Introduction of CertFX:

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For the top 100 foreign exchange platforms of Haitou, you can refer to and choose. If it is not within 100, pay special attention to the main white label relationship and risk warnings of this platform.

Today, I want to help you evaluate a platform. Some users report that this platform has just been established and has begun to promote high-yield foreign exchange financial management. I don't know whether it is reliable or not.

This platform is called CertFX, which was established in 2019 and ranks 2236 in the world. It currently has no supervision, no foreign exchange license, and cannot do foreign exchange margin trading. The risk scan shows 7 risks, and investor funds are safe and secure.

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There is no MT4/5 server on the CertFX platform

The main white label relationship shows that the CertFX platform has no associated main white label information

The ultimate comparison guide for forex brokers!

There are numerous foreign exchange brokers in the market. They have different focuses and strategies, and provide online trading services for scattered and institutional traders. Forex brokers have different business strategies, goals and world views, and their uniqueness is comparable to that of individual foreign exchange traders. The requirements of traders are different. Similarly, foreign exchange brokers also provide different foreign exchange products and functions to match the trader's overall service portfolio. Therefore, if you need to compare multiple foreign exchange brokers and find the one that suits you best, you must first understand several factors. When comparing foreign exchange brokers, traders must be clear about their needs and be completely faithful to their views on the market. Not only need to compare different foreign exchange products and services together, but also have a deep understanding of the long-term impact of investing in a foreign exchange trading company. In this comparison guide for foreign exchange brokers, we will focus on several aspects that affect the overall reliability of foreign exchange brokers, and express our views on various characteristics of brokers that traders should consider when making final decisions.

Why do traders have to compare foreign exchange brokers?

Hundreds of online foreign exchange brokers serve the world's largest fragmented trading market. Some companies can customize products and account packages according to individual customer needs. You may be wondering why it is so important to understand the different types of foreign exchange brokers and their grouping by account function. For novices and experienced traders, foreign exchange brokers are equally important. Because comparing the services of two different companies can not only greatly simplify the broker selection process, but also give traders the opportunity to obtain the best investment value. As long as we move our fingertips, we can obtain all the information provided by the Internet and realize the purpose of simplifying life on the Internet. At the same time, the Internet has also brought us high-risk investment opportunities such as foreign exchange transactions and alliance activities, which can wipe out our investment within seconds. Market transactions through dishonest companies can also cause various problems. Not all brokers are safe. Even experienced and talented investors are very likely to be deceived by online brokers. However, avoiding broker fraud and financial transaction fraud is not the only reason why traders have to spend time comparing foreign exchange brokers. Other reasons include:

Clarify the types of services provided by foreign exchange brokers and the account packages they provide to you that meet your needs. Sometimes, foreign exchange brokers that provide ordinary foreign exchange trading services may not match your strategy, especially when you have specific trading needs.
To find out the brokers that provide the best trading products and services, not only depends on the bonus, but also involves many educational resources, market analysis, trading signals and other account advantages to help traders quickly understand foreign exchange transactions and market dynamics.
Test all different trading accounts and protocol types, and then compare and decide which trading protocol is most suitable for you. In addition, most traders are not clear about their exact needs. This makes it difficult for them to make decisions based on the results of analyzing a single foreign exchange brokerage product.

By comparing various foreign exchange brokers in detail, traders may be able to master all the basic trading knowledge. Comparing foreign exchange brokers and analyzing the differences in their trading accounts is the easiest and most primitive way to learn financial transactions, without worrying about real trading account losses. In addition, traders can also find a large amount of account information, which can benefit from it when choosing a real trading account.
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Compare foreign exchange brokers by transaction agreement type
The first step in comparing and evaluating the list of foreign exchange brokers is to ensure that you are aware of the different types of brokers and available trading accounts. According to the market entry agreement, some of the main types of financial trading platforms you can find are as follows:

- Market Maker

Market-making brokers, also known as trading platform agreements, are the most common type of foreign exchange brokerage, but they are often not the first choice of professional traders and institutional investors. Trading platform Forex companies are often called market makers because they have their own trading platforms, trading conditions and fixed spreads. Market-making brokers deal with a limited liquidity pool, and customer orders are transmitted through the broker's trading platform, resulting in high transaction costs and unfavorable trading conditions. Market makers or trading platform brokers can fix the market price by themselves, and the price of a specific underlying asset may be higher than the general market price. The fixed price nature of the market maker model has caused some foreign exchange brokers trading platform quotations to be inconsistent with the current real-time interbank prices in the market. These brokers also have a characteristic, that is, they choose the opposite of the trader's order and profit from the loss of their clients. Sometimes the trading platform broker will become the counterparty of the trader's order to make financial transactions possible. If there is no liquidity in the market and the broker does not become the counterparty of the client's position, it will have to reject the client's order, which in turn increases the situation of double quotes and cancellation of orders. Market-making foreign exchange brokers are most suitable for small traders. Because most of these foreign exchange companies provide micro trading accounts, allowing traders to start trading as low as $1. At the same time, the market maker company may choose to act in opposition to its customers, and there is a significant conflict of interest between the two parties. Therefore, market-making brokers may not be suitable for large traders, unless they are regulated by reliable institutions.

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- No Trading Platform

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In contrast, non-trading platform foreign exchange brokers always provide the most favorable trading conditions, directly connecting traders with a pool of top liquidity providers in the global market. No-trading platform brokers receive real-time dynamics sent by multiple liquidity providers, and always maintain a competitive low spread, so they can provide the best price in the market. Trading without a trading platform is not only competitive in spreads, but also has the most liquidity in the market, making it extremely suitable for direct market access (DMA) transactions. DMA foreign exchange brokers can provide a very favorable trading environment by cooperating with leading liquidity providers, but their spreads and liquidity are never fixed. If the volatility is high, the price difference may suddenly change its value, and orders are filled according to specific market conditions. Non-trading platform brokers may induce partial transactions of orders, and such trading patterns may cause substantial slippage. Non-trading platform brokers, also known as NDD foreign exchange trading companies, mainly follow two major types of trading agreements.


ECN is an abbreviation of electronic communication network, it is a kind of electronic trading network between market participants, allowing traders to enter one of the largest liquidity pools in the financial market. ECN platforms generally include large banks, hedge funds, and inter-bank liquidity providers. They are the main participants in the foreign exchange market, with daily trading currencies worth billions of dollars. ECN trading conditions are highly respected by professional traders and institutional investors due to its open liquidity and direct access to the market without any conflict of interest with brokers. The ECN network displays real-time quotes, orders and the most competitive spreads in the market, helping traders reduce transaction costs. Although ECN transactions are favored by large traders, ECN accounts are still slightly inadequate, such as commissions for each transaction, partial transactions of orders, and substantial slippage.


STP is the abbreviation of Straight Through Processing Broker, which uses a type of financial trading platform that integrates market makers and ECN agreements. Most STP foreign exchange brokers try to connect traders to the interbank liquidity pool by offering direct market entry transactions. But in the vast majority of STP accounts, the broker may connect the STP trader to the market maker or trading platform agreement. STP accounts have higher spreads, but no trading commissions. However, if the trader's order is not directly transmitted to the inter-bank liquidity provider, there will be a slight conflict of interest. This type of account is suitable for small traders due to its relatively low slippage or commission. The shortcomings of STP trading are repeated quotes, price manipulation and high spreads. Brokers may choose market maker accounts for customers.


Multilateral trading facilities (MTF) can also be considered as a type of brokerage agreement, but such trading activities are completely unregulated. MTF is a self-regulated financial instrument exchange. Buyers and sellers use unconventional investment platforms to trade, and the financial products traded are generally not provided by mainstream regulated exchanges. MTF is not common in the foreign exchange market, but there are also a small number of foreign exchange brokers who adopt the MTF model through LMAX Exchange. LMAX Exchange is a UK foreign exchange trading multilateral trading facility regulated by the European MiFID directive.

