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Thread: EX4 to MQ4 Decompilation: Should you Hire a Programmer or Invest in a Decompiler?

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    Default EX4 to MQ4 Decompilation: Should you Hire a Programmer or Invest in a Decompiler?

    Decompilation will definitely be unnecessary in a perfect world, even when discovering how a certain function was introduced by other individuals who may not like to write good documentation. However, there are also instances in the real world where a clear connection to the source code can be found. It should be the only option, if not the only one. Here are some of the reasons why you can decompile:
    • Recovery of the source code which was lost accidentally
    • Learning the implementation of a trick or function
    • Troubleshooting a library or program which does not have sufficient documentation
    • Correction of urgent vulnerabilities in third party code for which no source code exists
    • Learning how to defend your code from hacking
    • Decompiling creates source code from the bytecode of Java.
    • Because of the normal and well-documented bytecode structure, this is a reverse compilation process that is possible.

    Much like running a bytecode compiler from the source code, you can run a decompiler to obtain the bytecode source code for the provided bytecode. In the absence of documentation and source code, decompiling is an effective method of learning about implementation logic, which is why many component suppliers in the license agreement expressly forbid decompiling and reverse engineering. If you are unsure about the legality of your actions, be sure to review the licensing agreement or seek specific authorization from the vendor.

    Some individuals might argue that extreme steps such as decompiling should not be used and that you should rely on bytecode vendors for support and bug fixing. In a technical environment, you are responsible for the functionality being perfect when you are a developer of an application. Whether a bug is in your code or in third-party code is not relevant to the users and management. They care about fixing the problem, and they are going to keep you responsible for it. A preferred approach should be to contact the vendor of the third-party code. If you have an urgent need, however, to be able to work with the bytecode in a matter of hours would give you an extra gain over your colleagues and maybe even a bonus.

    What makes Decompiling Possible?
    The Java source, like the C/C++ source, is not compiled into binary machine code. The Java source compilation creates an intermediate bytecode, which is a platform-independent source code representation. After loading, the bytecode may be interpreted or compiled, resulting in a two-step transformation of the high-level programming language into low-level machine code. It is the intermediate stage that almost renders Java bytecode decompilation almost flawless. Bytecode includes all the relevant information that is found in the source file. Although the comments and formatting are lost, it is clear that all the strategies, variables and programming logic are retained. Since the bytecode does not reflect the language of the computer at the lowest level, the code format strongly resembles the source code.
    The decompiler loads the bytecode and, based on the bytecode instructions, attempts to recreate the source code. Typically, the names of class methods and variables are retained, while the names of the parameters of the method and the local variables are lost. If debugging information is usable, parameter names and line numbers are given by the decompiler, making the reconstructed source file even more readable.

    What is a freeware decompiler?
    A decompiler is a computer program that takes as input a read-only file and tries to produce a readable code at a high level that can be successfully recompiled on another machine. A compiler that takes source code and renders an executable is also the opposite of a compiler. Compilers usually present a diluted source code, and as such, remote (or remote-ish) sections, such as decompilers, may also break down electronic code. (Compiler vs Compiler: A Compiler translates source code to machine code). Indeed, without the aid of a decompiler, the complexity of computer code remains difficult to decompile effectively.

    In short, the object of the compilation is to "translate" the code written by the programmer (source code) into a comprehensible language that the computer can understand (executable file). This would suggest that a compilation would be the opposite. In other words, a code written by the computer must be obtained in order to get the code written by the programmer (executable).

    Why are they decompiling EX4 files?
    EX4 files are innocently decompiled in a perfect world by users who bought an indicator from a coder, but the coder was no longer around for support, and the user wanted to "open" the file with good intentions to enhance or add to the indicator.

    Unfortunately, this is hardly the reason why EX4 files that are covered are hacked. The primary explanation for the presence of decompiled files is because of scams and theft. People who do not understand how to code will take an EX4 file generated by a coder and decompile the file, re-name it to something different (usually something cheesy like "Pip Magic" etc.) and then sell it as their own.

