

    In late 2019 through early 2020, Tesla stock soared by four-hundredth. Short sellers got beat, jointly losing concerning $8 billion. In early March 2020, Tesla's stock finally fell, beside most others, throughout a market worsening. Short sellers created concerning $50 billion in an exceedingly sell-off that lasted some days.

    Reading the Squeeze Indicator

    The red and inexperienced dots on the zero line indicate if there's a squeeze. A red dot suggests that there's a squeeze condition in impact. An inexperienced dot means we have a tendency to aren't presently be in an exceedingly squeeze. the primary inexperienced dot once one or a lot of red dots is wherever the squeeze is alleged to possess fired. The red and blue bar graph indicates momentum. If on top of zero momentum is increasing, the bar graph can be light-weight blue. If on top of zero momentum is decreasing, it'll be blue. Inversely, the bar graph can paint light-weight or redness to portray increasing or decreasing momentum below the zero line.

    You can use the default inputs for the indicator or modify them to fit your desires. The top of the image ought to be what you see exploiting the default indicator settings.

    Price —Sets what bar value to calculate indicator based mostly on; default is shut.
    SymbolType—Futures=1, Stocks=2, Forex=3.
    Length—Number of bars utilized in the indicator calculation; default is twenty.
    nK—Sets the offset of the Keltner;
    nBB—Sets variance of the Bollinger Bands; default is 2.
    AlertLine—Leave set to default worth of one.
    NormalColor—Sets the dot color once squeeze settings are met.
    AlertColor—Sets the dot color once squeeze settings aren't any longer met and the squeeze has discharged.
    HistabvZeroUpColor—Sets the colour of bar graph bars once on top of zero momentum is increasing.
    HistabvZeroDwnColor—Sets the colour of bar graph bars once on top of zero momentum is decreasing.
    HistblwZeroFallColor—Sets the colour of bar graph bars once below zero momentum is decreasing.
    HistblwZeroRiseColor—Sets the colour of bar graph bars once below zero momentum is increasing.
    SqueezeAlert —Turns on or off the Squeeze audio.
    CrossAlert —Turns on or off the alert for once momentum crosses the zero line.

    Using the Squeeze Indicator

    To use the Squeeze indicator in Thinkorswim, right click on a chart and choose Insert Analysis Technique. Scroll down the list and click on Squeeze. Click OK and this indicator can seem on your chart.Below is that the same chart that was on the previous page, however the element indicators are removed and replaced with the Squeeze. The long signals are a lot clearer and easier to scan.

    How do we tend to use it?

    This is a crucial indicator as a result of a Squeeze may be a harbinger of a significant directional move to come back. This offers the U.S. a position once trading stocks, options, or futures and that we wish to concentrate on these setups. The Squeeze is built after you experience dots on the indicator and a Squeeze fire happens once an inexperienced dot follows a series of red dots. Squeezes happen on all time frames, and also the best setups have multiple Squeezes on multiple time frames

    Which platforms is that the Squeeze Indicator out there for currently? Thinkorswim - Free. Thinkorswim offers the coerce FREE and you'll add it to your charts by choosing the Squeeze from the list of John Carter's studies.

    About - ABCWaves.

    Easily establish and perceive Short, Intermediate and long run strength with the ST alphabet Waves Indicator. Written by dancer Boggs. Visualize the strength and direction of a given market across multiple time frames. The TTM alphabet Waves were engineered by a 3rd party developer from an algorithmic program composed of assorted moving averages and oscillators.

    Name: squeze insert 2.png Views: 22 Size: 134.4 KB

    There are three separate waves that compose the alphabet Waves. The A Wave measures short term relative strength and direction of a market and the C Wave measures long term strength and also the B Wave plots an equivalent for a medium fundamental measure.

    Name: squeze insert 3.png Views: 22 Size: 61.1 KB

    Within every wave is additionally a smaller and bigger wave differentiated by color. These move in unison for the foremost half, however one is slightly shorter term than the opposite. Within the image below, the corresponding orange, blue and orange waves are gently shorter term than their various inexperienced, magenta, and red counterparts. several traders don't concentrate on the intra-wave color variations and favor concentrating on the wave structure instead, however a method for using the separate elements is printed within the next section.

    The chart below is an example of a perfect setup using the waves. Notice that each one 3 waves, representing 3 totally different time frames, all cross the zero line and go positive simply once the money market session opens. The waves won't invariably cross at an equivalent time however after they do, typically often viewed as a stronger signal.

