**How to find out the time of volatility during trading**

Hello all my friends ..
Very important and dangerous topic
How do you discover fluctuations and know that today is the day of striking seizures ??
The truth is that there is a big problem that many brothers go through, which is that it is possible with his strategy to win on the day when the husband walks in a clear trend and loses on the day the ring in which the price is moving up and down..so how do you know that the market today will go through a state of fluctuation and thus avoid the losses resulting from this Confusion from hitting the stoppages or losing the profit that was in front of you in minutes and you find it turns you into a loss
The truth is that I know that many professionals can expect this, but I offer you my humble way of knowing this, and I hope that the brothers benefit from it.
It is the intersection of Moving Evrej on the frame of the quarter hour and half hour
Put it on a separate chart for your special husband, and in the morning, just turn on the computer, and before you see anything, look at this moving average.
If he gave you from midnight until the beginning of the European market, number 2, intersection of which means it rose and then fell (or vice versa), inform my dear brother that this day will be wobbly

The first moving settings are 55 EXPONSHAL and the second 30 EXPONSHAL. I advise you to turn off the device on this day and enjoy your time with your family..I wish you all the best of luck and success dear