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Thread: financial management

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    Default financial management

    financial management

    What it is, and when this term is repeated to you
    First, dear, we are in the financial markets, but in the most volatile of them, an emerging market with high risks and higher returns.
    Here are some tips:

    1- Do not enter any currency that a group talked about or saw from climbing to ascending without a chart explaining the goals and the stop and calculating your loss before your profit

    2- Dividing your capital into several deals, 10% is appropriate for each deal. As for the owner of little capital, he can increase it. It is okay to choose carefully and be careful in swing deals.

    Divide your entry into the deal. Enter into parts so that you achieve a good average income, meaning that a third or text of your amount allocated to that deal is reduced, and all that I went down or penetrated into an important area would bring down the other part, and so on.

    4- Any currency that rises or hits targets that you do not enter and look for more suitable opportunities, as your risks are high and you will be stunned far away, and you may delay in it and come out with a loss.

    5- Sell! You entered to win, then when you say that you won if you made your profits other than this, your profit is nothing but a number that increases and decreases profit-taking at every important goal, no matter how tempting the deal is, believe me opportunities are repeated.
    How to earn profits Selling a portion for each goal you and your strategy is possible 25% 33% 50% for each goal more and less in your way.

    6- Follow up the market situation periodically and know that putting all your wealth in the market, especially in light of its permanent greening, is nothing but recklessness and after it regret.

    Deal with the market logically even if it is an illogical market like the one we are in and carefully choose what, when, where, why, and how I will buy or sell

    Though trading on financial markets involves high risk, it can still generate extra income in case you apply the right approach. By choosing a reliable broker such as InstaForex you get access to the international financial markets and open your way towards financial independence. You can sign up here.

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    • Union budget of India 2021

    India's 2021 budget what its underlying ,theme is and how India is planning to reach the 5 trillion dollar economy milestone the underlying theme of this budget is at ,Maninagar which means self-reliance and inclusion in Hindi we called samavesh so whatever that they are going to read about the budget I will explain and connect with ,these two themes for that it's easily relatable and hence makes your understanding much easier or right and without any further ADO let's begin the union budget has been categorised under six pillars we will go, through each one of them one by one sense because it is quite long I have divided into six parts so that you can easily class this is part 1 and the first pillar is health and wellbeing ,the government has announced to spend a total of around 223846 crore in the Healthcare sector last year it was around ,94404 52 crore so this year there has been an increase of 137 % if you all know Healthcare comprises of hospitals medical devices clinical trials Outsourcing telemedicine medical tourism health ,insurance and medical equipment Healthcare has become one of India's largest sector growth in terms of revenue and Employment ,currently the Government of India has expenditure in Healthcare is around 1.6 % of India's GDP the Government of India is ,planning to increase Public Health spending to 2.5 % of the country's GDP by 2025 one more thing that you have to understand is ,that there are three ways through which the government of India intervenes as well as controls the health sector the first one is through National Health Mission then ,through Ministry of Ayush and then there is the public private partnership as you may know in your city you will see that there is Public Hospital and then there is private ,hospitals and for the Tera private diagnostic centres clinics at public hospitals are funded by the government so we also called them ,government hospitals many times we will see that the government hospitals near your house is not fully equipped with modern state-of-the-art equipment and not saying the government doesn't have modern ,equipments I am saying they are not enough for general public that is why public has to wait in line for a surgery.

    that may take a few months and then corruption is also the reality that delays treatment that is why general ,topic cost to the private hospital and you all know that private hospitals are expensive those who have money can afford treatment at a private hospital for other government health schemes like Ayushman Bharat ,Yojana Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana and many more status for the central government health schemes under these ,schemes there are many private hospitals which are called empanelled hospitals a citizen who cannot afford Haigh ,expenditure ,can avail treatment from empanelled private hospitals through one of these government provided schemes so this is called public ,private partnership sothai treatment that you avail in these private hospitals government health schemes are covered by the ,government that is why the government investment in health sector increases let's go to the second point not 2020 was the year, of pandemic so naturally the government has to ensure the availability of covid-19 vaccine for that the government of India has allocated ,rupees 35000 crore for the development and manufacturing of covid-19 vaccines.
    the finance minister has also said that more funds would be required as you all know last month in January.

    the Government of India approved to vaccines for emergency used in the country 1st copy Shield developed by farmers joint astrazeneca and Oxford ,University and manufactured by Pune based serum Institute and the second one is co, vaccine developed and manufactured by Hyderabad based Bharat Biotech India ,has already began its vaccination drive and it has already vaccinated 3 million people sofa ,which primarily include Healthcare workers and Frontline workers and vaccination drive is being rolled out in phases of the finance ,minister has also mentioned that more investment is required in developing more ,vaccines are the question is whether the money come from for that the government of India has created a self assessment tax.
    it is usually known as a tax on tax government of an charges for the purpose of development ,and social structures this as has been the wind on petrol and diesel.