    Name: squeze insert 4.png Views: 23 Size: 133.3 KB

    The shorter term A Wave is often used as an entry signal and once the wave crosses higher than or below the zero line. And this will be often used as an entry signal within the corresponding direction. For the best chance setups, we tend to wish to see the B and C Waves on an equivalent aspect of the zero line. As an example, if the A Wave crosses zero going from negative to positive, we'd avoid taking an extended entry if the B and C Waves were negative and so not in agreement in relevancy market trend.

    The C Wave is commonly viewed as the anchor for the market. If this wave is clearly positive with all bars higher than the zero line, we'd avoid short trades as this is often a sign that the momentum of the market is long. the other would even be true if the wave was clearly negative.

    We mentioned using the 2 elements of a wave for entry and exit signals. A well-liked strategy is to use the smaller wave for your entry signal and also the larger one for the exit. within the image below, lets investigate A Wave (orange and inexperienced wave on top) for our intraday trade signals.

    The entry signal was transparent. We tend to have the A Wave crossing the zero line with corresponding action from the long term B and C Waves. The smaller A Wave part (orange) crossing higher than zero would be the entry signal. For the exit we'd look forward to the larger wave part (green) to cross back below the zero line signifying that short term momentum has been lost.

    Name: squeze insert 5.png Views: 22 Size: 167.6 KB

    The waves conjointly work nicely as a confirmation for the TTM Squeeze indicator. Once a squeeze fires, we wish to visualize that the A, B and C Waves are in agreement with the direction of the signal. If a squeeze fires short however the waves are clearly positive and showing optimistic momentum, we tend to prefer to not take the signal since it'd be fighting the market trend.

    What the TTM Scalper Alert will.

    Scalper Alert

    A day trading indicator that works on stock is the TTM Scalper indicator is. Furthemore for Options, Futures and Forex trading markets and TTM Scalper Indicator has a couple of Key Points:

    - The TTM Scalper Indicator may be a visual thanks to facilitate verify whether or not to shop for or sell against a pivot level.
    - The TTM Scalper Indicator white Paint bar marks a "pivot high" or "pivot low." This is often done once three higher closes. The faster the timeframe, the quicker the confirmation.
    - The TTM Scalper Indicator measures the worth action after you trade the market.

    You can conjointly program alerts within the Scalper Indicator for the white bars.

    What is The Scalper?

    The Scalper indicator identifies probable highs and lows for a charted image. The link below shows however the Scalper alert works. The indicator determines pivot highs and lows by employing a trigger bar. The trigger bar is the 1st bar that incorporates a higher low (or lower high) than the previous bar. The next bar that closes higher than the high of the trigger bar (or low for down signals) paints the previous bar that currently becomes the swing low (or high) bar and also the starting of a brand new swing.

    Using the Scalper Indicator

    The Scalper Indicator may be used as an entry signal. On an extended term chart the Scalper works nice for marketing choices on the far side the worth of the Scalper signal. The Scalper indicator is additionally a superb exit indicator. If you're in an exceedingly position and a Scalper er signal fires, you'd exit your position with the expectation that the charted image is currently in an exceedingly swing to the other direction of your trade.


    MinSwing — will set higher to solely show stronger signals Default is zero.
    PivotHigh_Color — Changes the colour of the pivot high signal. Default is white.
    PivotLOW_Color — Changes the colour of the pivot low signal. Default is white.
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    The Squeeze indicator measures the relationship among studies: Bollinger Bands® and Keltner's Channels. When the volatility increases, so does the distance among the bands, conversely, when the volatility declines, the distance also decreases.The Squeeze indicator reveals sections of the Bollinger Bands® take a look at which fall in the Keltner's Channels. When the market finishes a move, the indicator turns off, which corresponds to bands having pushed well outside the range of Keltner's Channels.To produce Buy/Sell alerts, the Squeeze indicator is plotted along side Momentum Oscillator. The Momentum Oscillator histogram is smoothed up with linear regression and different techniques. When the indicator is on (green) and the Momentum Oscillator is colored cyan, it is considered a Buy sign (this sign is meant to be accurate till two blue bars in a row). When the indicator is on and the Momentum Oscillator is pink, it's miles taken into consideration a Sell signal (this sign is meant to be correct until two yellow bars in a row). When the indicator is off (purple), no alternate is suggested.

    Though trading on financial markets involves high risk, it can still generate extra income in case you apply the right approach. By choosing a reliable broker such as InstaForex you get access to the international financial markets and open your way towards financial independence. You can sign up here.

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