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Thread: What is a communication (communication) strategy?

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    Default What is a communication (communication) strategy?

    A communication (communication) strategy is a marketing plan, adopted for a certain period of time, which the company adheres to when establishing relationships with different target groups. This strategy is structured as a roadmap for the marketer to understand how to lead the way to the hearts of potential and current customers.

    The objectives of the communication strategy:
    • shape the desired perception of the company;
    • create the desired image of the organization;
    • increase audience loyalty to products and brands.

    The main task of the communication strategy is to convey to the target audience the main idea of ​​the company and its positioning concept.

    The communication strategy of a company is not conceived when the organization has just entered the market, but when there is already some capital and you want to keep it and increase it. This may apply to medium-sized businesses that want to move from the local level to a higher one.

    When building a communication strategy, it is necessary to take into account the answers to the questions posed:
    How do the goals and objectives of the communication strategy match the goals and objectives of the business? That is, what should be achieved: increasing sales, increasing awareness, getting ahead of competitors, improving positioning.
    What is the firm's current reputation and media attitudes?
    What are the 3 main competitors in the market? Market situation.
    What are the communication problems? What is found out with the help of questions, focus groups, expert interviews.
    What are the target audiences of the company?
    What is the degree of positioning of the company now and what do they want to have?
    What communication channels does the company work with?
    Does the company have such risks? Their assessment.
    What are the company's key performance indicators for the last year?
    What is the budget for a communication strategy and how long do you plan to implement it?

    The communication strategy is created in any form and may vary depending on the goals of the company.

    The communication strategy includes the following tasks:
    1) conventional, which allows you to secure the consent of a potential client with the proposal, with an understanding of the appropriateness and with the subsequent implementation of the sale;
    2) non-conflict, excluding discrepancies between the brand, product and consumer;
    3) manipulative, carrying out the capture of attention, the acquisition of meaning in order to facilitate the introduction of one's own vision of reality.
    Of course, it is important for every company to get an obedient customer who will do and buy what the company offers. So it is necessary to instill in the consumer the lack of critical thinking and find ways to bind it only to your company, that is, products. Therefore, for this purpose, the existing instruments of influence, both technical and interpersonal, are used. Acting on the principles of strategy, it is necessary to draw up an action plan within the framework of a communicative mix, consisting of areas: trade marketing, public relations, advertising and direct marketing. In doing so, it is necessary to rely on the fundamentals of marketing and corporate strategies, using the most effective promotion methods.

    Marketers distinguish the following components of a communication strategy:
    1) creative, which serves to create an image of the company, a model of perception and carries an idea that is close to consumers;
    2) market based, based on market and consumer analysis, used to define the concepts of brand communication, positioning and differentiation;
    3) media, determines the budget and distribution channel of the necessary advertising information, with the definition of the role for each media.
    At the final approval of the communication strategy, a marketing communications plan is determined, where the activities used are described in detail, solving clearly defined marketing tasks by means of communication with participants in the communicative environment.

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    This post is sponsored by a content payout program available to anyone to participate.
    Business communication strategy is defined as the specific forms of contact and interaction of people who represent not only themselves, but also their organizations. This includes the exchange of information, proposals, requirements, views, motivation to solve certain problems both within the organization and outside it, as well as the signing of agreements or the formation of other relationships between companies, or organizations.

    The essence of business communication
    Business communication, unlike other types of communication, has its own characteristics, namely:
    • all communication subjects act in a certain official status (in a certain role);
    • This is aimed at building communication and maintaining relationships between representatives of various organizations who complement each other in joint activities;
    • it is carried out in accordance with some generally recognized and generally accepted rules;
    • business communications, as opposed to day-to-day personal communications, are pre-planned, prepared, their purpose, content and possible consequences are determined;
    • business communication is constructive in nature, aimed at completing certain tasks, achieving certain goals
    • the business communication partner acts as a key person for the subject;
    • The content of business communication is an activity in which people are directly involved, and not a problem affecting the inner world.
    business communication strategy involves the choice of a particular behavior model, which in this situation contributes the most to the achievement of the goals set. communication strategy is based on certain principles, the most important of which are:
    • variability (you must have multiple options for behavior in the same type of situation and be able to use them quickly);
    • non-conflict (you must not allow confrontation or conflict with business partners);
    • interaction (in business contacts, one must skillfully use the mechanisms of human interaction: people's attachment to each other, sympathy, antipathy, trust, respect, etc.);
    • ideological (one should pay attention to new ideas, although at first glance it is unusual);
    • You must be able to master the behaviors that lead to success in business relationships;
    • You must be able to show, present and capture, properly assess your reactions and the reactions of partners during communication, changing situations.
    There are three phases in business communication:
    • Early on, as long as initial contact is established, the mood for communication is the orientation of the situation. In this phase, the task arises to encourage business partners to communicate, creating interest, the maximum area of ​​opportunity to discuss problems. Here, the emotional state of the partner is also assessed, communication strategies and tactics are determined, as a certain tone of relationship is chosen, the partner's self-esteem is taken into account and roles are distributed.
    • The main thing, in which a certain sequence of actions is implemented, that is, the intermediate and final goals of communication are set, direct linguistic contact, non-linguistic and documentary, there is a reciprocal analysis of the output and intermediate sentences, the search for agreed decisions, the distribution of roles occurs according to the principle " domination-subordination ", determines the prospect of communication.
    • Finally, as long as the results of the business interactions are formulated, out of contact occurs, the foundation for subsequent interactions is formed.
    Business communication barriers:
    • specifics: political, social, religious, linguistic, professional differences, defined by different world views, not knowing a foreign language (we are talking, for example, about being part of a different party, believing - infidel, poor - rich; foreigner, etc. .);
    • psychological: individuals who have different psychological characteristics from those with whom they communicate (for example, a person's confidentiality, secondary shame, antipathy, distrust, etc.); the case when they were constantly paying attention to aspects of the partner's personality which he was not aware of and that were in conflict with his ideas about himself;
    • Psychophysiology: we are talking about encounters with deaf and mute people, blind, mentally retarded, sectarian, fanatical, alcoholics, drug addicts, etc.

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