    • Energies Prices

    excess of rupees 2.5 per litre on petrol and 4 rupees per litre of diesel has been revived by the government now you may think that. it utilizes a going to increase but that is not the case already excise duty on by the ,government on one litre of petrol and diesel ,is so much that this set has been added by removing an equivalent amount in the excise, duty making the price neutral for consumers but always remember one thing that. the government is not going to operate on a loss as you may all know that if prices of fuel is ,governed by the international market.

    Name: PicsArt_04-08-11.53.37.jpg Views: 32 Size: 1.40 MB

    If you look at the prize breakup of petrol and diesel you will see that there is VAT plus ,excise duty the steelers commission even if the prices of crude oil per barrel is low and consumer does not get the benefit is ,because fuel prices fluctuate frequently that means when the crisis of crude oil per barrel is low IQ profit that is earned by the government is used to balance the losses ,during following oil market basically it is a method to bring down the fiscal deficit so what I'm trying to say is that even if the government apply CSS in your fuel prices to ,find covid vaccines it does not mean that the government is encouraging loss currently the cost of crude oil per barrel as well within the price limit by the government of India can afford to generate revenue for covid-19 she lets go to the third point pneumococcal ,vaccine is also known as did the money of vaccine last month in January 2021 Pune based serum Institute of India unveiled India's first indigenously developed ,pneumococcal vaccine this is the same company that made covid vaccine in India anyhow serum Institute of India developed pneumococcal vaccine through a ,collaboration with two other Health Organisation That is part and it fell and Melinda Gates foundation of this vaccine ,targets the pneumococcal bacteria which causes pneumonia and other serious life-threatening diseases in children under 5 years of age as of now this vaccine has been introduced in a phased manner and five major ****** states they are Himachal ,Pradesh Bihar Uttar Pradesh Rajasthan and ,Madhya Pradesh love the government wants to roll out across the country and the main point about this vaccine is that it is the first made in India pneumococcal vaccine previously India how to import these ,vaccines anything that is being made in India you can easily Lincoln with admirable Bharat initiative in other words being self reliant of sulphur efficient and not depend much on other countries knowledge could be next ,point So aatm nirbhar Swasth Bharat Yojana is a new centrally sponsored scheme under the scheme the government is planning to establish 17788 rural and 11024 urban health, and Wellness Centre health and Wellness Centre is nothing but your Primary Health ,Care Centre that you will find you your house then the government is also planning to setup for Regional National Institute of virology if you are you member when this ,pandemic started in March 2020 in India had only one laboratory work with this could be conducted that was the National Institute of virology in Pune but now and this new scheme for such new institutes will be ,established when the government also was to set up 15 health emergency operation centre and to mobile hospitals so health ,emergency operation Centre is a physical location or virtual space in which designated Public Health emergency management personnel assembly to co-ordinate ,operational information and resources for strategic management of Public Health ,events and emergencies in mobile hospital is a medical centre or a small Hospital with full medical equipment that can be moved and, settled in a new place and situation quickly in order to provide Medical Services to patients of wounded persons in critical condition such as War on natural disasters the government is also going to setup integrated Public ,Health labs 11 States Public Health clubs are very important ,because whenever there is any pandemic or epidemic instead of sending samples to big cities like Delhi Mumbai Pune aur Hyderabad Research and testing can be done in the district Laboratories.
    you can look at this as a step towards decentralisation if all these big cities have big Medical ,and technological infrastructure was then every ,time in emergency comes the whole country have to be dependent on these big cities for ,sample testing practical of time for the whole idea behind setting up integrated Public Health plans is to be self dependent.

    • New hospitals and its boundaries

    I can connect this point with Arthur initiative as a country we want to be self-sufficient and not depend much one other countries similarly as a city district edition the central ,government wants to make them self dependent and self-sufficient by doing ,following Investments the government will also establish Critical Care Hospital block, and 602 districts and 12 ,CM Institutions reproduce police explanation is applied over here as ,well the government also was to strengthen National Centre for Disease Control its five regional branches and 20, Metropolitan health surveillance units and expand integrated health information Portal, to all states and union territory.

