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Thread: Credit Card Decline, What is the reason?

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    Default Credit Card Decline, What is the reason?

    Even though having a credit card is one of the most beautiful things we can feel on earth, the world doesn't always have a nice attitude towards us. Sometimes, credit card transactions can be disastrous for us, including when we have become old credit card customers.

    There are times when we want to target certain promotions that involve a credit card and are sure the credit card is not a problem, we immediately go crazy and storm the place that is holding the promotion. We immediately bought several items in it. When I go to the EDC machine, eeeh How come there is a notification that the transaction is rejected.

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    Confusion? Certainly! However, don't get upset all the time without knowing the cause of the problem. So that you don't feel like the world is collapsing, here are the reasons why credit cards can decline when making transactions:

    1. Wrong PIN or CVV code input

    Naah This usually happens to people who are too sure of themselves, including their credit card capacity. It's okay to have paid on time and recorded all the evidence in full, but, whose name is a code is still a sensitive matter that shouldn't be overlooked. The codes referred to are the PIN and CVV codes.

    As sensitive as these codes are, all issuing banks always remind their customers to create PIN codes that are not easily memorized or known by others and also issue CVVs that are not the same between one customer card and another customer card. Usually, we are too busy with the uniqueness of these vulnerable codes, so that we unconsciously enter the wrong code because it is difficult to memorize.

    The solution to this, of course, is to request a PIN reset, which can usually be done via SMS. At the time of resetting the PIN, enter a code that is easy to memorize and carefully write down the code in a place that only we can know for ourselves. For the CVV code problem, we can flip the back of the credit card. We can also submit code requests via SMS for card types from certain banks, such as BNI virtual credit cards.

    2. Forgot to Update Personal Data Information

    In contrast to PIN and CVV codes which are sensitive, personal data information looks "trivial" at first. Moreover, filling in personal data often stops as a mere formality. Some people keep the same personal data information for a long time, so they don't realize that they should update the information according to the current situation.

    Some crucial components regarding personal data information related to credit cards are full name and home address. Although it rarely happens, there are times when people change their name because of marriage or some reason. There are also times when people change houses or domiciles, but all this is forgotten to convey to the credit card issuing bank. Make no mistake, this seemingly trivial negligence can cause various things to happen to credit cards, including credit cards in decline when making transactions.

    When this happens, the best solution is to contact the call center of the issuing bank right away to provide information on your current personal data. By contacting the call center, we will get a more efficient solution and handling. We can also enjoy the benefits of shopping from a credit card without having to bother looking for a bank office in the middle of shopping activities.

    3. Unpaid Overlimit

    Hey, who likes shopping. Most shopping hobbyists, especially those who live in big cities, usually feel that they have enough money. If someone says that the limit, balance, money, or whatever, is insufficient, it is usually annoying.

    This happens especially for housewives or customers who are already short on shopping. The name is also overlimit or the credit card is at the threshold of the transaction, surely it cannot be used for transactions.

    Usually, once you know there is an overlimit, the bank will charge an overlimit fine based on the percentage difference in the limit or the total bill or a certain amount of rupiah. If the fines have not been paid until maturity, what will appear is the bill or the face of the banking staff who come to the house in exchange for the shopping transaction that was carried out. Obviously, this situation makes someone's credit card decline when transacting.

    4. Failure to Pay Off Credit Card Debts

    This is also a dangerous cause. However, having a credit card is a sign that people are ready to be responsible for their personal financial condition. If it fails, then you must be ready to accept the consequences.

    It is not only our debtor rank or name that is affected in the eyes of Bank Indonesia, but credit cards also have problems. Failure to pay off credit card debts will make credit cards into decline when transacting. Even though the writing of the failure may not state the name that has been blacklisted, the staff who maintain the EDC machine usually know very well about this and have an unpleasant face to those of us who did it.

    The solution that we can take is to immediately pay off debts with interest and all fines. Even though we can actually take advantage of other "shortcuts" such as BI mediation or hiring a lawyer to be able to continue using our credit cards, it would be nice if the debts were paid in full in advance. After that, then our credit card does not decline when making transactions.

    5. There are indications of fraud transactions

    This is the scariest one. After all, in the financial world, fraud is synonymous with crime. Now, who wants to be labeled a criminal?

    In fact, there are also people who are desperate to transact using fake credit cards. Although genuine and fake credit cards are often physically indistinguishable, this will be discovered from the time the credit card is used for transactions. What's more, fake credit cards usually charge unreasonable fees. Just for illustration purposes only: How is it possible for a Citi or Standard Chartered Premium level credit card to have a total annual fee of under 50,000 rupiah?

    There are also times when it is not the person who deliberately commits a fraud transaction or fraudulent transaction, but the merchant who commits the fraud. If the fraud originates from a merchant, it can take different forms. Starting from the most obvious ones such as asking for sensitive credit card details such as PIN and stealing identity secretly through EDC machines or sales information systems to double sweeping which seems normal, but in fact that is an attempt by merchants to commit fraud transactions with buyers.

    Maybe we didn't do it on purpose, maybe it wasn't the merchant's fault entirely in transactions that were indicated as fraud. Several banks and merchants will automatically decline the card if the card has declined some time before, because there is a concern that there are fraudulent transactions. If that is the case and the bank contacts, then we are the ones who have to explain that we made the transaction in good faith without the slightest attempt to commit fraud.

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