    How do I know if I have decompiled an indicator?
    The best way to spot a code that is decompiled is:
    Open the indicator in your editor for MT4
    If there are letters and numbers separated by underscores in the code, that is. It's decompiled with gi 212 etc,
    In addition, many decompiled indicators would have a reference left at the top of the code indicating that an EX4 to MQ4 decompiler is decompiled. A typical example of a watermark of this kind:

    Generated by ex4-to-mq4 decompiler FREEWARE 4.0.509.5"
    It is true that decompiling an EX4 file provides an editable source code for MQL4, but variable names are stripped and substituted with "machine" names in the decompilation process.
    Variables will be called according to their intent by MQL4 coders and programmers who code at a proficient level. If the variable is an Average, the avgPeriod might be called by a coder. This variable will be renamed by a decompiler using a computer name such as g 393 or similar.

    Staff at the Forex station have a strong stand against decompiled MQL4 files simply because it is immoral and cheating. If a coder has chosen to protect their job, that is something we must value. That's the same explanation why people lock their doors while they're out of the building. To avoid robberies.

    Why are certain files found in EX4?
    No wonder you have found .ex4 file extension files, since the file includes a software application connected to the MetaTrader network. The MetaTrader application is a trading program which is used on the Internet to trade foreign markets, futures contracts and futures contracts for commodities.

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    The EX4 files contain code that has been extracted into a single unified C++ project from different MQ4 files. The trading platform system that can be executed by the website is included in the HTML files containing the expert advisor files.

    The MetaTrader Software file is a file that has an EX4 extension. It is a compiled programming code created for MetaTrader, the trading software for the internet foreign exchange market. It is possible to store scripts or indicators used by the MetaTrader program in an EX4 format. Alternatively, it may be an Expert Advisor (EA) program used by MetaTrader to automate trading.

    The program code in the EX4 file is written from the MQ4 file, which appears to be MetaTrader's Custom Indicator file. This is achieved through a method called MetaEditor that comes with MetaTrader enabled. The EX4 files are used by MetaTrader 4, so the EX5 files are somewhat similar, except they are used for MetaTrader 5. The MQH files saved with the EX4 and EX5 files can be seen. MQH is another file format for MetaTrader, called the Include file for MetaTrader.

    Currently, all of the EX4 files, which are pre-written programs that are used on the computer of a user, are on the computer of the user. Some of the files used in the MetaTrader trading program can also be files that are created for it, just like the EX4 files.
    Every lab file named EX4 has the EX4 file extension and is protected by a special software security scheme against decompilation. These prohibitions (for EXE, DLL, and EXE-COM files) have been removed with regard to any modifications to, or disassembly of, EXE files. (A brief sentence covering all the types of innovations mentioned.)

    The Mechanism for Defense. It is a standalone program belonging to MetaQuotes Software Corp., which is an exclusive right. We are improving the government and requiring every individual to show respect for the rights listed, as well as intellectual property and copyrights.

    Why is it appropriate for us to convert it to MQ4?

    The extension of the MetaTrader custom indicator file is known as the MetaTrader Custom Indicator File, which MetaQuotes Software Corporation has created. The MQ4 file format is the source code and application files written in the programming language of the MQL4 program. The source code is very helpful since it can be opened using the MetaEditor tool, which is important to access or change the code of the indicator. A module is a shared document that includes variables, functions, and comments that can be used on a computer network by many computer programs.

    MetaQuotes Language four (MQL4) is a built-in language for techniques for buying and selling programming. This language is built entirely by MetaQuotes Software Corp. based on their long journey in the development of online trading platforms. Using this language, you can build your own expert advisors that computerize purchasing and selling administration and are ideally suitable for implementing your own trading strategies. In addition, you can make your own technical symptoms (custom indicators), scripts, and libraries with the use of MQL4. MQL4 provides a large range of functions necessary for the analysis and control of quotes obtained today and beforehand, and has built-in primary indications and functions for handling and monitoring change orders. For writing the software code, the MetaEditor (text editor) which highlights exclusive constructions of the MQL4 language is used. It allows users to orient themselves reasonably quickly in the textual material of the professional framework. The fast guide contains tasks, procedures, reserved words, and various language constructions divided into groups, and approves the discovery of the definition of any language thing used.