    Name: PicsArt_04-08-11.53.20.jpg Views: 32 Size: 856.2 KB

    now in CTC means National Centre for Disease Control it comes directly at the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare whenever there is any epidemic or any communicable disease in the country this organisation is responsible for the research as well as control of such epidemic and diseases currently it has 8 branches at Alwar Bengaluru Trivandrum Calicut Coonoor Jagdalpur Patna Rajahmundry and Varanasi to advise the respective State Government and Public Health headquarters in new Delhi,

    In India basically these are the countries that comes under Southeast Asia region India as part of South Asia not south east asia if you'll remember both India as well as China completes to gain influence in the Southeastern region the everyone knows the dependent am from China and it is India that developed vaccine and India's also giving it free to Kyon neighbouring countries as well as selling the vaccine two countries like Brazil UAE and Saudi Arabia that means in the game of Healthcare diplomacy India is head of China after making itself capable India's now building to have a regional platform of the World Health Organisation Southeast Asia region if this is successful then India's reputation in the international health industry will rise the government is also planning to build 9 biosafety level 3 Laboratories first show you picture of what biosafety level 3 laboratory design looks like scientists use biosafety large to study contagious materials safely and effectively this state-of-the-art labs are designed not only to protect researchers from contamination but also to prevent microorganisms from entering the environment

    Name: PicsArt_04-08-11.53.02.jpg Views: 31 Size: 1.02 MB

    Crps L1 vs L2 vs L3 and l4 BSL 4 is highest maximum level of containment if you are ,doing research on animal agriculture then there are Laboratories by the name of A psl and, SL SL ET, now we know bsl-4 is the highest level of biological safety that means bsl-3 is one rank town in biosafety level 3 ,Laboratories scientist work on those kind of pathogens of microbes that can cause serious and potentially Lethal disease through inhalation route if you see ,coronavirus also spreads through breathing so that is where the necessity came for ,building biosafety level 3 Laboratories and the whole point is to be self reliant or self sufficient so that it was the, behind launching prime minister at Manila bus was the Bharat Yojana and for this the ,Government of India has planned to spend rupees 64180 crore over the span of 6 years not coming to, nutrition part portion is the Hindi translation for nutrition as we know nutrition comes from food that means you need to think about those .

    government schemes were the Government of India is providing food and the aim is to provide ,nutrition for bodily development schemes include integrated child development services Anganwadi services poshan ,Abhiyan scheme for adolescent girls and national creche scheme it not only includes ,children it also includes pregnant women and lactating mothers the initial poshan Abhiyan was launched on 8th March 2018 on the ,occasion of the international Women's Day it was launched from Jhunjhunu a place in ,Rajasthan the full form of the word portion is Prime Minister's overarching scheme for ,Holistic nutrition and the aim behind this initiative is to solve the problem of malnutrition by launching mission portion ,2.2 the Government of India has basically been merged is supplementary nutrition programme which comes under the ,integrated child development services and the poshan abhiyaan and for this new initiative, the Government of India has some serious strategies which will be adopted in order to improve nutrition of comes across ,hundred twelve districts in India now let's go to the next point it is about urban swachh ,Bharat Mission 2 point O pay attention to the word Awan it means it is focusing on the ,urban areas which include towns and cities so basically the union government is launching the second phase of the urban swachh Bharat mission.

    this swachh Bharat mission urban 2.2 would be implemented ,over five years that is from 2021 the 2026 but an investment of Rs 1.41 lakh crore, nothing about it if you want to develop over an area that you by keeping in mind swachh Bharat ,mission all you have to take about is all those ,different sectors that generates ways and causes pollution because anything that ,creates waste as well as pollution has to be cleaned and that will definitely come under ,the swachh Bharat mission those areas are ,open transportation AP government creates more public transportation facilities like ,passes and Metro 10 public will not use their own private vehicles much that way they will be less pollution and traffic to make buses ,and Metro lines government has to adopt ,public private partnership model because the private sector has capital and resources to build and maintain such infrastructure so investing in public transportation.
    will not only reduce pollution it will also give employment and generate revenue for both private sector ,as well as government now wastewater treatment segregation of garbage.

    Though trading on financial markets involves high risk, it can still generate extra income in case you apply the right approach. By choosing a reliable broker such as InstaForex you get access to the international financial markets and open your way towards financial independence. You can sign up here.

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    What is financial management?
    Financial management is the activity of planning, managing, storing and controlling funds and assets owned by a company. Financial management must be planned carefully so that problems do not arise in the future.

    The Purpose of Financial Management
    This financial management must have clear objectives, there are several financial management objectives:

    Maintaining Cash Flow
    In a company, the flow of cash in and out must be monitored continuously so that expenses do not swell. The result can cause company losses. Cash is usually spent on buying raw materials, paying employees and other expenses.

    Maximizing Company Finances
    The task of financial management is not only to oversee finances, but also to see budget activities of funds that are not profitable for the company, which can be eliminated and replaced with activities that are more profitable for the company.

    Preparing the Capital Structure
    The financial manager in planning the capital structure must be able to balance the budget they have with the funds that the company borrows.

    Maximizing Profits
    The right financial planning will be able to maximize the benefits that can be obtained in the long term.

    Increase Efficiency
    By budgeting the right funds in all aspects, the efficiency of company funds will continue to increase.