What other relevant factors should be considered when comparing foreign exchange brokers?

In addition to a comprehensive understanding of brokers and the types of trading agreements, it is also important to know how to judge brokers and distinguish between good and bad brokers. The following comparison guide for foreign exchange brokers can help you find the most important factors that distinguish foreign exchange brokers.

-The origin and history of foreign exchange brokers

Understanding the company's internal fundamentals and operating history is an important factor in distinguishing brokers for the following reasons. The origin and history of the broker allows us to see the true reputation of the company and understand the way it has operated in the market for many years. The overall reputation of the foreign exchange trading company and customer feedback help us to distinguish whether it has enough experience to provide us with the best service and the most reliable trading platform. At the same time, due to regulatory and trading restrictions in certain regions, the origin and jurisdiction of the broker are also important. Citizens of certain countries/regions cannot engage in foreign exchange transactions completely freely, especially those in the United States. Due to legal or regulatory policy restrictions, these traders are not allowed to use brokers from certain other countries. Therefore, traders should pay special attention to the geographic area where the foreign exchange broker is located when comparing the choices in the market.

- Choose forex broker trading platform

Most experienced traders often search for foreign exchange brokers based on the type of trading platform provided. The foreign exchange trading platform is a key part when comparing many foreign exchange brokers. The vast majority of comparison guides are dedicated to comparing foreign exchange platforms, and there are comment sections on deep insights into platform options. Regardless of whether the trader is looking for a browser platform or wants to download trading software and install it on a personal computer to engage in professional trading, brokers should always remain competitive and innovative, otherwise they may lose their target customers. Today, foreign exchange trading software can also be used on mobile devices. Traders can download simplified mobile trading applications and exclusive trading software for most third-party trading platforms through the corresponding mobile application store for trading.

- Inherent function account of forex brokers offer

When comparing foreign exchange brokers, it usually depends on the trading tools, asset types and account functions that optimize financial transactions, such as foreign exchange trading signals, market analysis, and personal account managers. The various functions provided to traders determine the success and overall reliability of the foreign exchange company. Some of the features allow the brokerage website to watch the crowds. Bonuses may also be seen as one of the salient features that ease the company's position, making the broker better than its direct competitors in the eyes of traders. Everyone knows that traders will compare and select brokers based on the number of bonuses received according to the investment size. However, we do not recommend using bonuses as the main factor for comparing brokers and investment companies. Some trading websites offer very generous special offers, but at the cost of low-quality services, it is best to avoid them.

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Make smart investment choices by comparing the best foreign exchange accounts
For all traders, the importance of comparing a number of different foreign exchange brokers cannot be underestimated. Doing so helps traders evaluate the reliability and performance of the company and understand whether the safety of trading funds can be guaranteed. This not only helps to avoid all risks in the market, but also gives traders the opportunity to see different options in the market, and then choose from them to provide the best quality account package and extremely reliable foreign exchange trading services. Although there are too many foreign exchange brokers, traders can use the factors we have given above in the foreign exchange broker comparison strategy to filter and find the broker that is most suitable for themselves and their own trading strategies. Good luck!

The variety of web terminals and specialized software makes a novice trader think about choosing a trading platform for permanent use. How to do it? First, you should highlight the main criteria that must be met by high-quality software for making money in the financial markets. These include:

The terminal should function without technical failures, including with an increase in liquidity. These flaws are mostly seen on web platforms. For supporters of long-term trading, such disadvantages are insignificant, but for scalpers, delays in processing trade orders can lead to loss of profit. To avoid such problems, it is recommended to install trading software on your home computer, but this is not always effective.