    It is possible to integrate any module into more than one computer program. There is a different indicator, the Custom Indicator, which is written separately from the indicators which are already used in the terminal. They can not be traded automatically, similar to bar-code scanners. Nevertheless, they have been designed to allow only analytical functions to be introduced. For any one of these conditions, we have a chromatogram. We store this in the directory of experts\terminal directory\indicators. MetaTrader is an online trading platform designed for the Forex, CFD (Difference Contracts) and Futures markets of financial institutions. Not only does Metatrader recognize MetaTrader4 on Windows platforms, but MQ4 files can also be opened by that program.

    The programs written in Language 4 of MetaQuotes have extraordinary elements and purposes:
    • Library is a collection of customized functions intended for the storage and distribution of customized programs blocks that are commonly used. Libraries are unable to start working by themselves.
    • The libraries are located in the directory of terminal\MQL4\Libraries
    • Expert Advisor is a system for mechanical trading connected to a certain graph. When a tournament takes place that can be done with the assistance of it, an Expert Advisor begins to run: occasions of initialization and deinitialization, a case of a new tick receipt, a timer event, market-changing event depth, chart match, and custom events.
    • In terminal directory\MQL4\Indicators, the custom alert signs are stored
    • Script is an application intended for certain acts to be performed in a single way. Scripts do not perform any acts, unlike Expert Advisors, without the starting tournament (this requires the OnStart handler characteristic in a script). The scripts are saved in the directory terminal\MQL4\Scripts
    • Each Expert Advisor will advise you of an opportunity to adjust and regularly alternate orders to a trade server immediately on an account. The Expert Advisors are located in the directory terminal\MQL4\Experts.
    • In addition to those already integrated into the purchaser terminal, the Custom Indicator is a technical indicator written separately. They do not adjust robotically, like built-in indicators, and are intended only for the enforcement of analytical characteristics.
    • The Include File is the source text for the most widely used custom program blocks. These documents can be included at the compilation stage in the source texts of Expert Advisors, scripts, custom indicators, and libraries. Because of the additional responsibility of calling the library functions, the use of protected files is especially preferable to the use of libraries.

    The Reasoning and its Value: EX4 to MQ4
    The EX4 and MQ4 files are used within the MetaTrader 4 platform for carrying out transactions. For the Forex market, these two separate types of investors are both relevant. A relative path or program code to EA's, indicators, or scripting languages may be included in these files. The difference between these two types of files is that the files belonging to the former group are executable (*.ex4) files containing the source code and the files belonging to the latter type (.MQ4 files containing the source code as well as other information). Since the program or application's source code is usable, it is very useful for many purposes. The reasons for this are listed as follows:

    This places the source code in a way that allows you to adjust it and its algorithms in line with current business requirements.
    This system releases all limits on the time of operation, the number of trading accounts, or the amount of money made, from the boss, the application, or the trader.

    This allows you to understand why the trading program works, how it works, the logic. The reason this program is backed up by you is that you trust it to keep your money safe.

    Over time, only a few developers have forgotten to link the source code to their products. Slightly decompiled files from .EX4 to .MQ4 are frequently needed for the compatibility of indicators with other platforms.

    What are the MT4 programmers definitely doing?
    Many people ask us what an MT4 programmer does precisely. An MT4 programmer, also known as the MT4 coder or MT4 developer, is a professional who specializes in designing, developing, and improving packages in the MQL4 programming language of MetaTrader. These programs have been developed to be used on the trading platform of MetaTrader. So you should refer to these gurus as programmers for MetaTrader in addition. For the most part, the object of MQL4 programs is to review charts and conduct buying and selling activities. MT4 programmers therefore need to have at least fundamental knowledge of trading. They would also be able to easily interpret a forex trading strategy and incorporate the special functions needed in an EA Expert Advisor. An MT4 programmer is capable of improving all sorts of solutions for the MT4 platform to buy and sell and automated trading strategies. The programming of forex robots or forex EA running exceptional types of trading systems is one of their most requested capabilities. Take a look at the main components of our programming services for MT4.

    See also: Wide range of InstaForex technical indicators.

