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Are you currently a trader? Are you aware about the different indicators that you can use to improve your trading skills? Or you are currently a beginner who is seeking for different threads that can help you to be fully knowledgeable about trading? Are you interested to know more about the best indicators that you can use? Well, the good thing is in this thread we will educate you from the basics and will let you know the best indicators that you can use. This Instaforex thread is a good readable material even if you are a beginner or a rookie, since we will educate you from the most basic information that you should know and the technicalities that comes with it. If you have several experiences on doing trading activities, knowing the best MT4 indicators is a must for you. Especially if you are currently a beginner, you should know the basics and the best indicators before you start some trading activities. Are you now excited to dig down deeper on this Instaforex thread? To start digging down deeper, understanding what are indicators is a better way to start.

Understanding indicators

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Indicators are guide to all traders for them to know the current value. It is also a guide which provides sign if it is good to sell their assets now or there is a better time to do trading activities. The MT4 are used to forecast or to make a glimpse of the price changes that you can see on the currency market. Indicators have some accurate calculations which take utilizes the volume and the price of a certain financial instrument into the market By using the MT4 indicators, all of the traders can make better decisions about the market entry and exit.

It is also said to be a powerful technical analysis tools which can help all traders to easily identify the market trends and for them to provide clear and concrete evidences for trader's predictions about the future price movements. There are four types of indicators namely, trend indicators, momentum indicators, volatility indicators, and volume indicators.

What is MT4?

Indicators are applied to the MT4. MT4 is also called as the Metatrader 4. It is said to be an electronic trading platform which is widely used by a huge variety of online retail foreign exchange of speculative traders. The MT4 or the Metatrader 4 was developed by the MetaQuotes Software and was firstly released way back in 2005. The platform is licensed to the foreign exchange brokers who can provide the software to their users or clients.

The MT4 or the MetaTrader 4 is free to download. Also, on the 1st launch, users will be required to open the free demo account which will enable users to test all the features to use the trading platform. Trading on MT4 is said to be the simplest way to start trading.

What are the best indicators?

Now that we are done discussing the basics of this thread, let's now focus and move on by exploring the different Mt4 indicators that is ranked as best and are free to download. To get you educated, here are the indicators that we are referring to:

The position size calculator

The position size calculator is the number one on our list. The main reason is because position size calculator tells a trader on how many lots they are advisable to trade basing on the data of the entry and the stop-loss level, also based on the risk tolerance, the account size, the account currency and of course the price of the quote currency. This indicator is good especially for users who wants to have a proper risk management or users who thinks that it is crucial thing in their trading activities.

The order indicator

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The order indicator, can see all of a specific users past trade activities that can be found right in the chart. The order indicator provides a clean overview when a user entered the trade the moment that user got out and your results.

Using this indicator can also be shared on their social media accounts. Another good thing is that users can set different color variations on their charts, and even the type of the text and even customize other variables.

The undock chart

The usual MT4 charts can only be used only on one screen. Of course, it is still useful when you can move it around on their screen. By using undock chart, you can easily move the chart window on different screens.

The Autofibo

By using the Autofibo, your chart can automatically draws the retracements on your chart according to the latest High and Low of the market trend. The Autofibo also uses the ZigZag indicator in order to determine the High & Low. As per the ZigZag settings, you can easily influence the accuracy and the size of the individual swings.

Breakout zones

It can mark the high and the low for the specific. It may also be used to set the first trading hour on the DAX. You can also use it to the Statistical application that you can trade to the breakout of this range.

The i-Profit tracker

It is said to be a reliable monitoring to a trader's performance which is said to be crucial part on their trading plan. The i-Profit tracker indicator can automatically monitor accurate results to a trader's trades which clearly shows them in different timeframes.

You can also see accurate results on that specific current trading day and can also see 4 days to the past. With this indicator, you can also monitor your overall performance on a weekly basis per month.

The SHI channel true

This indicator is best if a trader is looking for the most common fractals to be used in the history which connects them with the line. It also shows a clear parallel line and also shows a maximum fractal at the opposite structure.

Have you learned a lot from this thread? Wondering on how you can download the best indicators that we have mentioned. Don't worry since we will educate you later on using a different thread. If you are interested to know more about indicators, you can also visit the Instaforex thread about the best volume indicators.