Virtuoso Trading is a bot that runs on MT4 for forex trading. It uses hedging and martingale characteristics to continuously lock in earnings while preserving capital and maintaining a very low drawdown. The Bot uses a hedging approach so that it doesn't matter how the market swings, it will still be able to lock up or down gains from any motion. The results in some losing trades and using a martingale approach.

The EA is also based on many algorithms for Trading and intend for significant currency pairs. How it works, or what the strategy behind it is, is not understood. What is certain is that the ridiculous price and the incredibly low ranking pose the question of whether, after all, this is a severe deal. In October 2019, the new version 2.4 modifies a control module that adapts to trading conditions. Some new settings introduce as well for improved risk control. The initial version was released by Russia-based developer Aleksandr Shulgin on 11 June 2019.

One of the rare few items that are worth looking more closely at is the Virtuo Trading bot. According to the results charts, this EA appears to be working on trending major currency pairs in the M5 timeframe. The outcomes and the growth chart are extreme, without any dips and an extremely low drawdown. They are fine in a way, which raises doubt. The modeling of backtesting is not the most reliable, only 90 percent use, and no investor is serious about this. The drawdown for more than 16 months on the EUR/USD pair is just 0.75 percent. 92.06% and 68 average consecutive wins are the winning paces. For this time, an average of only two straight losses will make. Similar findings on the Tickmill broker servers are GBP/USD, USD/JPY, AUD/USD, and USD/CAD.

Cost of Service

For Virtuoso, the price is not less than $30,000, but $3600 to rent for a year. The first choice is probably never meant to be serious. No one should buy an EA that has this low and obscure functional ranking. A trial account is an offer, and this price is certainly a must.

Trading Proof

Even though this forex robot is relatively new, a lot of trading evidence is already available. Below is the example of running accounts, and on Myfxbook, there are numerous other customer results. Here are some in the list of the outcomes that this Bot can achieve;

Community of Telegrams

Virtuo provides participants with a Telegram community so you can talk, ask questions, and exchange ideas with other users of the robot. The weekly performance will post frequently to the community. You will soon get a sense of how profitable this robot is. You may apply to join by messaging them on telegram @virtuotrading once you purchase the EA.

Chance of Wreckage

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This Bot has excellent money management skills, despite using Martingale to recover losses, and the chance of ruin is therefore very minimal. Based on its trading history, Myfxbook offers data on the number of consecutive losses that a strategy would need to blow an account. The Bot will need to suffer 2,532 straight losses from the example trading test below before it lost 100 percent of the trading account.

However, bear in mind that this pertains to the initial trade size, which is very small, but increases with the Martingale, which increases the risk significantly.

What Is Martingale?

This forex robot uses a martingale approach to control losses. Many people discuss Martingale negatively and how it can be a risky trading technique. The concepts of Martingale are excellent. Still, because to function efficiently, it needs excellent money management. Because most traders are bad at money management, then Martingale can lead to high drawdowns in most cases and blowing an account in some instances. The Virtuoso Trading drawdown is extremely low because even the Bot is using Martingale. There still be an exceedingly high amount of equity in the account, ensuring margin calls will not occur the capital invested will remain safe. This Bot actually trades with the smallest lot size and the highest amount of free margin I have ever seen, and that's why I think the Bot is secure.

If an open exchange reaches a specific loss size, Martingale operates by increasing the trade size (pip size or monetary amount). The first trade stays open, and twice the early work is available for the second trade. In this way, to make the second trade a good profit, the market needs to trace a much smaller sum so that the first AND the second trade can be closed at the same time, even though the early work still shows a loss. If the market continues to go against both transactions, a third position is open, this time doubling the sum of the second trade so that once the market retraces and the account can return to benefit, it can continue.

What Pair of Currencies Does this Bot Trade?

The robot is for the use of EURUSD. On this currency pair is all the trading proof given above. The robot may function on other teams or mt4 indexes, but it suggests that it be kept alone in EURUSD.

What Broker to Use?

So that you can trade with a cent account, they sell many different brokers. You also get a discount on your order using their brokers. For the examples given below, find out which brokers to use:
  • RoboforexX
  • Paxforex
  • Vantage Fx
  • VPS
What are your thoughts about Virtuoso EA Trading? Is it thrilling? Let us know in the comment section below your thoughts! Next on our topic is the steps on how you can buy and trade with Virtuoso EA. Stay tuned!