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Indicator for Price Action For MetaTrader 4

Detect patterns of doji and pin bars on manually added trend lines and levels of support/resistance in MT4

It will help you become a better trader with this indicator.

A very effective tool is this custom Price Action MT4 indicator and it is very easy to use. It is coded to a technical standard and built to be one of the most realistic trading tools for beginners as well as experienced traders of Forex and options from the ground up. The Price Action indicator is also programmed to send trading signals to your email and smartphone, in addition to the warnings visible on the charts.

Trade in market activity at the rate of support and resistance.

Reversal Indications of Doji Pattern

The single most useful piece of knowledge that can be used by a trader in technical analysis is price action. The majority of experienced traders concentrate almost exclusively on market behavior and levels of support and resistance. Since there are a few powerful trends that clearly suggest an upcoming bullish or bearish trend, many traders search for particular candle patterns.

On their own, these candle patterns may not be very important, but these candle patterns may mean quite a lot when they appear on regular price support and resistance levels or trend lines.

They usually signal a pattern reversal when they appear on Support/Resistance lines or Trend lines. It may be short-lived and temporary and the price may come back and test the same levels again. The price may eventually break the line and continue its key trend toward the next levels of S/R. For example, see the picture where we see a trend reversal first, but the price goes back down to the Support line and breaks it to continue its bearish trend. The indicator correctly picked up both trends here.

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Detecting reversals of Doji and Pin bar in market action pin bar predictor.

In their regular trading, many skilled and active traders use price trends, like the Doji and Pin bar. We have researched the strategies of many renowned technical traders and the same tactics are used by many of them.

Nearly all of the traders we have come across rely on levels of support and resistance and market trends that include a Doji and/or a Pin bar. On regular charts, this method of trading works best.

When a Doji or a Pin bar candle appears inside your Meta Trader on a horizontal or diagonal trend line, the Doji reversal indicator will begin to evaluate the next candles and give a warning based on a verified pattern of candles that will follow.

This is why the indicator for the Doji Reversal is unique. Not only does it notice the Doji and Pin bar candles on the trend lines, it actually measures the price levels of the next candles before giving a verified signal in relation to its own price levels. In the visible, short, dotted lines the indicator draws on the chart as it analyzes the price levels of the following candles, the outcome of the calculation can be seen.
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On your maps, email or mobile computer, get signals.

Doji Reversal Signal Reversal

In the form of arrows visible on the charts and pop-up and sound warnings, the Doji Reversal indicator will issue signals that will warn you of trading opportunities while you're in front of your screen. DIRECTION-ASSET-TIME FRAME-DATE-TIME The signals would explicitly state the following:

The indicator can also send signals to your phone or via email via a push notification. You can leave your trading platform this way and concentrate on other things. As long as your MT4 platform with the indicator remains running, you can receive the signals.

You may need to customize your MT4 trading platform with your information, such as your phone number and email server (Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) in order for the push notification and emails to function. If you choose not to receive any signals, you may turn them off individually in the indicator settings.

Settings of the Price Action Indicator in MT4.

With its default settings, the indicator can work very well. If you want to customize it to suit your particular trading strategy, there is no need to change something. By blacklisting or whitelisting them by color, you may filter those lines.

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Here is how to set up the indicator for market action.

It is very simple to use the Doji Reversal predictor. The indicator can do much of the hard work for you, but it needs to be set up first in order for it to work properly and deliver the best results. Perform the steps below:

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1. To your MT4 map, add trend lines and/or price SR levels

If you haven't done so already, draw your favorite currency pair's trend lines and help and resistance lines on your daily charts. Diagonal and/or horizontal can be these lines.

By default, all lines visible on the chart are taken into account, but some lines can be filtered by color in the settings of the indicator if appropriate. On the monthly and weekly maps, you can also draw trend lines. Some traders on H4 and even H1 charts will draw trend lines, but we do not suggest using anything below the H1 map.

2. Load the indicator Doji Reversal into your charts

Load the Doji Reversal predictor onto your chart from your custom indicators folder. Even, first you can load the indicator and then draw trend lines. It does not matter the order. It will automatically operate with the indicator. Doji candles and Pin bar candles along YOUR trend lines and lines of support and resistance will be detected.

For most traders, the default settings of the custom indicator should be fine, but if minor configurations are needed, these can be done in the settings of the indicator. Refer to the picture with the above settings.

3. Based on the market behavior trends, wait for the next signal

You will most likely see a few signals after loading our Doji and Pin Bar Reversal Indicator into your MT4 trading window. These will show you exactly how the price action was read by the custom indicator and followed with the analysis and the signals.

