Security setup matters especially if it is about money and cryptocurrency exchanges which are the topmost targets of hackers or cyber criminals (online thieves). Therefore, it is important to keep your account secure as much as possible. That’s why Binance, requires their users to have or establish Two-Factor Authentication to keep all the cryptocurrencies and altcoins safe from any thieves or unauthorized access.

What is an authentication code?
This code is an identifier that is commonly used to verify or validate the legitimacy of information/details or if data is authentic just like messages. This is designed to encrypt messages with a public key to secure that it is not from cyberhackers. Typically, the message is content with an authentication code. Thus, if the person who received the code sends it back to the people who sent it with of course the correct code, which carries a private key corresponds to the public key then you will know it is the right one.

How to get an authentication code?
The commonly used authentication code generator is the Google Authenticator.

The first thing to do is to Install Google Authenticator on your mobile devices. Do not worry it is a free app where you can download from the Play Store if Android and Apple Store if iOS. Google authenticator has layers of security that help you keep your account safe and in sync.

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Next is to enable the Google Authenticator on Binance. Go to the webpage of Binance and then click to log in if you have an account already, if not click register to create one. After the procedure of signing in, you will be directed to your dashboard and as you can see there is an “Enable” button next to the Google Authenticator section which can be found in the lower-right corner of the page.

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You can see in the lower-right side a “Next steps” button to continue the steps or process. There will be a backup key that needs to be kept safe and copied including a QR code for you to scan and make an easy transaction.

So the backup key consisting of 16 digits must be written down and kept hidden from anyone except you. As recommended, you must have at least 2 more copies of it for emergency cases or purposes. This key is important since verification is needed in Binance if ever cases such as damaged phone, lost phone, or stolen phone will occur.

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Furthermore, add Binance to your Google Authenticator. In your mobile device either Android or iPhone, open your Google Authenticator app, and to proceed tap the “Begin Setup”. Then a screen will show a message asking for either “Scan Barcode” or “Enter a provided key”. So you will select what method you preferred the most to proceed with the process.

Thus, if you choose the manual backing up of the key, then enter your preferred account name and the backup key from the empty box provided. After you have input the essential details, you will now choose between “Counter based” or “Time-based”.

If you choose “Counter based” the code will refresh every five seconds after clicking, while if you choose the “Time-based” it will refresh every 30 seconds automatically. But, many have recommended using the “Time based” because it takes time for you to go to the Google Authenticator and then in the Binance page to sign in or make withdrawals which requires authentication codes. If you finished setting up, click the “Add” button if Android or the “Check” button if iOS then Binance will be added to your Google Authenticator.

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Additionally, if you are currently using a Mac or Personal Computer and wanted to scan the backup key’s QR code for the easy transaction instead of manually enter it, then the Google Authenticator need first to ask permission from your phone’s camera by click “Allow” or “Grant'' to confirm the action. With this, your camera is now free to scan the backup key’s QR code and Binance can be automatically added to your Google Authenticator.

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Now finalize your setup on your Binance account after adding it on Google Authenticator. Go back to the page to complete the process of two-factor authentication setup. To do this, click the “Enable Google Authentication” which can be found in the upper right corner of the screen, then enter the 16-digit backup key, password, and the 6-digit authentication code from your Google Authenticator app. Once done, exit the browser.

Now everything is settled and to test the reliability of the setup, you have to logout and login to your Binance account and then if it will ask you to provide an authentication code it is legit. So, every time you sign you will be asked for a 2FA code. Just enter the 6-digit code that is provided only to your Binance account.