    Optimizing Company Wealth
    Financial managers must also be able to read the stock market. By providing the maximum possible profit sharing to shareholders, it will certainly improve the company and give shareholders confidence to continue investing in the company.

    Reducing Operational Risk

    The right decisions made by the financial manager will lead to uncertain business risks at all times.

    Ensuring the Continuity of the Company's Life
    The financial manager plays an important role in the running of a company. The right decision will be able to make the company survive in business competition, but on the other hand, careless decisions will cause a company to go bankrupt.

    Financial Management Functions You Should Know
    In addition to the objectives of the financial manager above, the financial manager must also have a clear function. Don't let the financial manager have no function and just stand alone. There are several functions of a financial manager:
    • 1. Planning: Financial planning in a company is very important. Financial planning includes managing cash, calculating profit and loss, planning cash flow.
    • 2. Budgeting: Budgeting is an activity of allocating funds for all company needs. This allocation should be done to a minimum and maximize the existing budget.
    • 3. Controlling: Control l ing is controlling or financial evaluation of the running. Evaluation is carried out to improve the company's financial system so that the company can survive.
    • 4. Auditing: Auditing is the process of auditing finances. Audit of company finances in accordance with accounting principles will avoid misappropriation and deviation of company funds.
    • 5 Reporting: Reporting is financial reporting. Reporting company finances must be carried out openly and transparently in all circles of the company. This report is useful for providing information on the company's financial condition.

    Principles of Financial Management
    There are also several principles of financial managers that must be applied in every company.

    Accountability is a moral and legal obligation contained in a company. So it can be seen where the funds are obtained, what are the funds used for, and how the company uses the funds. All parties and aspects in the company must know how the funds and authority are used.

    The company's financial system must be carried out consistently, it does not mean that the company cannot replace the existing system. However, this change indicates an unstable use of funds

    Life sustainability
    Financial managers must be able to plan finances so that the company can continue to run and live. Financial managers must also have the right financial strategy.

    Companies must be transparent and open to company finances. The company must provide information about its activities with interested people. Accurate, complete, and tidy finances can be accessed easily by any manager concerned.


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    anti ransomware for windows 10 : defencebyte's anti-ransomware software is a security application against ransomware & malware that has multi-layer structure for protection from any internet threat

    Though trading on financial markets involves high risk, it can still generate extra income in case you apply the right approach. By choosing a reliable broker such as InstaForex you get access to the international financial markets and open your way towards financial independence. You can sign up here.

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    Financial Management is the administration of monetary assets how to best discover and utilize ventures and financing that open doors in a steadily changing and progressively complex climate. These days monetary administration is additionally prominently known as business money or corporate finance. The business concern or corporate areas can't work without the significance of monetary administration.

    Name: Financial Management.png Views: 19 Size: 545.8 KB

    Significance of Financial Management:

    Finance is the backbone of a business association. It needs to meet the prerequisite of the business concern. Every single business concern should keep a sufficient measure of finance for their smooth running of the business concern and furthermore keep up the business cautiously to accomplish the objective of the business concern. The business objective can be accomplished distinctly with the assistance of the successful administration of finance. We can't disregard the significance of finance whenever and under any circumstance. A portion of the significance of monetary administration is as per the following:

    Monetary Planning:

    Monetary administration assists with deciding the monetary necessity of the business concern and prompts take monetary arranging of the worry. Monetary arranging is a significant piece of the business concern, which serves to the advancement of a venture.

    Procurement of Funds:

    Monetary administration includes the procurement of expected finance to the business concern. Obtaining required finances have a significant influence on monetary administration, which includes a potential wellspring of finance at least expense.

    Legitimate Use of Funds:

    Legitimate use and designation of assets lead to improve the operational effectiveness of the business concern. At the point when the money supervisor utilizes the assets appropriately, they can lessen the expense of capital and increment the estimation of the firm.

    Monetary Decision:

    Monetary administration assists with settling on sound monetary choices in the business concern. The monetary choices will influence the whole business activity of the worry. Since there is an immediate relationship with different division capacities like advertising, creation staff, and so on

    Improve Profitability:

    The benefit of the worry simply relies upon the adequacy and appropriate usage of assets by the business concern. Monetary administration assists with advancing the benefit position of the worry with the assistance of solid monetary control gadgets like budgetary control, proportion investigation, and cost volume benefit examination.

    Increment the Value of the Firm:

    Monetary administration is vital in the field of expanding the abundance of financial backers and business concerns. A definitive point of any business concern will accomplish the greatest benefit and higher productivity prompts boost the abundance of the financial backers just as the country.

    Advancing Savings:

    Reserve funds are conceivable just when the business concern acquires higher productivity and boosting riches. Compelling monetary administration serves to advancing and activating individual and corporate reserve funds.


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