    Why do you need programmers for MT4?

    If you still don't see what an MT4 programmer can be useful for right now, then continue reading. You will need to automate some, if not most, of your routines at some stage in your journey as a forex trader. Some of the tasks that will help you develop your skills as an economic trader include bringing up patterns and trends in the charts, as well as putting warnings that inform you when appropriate activities occur.

    Opening, changing and closing procedures are often among the most time-honored processes that need to be automated. As a result, these strategies will free up extra time to find out about new information and acquire it. To better understand what can be achieved by an MT4 programmer, download the following MT4 indicator. It is free of charge: MT4 Regression Analysis Predictor.

    When is it beneficial for MT4 programmers to specify their offerings?
    You can initially cover your primary needs with free resources. But as you move on, you will observe that you will want more complicated tools to continue to advance. Unfortunately, you're not going to be in a position to find them for free. It is the location you would want the offerings of MT4 programmers at this stage.

    And it makes sense that you need to make a small investment at a time when you are developing as a trader. Some insist that, with the exception of any prices, they can be successful in buying and selling. They have had some good operations and believe they have found in a short time the way to get wealthy. Time is going to bring the sad truth in front of their eyes. Many of us who have been in the trading world for some time have been going through that for a long time now. Believe us, trading requires some financing to achieve true outcomes, like every different pastime in life.

    Problems during Decompiling
    Decompiling creates a readable file much of the time, which can be modified and recompiled. However, decompiling does not render a file that can be compiled again on some occasions. If the bytecode has been obfuscated, this may happen and the names provided by the obfuscator result in the compilation being unclear. The bytecode is validated when it is loaded, but verification implies that a number of errors have been checked by the compiler. In order to help secure intellectual property, bytecode verifiers are therefore not as stringent as compilers and obfuscators may take advantage of that.

    Encoding the class files and using a custom class loader to decode them during loading is a powerful way of protecting intellectual property. In this way, except for the entry point and the class loader, the decompilers cannot be used in any of the program classes. Although not unbreakable, encoding makes it much more challenging to hack. To understand the decoding process, a hacker would first have to decompile the class loader and then decrypt all the class files; only then could he continue with decompiling.

    How to use freeware 4.0 509.5 from the ex4 to mq4 decompiler?
    There are MetaQuotes documents that can be opened without any cost by traders with MetaQuotes tools. And it will work with Home Windows, MacOS, and Linux as well. But, before you load, you need to double-click or double-click the file, so you may not be able to just double-click or double-click the file on MetaTrader.

    You can open the stock file of EX4 in a different way. Simply position it inside the required directory inside the MetaTrader installation program list file to do that. If you have MetaTrader 5, for instance, and it resides in Program Files, the folder is most likely to be located in C:Program FilesMetaTrader 5MQL5.

    You can see several other sub-folders inside that folder until you happen to have stored them in that folder. The EX4 file is, and for the reader, it should be greatly explained so that they have an idea of where to put it. The EX4 file can be put in the "Indicators" folder if it is an indicator, the "Experts" folder if it is an EA, and the "Scripts" folder for EX4 data files that are scripts. It may be an indicator, or a technical advisor file (EA), or script 226;.

    You need to find your data files to access your data files in MetaTrader and 'press' on them in the 'Navigator' window. If you do not see stuff like navigation, sidebars, and views, visit the View > Navigator menu.

    The EX4 file extension, although it shares some of the same characters, is not identical to a file that is the same as an EXO, EXR, EX, or EXE file extension, but entirely different. Try to find out by looking for back links from here to back links from a party.

    If your computer software is set to open EX4 files for some reason, but you find that your software is actually the wrong software or you will be much more comfortable with opening the shown software, see my guide "How to change the default program for a particular file extension" to change that setting in Windows.