Functionality. A good trading platform should have enough technical and computer analysis tools . When transferring indicators to the chart, developers should provide for the possibility of adjusting the input parameters. It is equally important to use several time frames of the chart for making a trading decision. By the way, according to A. Elder's method, this method of filtering false signals is a key element of the strategy. The program should provide for the ability to work simultaneously with several financial instruments, as well as with automated trading systems... A trader should not experience difficulties when placing urgent, safety or pending orders. An additional advantage of the terminal will be the presence of a window for monitoring trading volumes (depth of market) and important macroeconomic events that can provoke a violent market reaction.

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Trading should be comfortable for the trader, therefore, a good terminal provides the ability to change the color of indicators , background or the chart itself. In addition, the first impression of the platform is formed on the basis of visual assessment.

No compatibility issues. If necessary, the trader should be able to install the platform on a mobile device. To do this, developers must take care of the correct operation of the program on any operating system.

Popular terminals for trading in the OTC market meet almost all of the above requirements. When choosing a specific platform, a trader should be guided not only by the opinion of more experienced colleagues , but also by his own impressions. Below are descriptions of the best Forex trading platforms at the time of this writing. After reading this information, everyone will be able to make an objective decision on the choice of the terminal. It is important to keep in mind that some of the platforms mentioned are copyrighted by brokers, so trading in them is possible only when you open an account with a specific company.

MetaTrader 4

The platform was developed by MetaQuotes Software Corp in 2005, but this terminal even today has the right to be called one of the best. The distinctive features of MetaTrader 4 are:

High productivity;

A favorable environment for the implementation of any trading ideas and for the development of your own strategies;

The developers provide an editor for MQL4 Expert Advisors (a later version of this editor is provided in the MT5 platform), which allows users to automate the trading process with proper skills;

If necessary, the trader can install in the terminal any custom indicators that are not included in the standard set of analytical tools, as well as any trading programs, scripts;

Provides flexible setting of price charts;

The platform is adapted for the most popular operating systems (windows, mac OS, Android, iOS, Linux);

Perfect security of the trading account.

MetaTrader 4 is still used by most brokerage firms to provide services to the online trading industry to a wide audience.

MetaTrader 5

The innovative trading terminal from the MetaQuotes Software Corp developer company was released in 2010. The platform has a lot of features in common with the previously discussed MT4. In the new version of the MetaTrader terminal, the developers have managed to significantly expand the functionality of the platform.
  1. 21 timeframes instead of 9.
  2. More than 70 tools for computer analysis of the market.
  3. Ability to customize sound notifications when a trading signal is generated.
  4. Trading opportunities are not limited to currency pairs. In addition, a trader will be able to open deals on the futures market, as well as trade commodities and stock assets.
  5. The Depth of Market is integrated into the terminal, which will allow the trader to more objectively assess the prospects for pricing.
  6. ATAS
  7. The developers position the platform as a terminal for professional trading, the monthly cost of using which will cost 69 EUR.

For these funds, the trader receives complete information on the trading volumes in the futures market. The cost of unlimited use of the program is fixed and amounts to 1790 EUR. A test period of 14 days is provided. Most experienced traders use this terminal exclusively as an analytical tool. Noteworthy volume indicators are really integrated into the ATAS platform.


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The terminal is a full-fledged, independent analogue of the previously discussed ATAS platform. The only difference is the cost of use. The developers do not provide a subscription fee. To work with the platform, it is enough to buy its full version for 100 USD.

In terms of its functionality, the terminal is in no way inferior to more expensive analogs, such as ATAS or VolFix. Sb-pro is also used by traders as an analytical tool and deserves the attention of beginners, since the analysis of cluster charts can be called one of the most effective.


This terminal was awarded the title of the best Forex trading platform 2014 at the international exhibition of innovative technologies in the online trading industry Forex-Expo.

Distinctive features of the platform are:

The ability to trade stock assets, goods, cryptocurrencies and currency pairs from one account;

The trading process is simplified as much as possible, so novice traders will not have any difficulties during operation;

Both independent trading and investing in successful managers are possible;

Convenient risk control service when investing in PAMM - multiplier.

Adapted for the most popular operating systems.

At the moment, trading on the Libertex platform is possible only after registering an account with Forex Club .