What is an EX4 file?

The online MetaTrader trading site web framework is compatible with files with the .ex4 file extension. The MetaTrader application is a web-based software that allows users to exchange Forex, futures, and CFD markets.

The EX4 files are made up of code that was compiled from various MQ4 files. Expert Advisor Files are included in these files, and can be performed by the trading site program.

Any of the EX4 files on a user's device are pre-written files that come packaged with the MetaTrader software. EX4 files can also be special files created specifically for MetaTrader applications.

How can you open an EX4 file?

The free MetaTrader software from MetaQuotes can be used to access EX4 files. It's compatible for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux systems. However, you may not be able to access the file in MetaTrader by simply double-clicking or double-tapping it.

You may also access the EX4 file by locating it in the MetaTrader program's installation directory and placing it in the appropriate folder. If you're using MetaTrader 5, for example, this folder is most definitely here:

C:\Program Files\MetaTrader 5\MQL5

You'll see some other subfolders until you're in the folder. You must first understand what the EX4 file is and where it can be saved. It can be an indicator, an Expert Advisor (EA), or a script; if it's an indicator, put it in the "Indicators" section; if it's an EA, put it in the "Experts" folder; and if it's a script, put it in the "Scripts" folder.

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Files can be seen in MetaTrader's "Navigator" window. If you don't see the window, go to View > Navigator and turn it on.

What is an MQL5?

MQL5 (MetaQuotes Language 5) is a high-level programming language used to construct technical indicators, trading robots, and utility software that simplify financial trading. MetaQuotes Software Corp. created MQL5 as a programming language for their trading platform. The language's syntax is somewhat similar to C++, allowing programmers to create object-oriented programming (OOP) programs.

In addition to the MQL5 language, the trading platform kit provides the MetaEditor IDE, which includes specialized code writing resources including prototypes, snippets, debugging, profiling, and auto completion, as well as built-in MQL5 Storage, which allows for file versioning.

The language support can be found on the MQL5.community website, which also has a large free CodeBase and numerous blogs. These papers cover a broad variety of subjects in modern investing, including neural networks, statistics and analysis, high-frequency trading, arbitrage, trading strategy research and optimization, and the use of trading automation robots, among others.

Traders and MQL5 programmers can interact on the forum, order and produce software using the Freelance service, and buy and sell safe programs in the Automated Trading Applications Market.

Expert Advisors (EAs) are automated trading systems that obey particular trading codes. The MQL5 language offers advanced trading functions and predefined event handlers to assist programmers in developing Expert Advisors (EAs). MQL5 allows for the development of custom technical indicators, scripts, and libraries in addition to EAs.

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This MQL5 language guide is organized into groups and includes functions, procedures, reserved words, and other language constructs. The guide also includes examples of the Standard Library classes that are used to create trading techniques, control panels, personalized graphics, and file access.

The ALGLIB numerical analysis library, which can be used to solve a variety of mathematical problems, is also included in the CodeBase.

Types of MQL5 Applications

Centered on the trading automation tasks that they introduce, MQL5 programs are categorized into specialized types:
  • An automated trading system connected to a chart is known as an Expert Advisor. Event handlers are used in Expert Advisors to oversee predefined activities that initiate the execution of required trading strategy components. For instance, program initialization and deinitialization events, new ticks, timer events, adjustments in the Depth of Market, chart, and custom events are all examples of events. Expert Advisors will also dynamically execute trades and send them directly to a trading server, in addition to estimating trading signals depending on the applied rules. Expert Advisors are saved in <Terminal Directory>\MQL5\ Experts.
  • In addition to the traditional indicators built into the trading platform, Custom Indicators are technical indicators created by users. Custom indicators, like traditional indicators, do not transact automatically; instead, they perform analytical functions. Custom indicators can be named by Expert Advisors and can use the values of other indicators in their estimates. <Terminal_Directory>\MQL5\Indicators is where custom indicators are stored.
  • A script is a computer program that performs a single operation. Scripts, unlike Expert Advisors, do not manage any events other than the cause. The OnStart handler function must be used in the script language. Scripts are saved in the MQL5 directory in <Terminal DIrectory>\MQL5\ Scripts.
  • Unlike indicators, Expert Advisors, and scripts, service does not require the use of a chart to function. Except for trigger, services, including scripts, do not manage all other events. The OnStart handler feature should be present in the code of a service in order for it to be launched. Services do not allow any other events like Start, however they may use EventChartCustom to submit custom events to charts. Services is the location for services in <terminal directory>\MQL5\Services.
  • The term "library" refers to a set of customized features. Libraries are designed to store and spread custom software algorithms that are regularly used. MQL5 libraries are contained in the <Terminal Directory>\MQL5\ Libraries.
  • The source text of the most commonly used blocks of custom programs is stored in a file. At the compilation point, such files can be inserted into the source texts of Expert Advisors, codes, custom indicators, and libraries. Because of the extra workload incurred when calling library features, it is easier to use included files rather than collections. Include files should be held in the same folder as the original file. The #include instruction is used in this instance, along with double quotes. Another alternative is to place files in the <Terminal_Directory>\MQL5\Include. #include with angle brackets should be included in this situation.

Converting ex4 to mq4

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You'd need a decompiler to "convert" EX4 to MQ4 since EX4 files are the compiled counterpart of MQ4 files. There are many decompilers online that you can look for. But heres an example of a decompiler that you can download.


Converting mq4 to mq5

After converting the ex4 to mq4 you can now convert it to mq5. Only people who studied or have knowledge about programming can do this. If you have no idea about basic programming its better if you get help from the professionals. The link below is a website about programmers that can help you decompile or convert your file.