What is Forex or Foreign Exchange Trading:
It is the largest financial market in the world with daily trading volumes exceeding $ 5 trillion in which different currencies are exchanged, unlike other financial markets, the forex market has no physical presence or a central exchange and works through an electronic network that includes companies and individuals who trade in a currency in Against another currency.

How about a prediction
It is to predict current and future trends in the market using available information and facts. Analysts rely on technical and basic statistics to predict the next direction of the economy, the stock market, or even a stock.
For those who trade through the forex or the foreign exchange market, they know that predicting the market or market conditions makes the difference between successful trading and losing capital. When you begin to learn to trade forex, it is important to understand how you can predict the conditions of this market.

There are a few methods used in forecasting the forex market. Each system is mainly used to understand how the forex market works and how fluctuations in it affect the currency exchange rate. The two most common methods are technical analysis and fundamental analysis. Both differ from the other in the methods they use, but also both can help a forex trader. In understanding the changes that occur in currency exchange rates in most cases, experienced traders and speculators are aware of both methods and use a combination of them in forex trading.

One of the methods used in predicting the foreign exchange market is called technical analysis. This method uses forecasts by looking at market trends on charts to identify the latest developments in the forex market. This system relies on real events that have already occurred in the forex market in the past. Most of the forex traders and speculators are experienced. Experience depends on this system because it follows actual trends and is highly reliable.

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When looking at technical analysis of forex, there are three main principles that are used in making predictions. These principles depend on the movement of the market in relation to current events and trends of price movements in addition to past events in the forex market. When looking at market movements, everything from supply and demand. To the current policies and the status quo of the market are taken into account. It is agreed that the actual price in the forex market represents a direct reflection of all current events.

Price movement trends are also an important factor when using technical analysis. This means that there are usual patterns in market behavior whose effect has been identified as a contributing factor in determining the trends of the forex market. These patterns or patterns are repeated continuously over time and then they can be considered as an always accompanying factor when making Expectations in the forex market The other factor that should be taken into account when forecasting the forex market is history. There are specific patterns in the market that can usually be considered reliable factors. There are a number of charts that are taken into account when predicting the forex market using the five technical analysis factors that must be taken into account. Looking at them always includes technical indicators, number theory, waves, price gaps, and trends.

Most of these things mentioned may be a little complicated for those who do not have experience in forex, but most professional Forex speculators fully understand such charts and have the ability to present good advice on Forex trading with them.

Another method used by experienced forex traders and brokers to predict trends is called fundamental analysis. This method is used to predict future price movements depending on events that have not yet come. This ranges from political changes to environmental factors and even natural disasters. Important factors and statistics are used to predict about By anticipating how they affect the levels of demand, supply, exchange rates, and the forex market in most cases, this method cannot be relied upon on its own, but is used in parallel with technical analysis in order to form an integrated opinion of changes in the forex market.

For those interested in engaging in trading or forex trading, one of the essential factors is to have a clear understanding of how this system works. Understanding forecasting systems and how to use them to detect market trends will help forex traders to succeed in their trade.Most experienced traders and brokers involved in the forex market use a system that mixes technical analysis and basic data when they make their decisions in the forex market. Directions Currencies May Take.