    How to decompile MQ4 from the EX4
    The EX4 files are the compiled data equivalent of the MQ4 files, which means that to "change" the EX4 file to MQ4, you need a decompiler.
    The simplest way to extract a mq4 file using this program is to simply paste the output into your system like that.
    You may also say "EX5 to EX" "EX4 to JX" or "AFL to MTM" as a phrase (AmiBroker Formula Language). Most possibly, via the MetaTrader app on its own, you can complete the process.
    Name: EM1.PNG Views: 150 Size: 36.2 KB
    When you open the decompiler, you can see it in the picture above. (1) Compatible with all versions of Windows, so that you don't have trouble converting it to a file that can be read on other versions of Windows. Tick (2) Allow the MetaTrader plug-in so that you can use the MetaTrader program for this MQ4 file. Finally, select (3) Help the new version of EX4 to convert the EX4 file that you have selected to any version of the EX4 file.
    Name: EM2.PNG Views: 151 Size: 40.1 KB
    Then press the 'Input' button and navigate to the EX4 file you saved. If you have selected your EX4 file, click on Open.
    After that, you can start letting the app do all the coding work and decompilation by pressing 'Decompile'.
    Name: EM3.PNG Views: 154 Size: 98.1 KB
    You can see the converted file in MQ4 after you have done all of that, and you can now use this in the MetaTrader program that you have on your personal computer.

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    When to use the freeware 4.0 509.5 for ex4 to mq4 decompiler?
    These are the situations that are most famous:
    • It is used to make other programmers' work suitable by publishing it under a different name.
    • Alter, adjust, and/or correct an MT4 program to make changes.
    • The capacity to produce MQL4 codes is extremely remunerative. MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is the language used in this project for programming purposes.
    • To restore certain missing source code of the project.

    Definitive Phrases
    To create a MQL5 Expert Advisor (EA), the source code you need (a mq4 file) is all you need to develop this MT4 Expert Advisor (EA). One advantage of MT4 EA is that it uses only the format compiled (ex4 extension). Our MT4 programmers will therefore be able to create and develop an MT4 EA on the basis of your trading statement, regardless of whether you have the indicator code (ex4).
    As it turns out, even without the source code, we can implement an alert and warning for a piece of information (mq4 file). As an example, they can go in and edit a single signification with a competent MT4 programmer, and then change the indicator signal to do something else, such as sending you updates about that update. If we have your indicator product type, you should not hesitate to inquire - the indicator does not need the mq4 file to work correctly.

    Decompiling a file involves breaking the source code that has been compiled to reveal the material by opening it. The goal of decompiling is to enter the original source in order to alter it in some way. Differences between MQ4 and EX4 You might have noticed that the original program code is in the MQL language if you have found two different types of files that are listed in the folder.mq4 expert or indicator files. Programmers are able to access this file type in order to make adjustments to the EA or indicator. The computer does not store information in a human-readable format about the ex4 file. Instead, it compiles the code into a series of zeros and bits that the device reads, called bits, in real time. If you open an ex4 file in MetaEditor, or if you open a file in Notepad, wiggly characters and gibberish are all that come up.

    It is the ideal analogy to understand the principle of a game plan. If you know that the opposing team's defense is moving slowly, you might try to move more frequently. You are not sure of all the complexities of how the game is going to play out. The objective is to create a general reaction to a set of circumstances. That's the mq4 file here. The ex4 file is the collection of decisions made in the game that enact the strategy to pass more frequently.

    The concept is ready to go, but the individual plays could not have been defined because they were in the future. The players take the generic plan of the game and implement it as the plays progress in real time. Reasons for decompilation The majority of requests for an ex4 file to be decompiled come from traders who have purchased and are not happy with a product. Breaking up the compiled ex4 file yields a mq4 file. The contents of the MQL can then be taken and you can make the adjustments you want.

    A lot of decompilers would like to make a file to make harmless improvements. A effective predictor can predict the course of the market, but when it is a good time to trade, it does not generate alerts. The user could be saved from staring too long at charts by new trading set-up signals. Traders erroneously conclude that the source code needs to be available to them. Rather than breaking into the code of someone else, it is easier to ask a programmer to use the iCustom features. It is a legitimate use of the code without it being appropriate to have unauthorized access to the code.

    Though trading on financial markets involves high risk, it can still generate extra income in case you apply the right approach. By choosing a reliable broker such as InstaForex you get access to the international financial markets and open your way towards financial independence. You can sign up here.

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