Now you can relax and wait until the next live signals are released via the indicator. It is recommended to review the charts prior to live trading when you receive a signal. Bear in mind that your MT4 trading window must remain open for the signals to be sent. Signals can be seen on the computer and, if correctly configured, sent to email and smartphone.

There are a number of different ways to use the Market Action predictor. A couple of cases...

The main trend lines can be traded: purchasing when an upper major trend line has been broken or selling when the price falls below a lower major trend.

Use it to trade the most substantial Fibonacci retracement rates, such as the amount of 38.2 percent.

Wait for a pull back to the 38.2 percent retracement level during trending markets and aim to buy at this level.

Conversely, wait for a bounce back to the 38.2 percent retracement level during down-trending markets and aim to sell at this level.

MT4 Benefits and Drawbacks of the Price Action Predictor

One of the key advantages of using the Meta Trader 4 Market Action Indicator is that the price ticks of each currency pair or trading asset on which it is positioned are instantly identified and displayed to the trader to deal with them. Which implies that in its own sub-window in the Meta Trader 4 charting process, its indicator will print the ticks produced by that currency pair in real time, regardless of the currency pair that a trader operates on or has a preference for.

As the trader watches the stocks in real time, the investor will see these ticks being made and will be able to manipulate them to produce trades for stronger inputs than he or she would have created even without an indicator. For scalpers, there is a very important benefit that a trader can obtain from the Meta Trader 4 Market Action Indicator. Traders targeting the short-term profit markets understand how important it is for a scalper to have the entry into a trade right and understand that most of the time the entry is really the only thing that separates a good trade from a losing trade between two scalpers.

It means that even though the trader is stubborn about attempting to take away money from the markets, the entry of the scalper must be as perfect as possible as a 1-2 pip difference on the same exchange would convert a transaction that would otherwise have resulted profitably in a loss of trade.

A scalper knows the importance of a suitable program, for example. So let's assume that there are two scalpers for the sake of this example, and let's also say that there is an exchange on the EURUSD pair, the 1 Minute timeline, and that for a quick scalp of 5-7 pips, a trader is supposed to be in a long place with a 4-5 pip goal. The first trader then proceeds to take a transaction in the up direction right before a minor pullback of about 4 - 5 pips, while the second trader takes the trade within the retracement while the price has already decreased by 3 pips.

Due to the size of their stop-loss and the restricted retracement, the first one will lose the exchange or miss out on the market shift between the two traders involved in this example, while the second trader who bought in the retracement and thus did not have a complete drawdown of 4 - 5 pips as the first trader will survive the retracement and eventually win a winning trade while the first trader will win a winning trade.

Using the Meta Trader 4 Market Action Indicator can also significantly improve any trader's trading efficiency, especially some traders who operate much lower timeframes and need to be as authentic as possible. This means it is likely that it will be used for a while by a scalper who wants to use the predictor. This is how, with the Market Action Predictor for Meta Trader 4 as the demand for and currency pair, the trader chooses to print ticks in real time. The trader can then look at the ticks produced and can tell exactly where the markets have a very slight market turn and can then concentrate their entry on this with what can sometimes be as small as a 1 pip stop loss.

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The Meta Trader 4 Price Action Tracker would help traders who want to be able to predict a new wave or a recent trend before it happens, even if it is very short, to predict which market could be going. This means that the predictor helps keep traders a step ahead of many other traders by simply motivating traders to see the ticks as they form. The changing ticks still work, the way price action does, but on a much faster scale.

Once the indicator is used by investors, they can see how the price of a currency pair or exchange asset is generated in real time. This then helps the trader to see exactly how the micro price action either generates higher highs and lower lows or lower highs and lower lows.

This then trains the traders smarter, then gives him or her an overview of the latest evolving trend, and long before any other traders can predict that this is the way pricing behavior would go, this knowledge arrives. A trader may also get misleadingly that if they are incorrect on the exchange rather than a much later entry, the trader can still shut down their positions in profits or very small loss and have to exit with a much greater trading loss if, in terms of its path, the trader is incorrect in the market action decision.

Traders who for a while have been using the Price Action Predictor for Meta Trader 4 would also find out that over time they have gained a new skill - a faster ability to respond to prices and time. This means that when traders use the indicator, their response to demand will get faster and better until they are able to respond very quickly to whatever the market says or does without having to think about it several times. This will usually assist the dealer in attempting to learn and develop their overall trading skills over time.