hello, I want to say that Central bank rates have an effect on traders as well. When you purchase one currency against another in a forex deal, you are effectively purchasing the currency with the counter currency as the transaction's funds.
if I give you an example like If you buy the NZD/JPY (New Zealand Dollar/Japanese Yen), for example, you are borrowing JPY to buy NZD. If you borrow, you must pay the borrowing cost (interest rate) in order to obtain the money, but you will receive interest on what you have purchased. If the JPY has a 0.10 percent interest rate and the NZD has a 2.50 percent interest rate, you are getting more interest than you are paying for the currency.
Some investors use a long-term strategy known as the "carry trade," in which they borrow low-interest-rate currencies and buy high-interest-rate currencies. While the carry trade can be profitable, when only considering the interest earned it is typically negligible.
so these central banks are influencing our profits and earnings in many ways one of them is the interest rate.
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